Amazon Flex Car Requirements

Amazon Flex Vehicle Requirements 2019

Amazon Flex Requirements & AmazonFlex Driver Requirements 2019

Are you interested in becoming an Amazon Flex driver? Curious about Amazon Flex Car Requirements in 2019?

Check out our overview below to find out all about Amazon Flex’s vehicle requirements & driver requirements.

Amazon Flex Car Requirements:

Amazon’s requirements for Flex drivers are simple:

  • Drivers MUST have access to a mid-sized sedan, SUV, or a van (i.e., any regular vehicle along the lines of a four-door Honda Civic, or a larger vehicle).
  • Drivers may use trucks, but they MUST have enclosed beds (i.e., beds not exposed to weather, rain, or the outside environment, in order to protect delivery packages).
  • Drivers may use a rented or borrowed vehicle (if the driver possess authorization to use the vehicle, and the vehicle has all necessary permits, licenses, and associated vehicular documents in order).
  • Smaller cars and trucks with open beds do not qualify.
  • In certain areas where Amazon Flex offers bicycle delivery (such as New York City), bikes must have a functioning basket, and drivers must possess and wear a helmet (in good condition). Drivers must only ride bicycle that are street-legal. Bikes must comply with city and state safety regulations. Any bicycle models that require registration as motor vehicles are NOT permitted. Motorized bicycles, motorcycles, and all motorized scooters are NOT permitted on the Amazon Flex platform.

To inquire about vehicle details, prospective Amazon Flex drivers can call an Amazon Flex specialist directly at: 888-281-6906 (9.00am to 9.00pm Eastern Time).

Amazon Flex Cities:

In 2017, Amazon Flex is currently seeking drivers & couriers in the following 13 cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Brooklyn
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles (Irvine and Hawthorne)
  • Manhattan
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Portland
  • San Francisco (and surrounding areas)
  • Tampa Bay
  • Virginia beach

Amazon Flex Phone Requirements:

Amazon Flex couriers MUST have possession of either an Android or iPhone device.

  • Androids must run version 4.4 (or higher), and have at leas tlGB of RAM.

Getting in touch with Amazon Flex

Call 888-281-6906 (9.00am to 9.00pm Eastern Time), or click here to learn more about getting in touch with Amazon Flex support.

Sign up for Amazon Flex

Interested in signing up as an Amazon Flex driver? Click here to start the process.

To see estimates of how much Amazon Flex couriers make, click here.


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