Back to Back Rides with Uber

Uber Back to Back Rides

What is Uber Back to Back rides?

In late 2015, Uber introduced a feature called Back to Back Rides.

Back to Back Rides allows Uber drivers to receive notice of their next ”incoming” trip immediately before their current trip ends — thereby improving efficiency, turn-around-times, and reducing wasted mileage for Uber drivers.

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Why did Uber introduce the Back to Back feature?

When Uber’s technology experts looked over their internal driver data, they realized that it was remarkably common for vehicles which had recently ended a trip to reach new passengers much quicker than even the most proximate, available car in a given area.

In other words, Back to Back Rides means Uber trips’ duration and expense can be greatly reduced, and time-usage can be substantially improved (for both drivers and riders).

How does it work?

Uber’s algorithm (and driver network) scans for upcoming requests near the final destination of a driver’s current route.

A request is then accepted by an Uber Driver, who is ending their trip in the same area.

Drivers drop off their passengers, and then immediately locate their new passengers — i.e., drivers never had to wait in-between rides for new requests, eliminating all downtime (and wasted driving-mileage), while searching for new requests.

Uber plans to keep improving the Back to Back system through 2019 — refining the program’s algorithm to optimize driver performance and improve rider satisfaction.

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