Basics of Uber

Uber Basics

Uber Basics: If you live in one of over 66 countries and 400 Cities on this planet where the rideshare giant offers its services, the chances are very high that you’ve heard the name: Uber. People of all ages and backgrounds talk about this rapidly growing, highly dynamic Transportation Network Company. “Ubering” has become a verb for both rideshare driving as well as hailing a ride.

When Uber was launched in 2010 in San Francisco, nobody expected to see it expand its operations internationally and globally at such high speeds.

Uber: Global Brand, Local Business

One of the many intriguing aspects of the company is its character as a global brand, and yet at the same time being a local business. Uber’s services are remarkably specific and adjusted to its local and regional markets. In Lagos, Nigeria, for example, riders can pay cash, because only about 40% of the population own a smartphone.  In Columbia, you can request an UberAngel that will arrive on a bike and drive your car home, if you’re drunk.

The Different Rideshare Options and Pricing

Uber’s rideshare options and pricing can be unique for each city and region. The company’s latest rebrand embraces these cultural and regional differences by creating locally themed colors and patterns for over 60 different countries to help communicate it’s values locally. Welcome to our complete guide to the innovative ride-hailing service.



How to use the Uber app: step by step (with pictures)

Learn how to use the Uber app to request a ride. Sign up online or download the app to take your first ride.

What is Uber?

What Is Uber?

The Uber App (for Android, iOS and Windows Phone) connects passengers with drivers at the push of a button.


Uber Fares New York City 2015

How Much Does Uber Cost?

Everyone wants to know how much it costs to take an ‘Uber’.

Also check out our list of cities with rates and services here: Uber Cities


What is Uber Surge Pricing?

What Is Uber Surge Pricing?

An explanation of the pricing system used to control the supply and demand of drivers and passengers.


Uber Services

What are Uber’s Services?

Find information about all the services Uber offers:

  • UberPOOL: Ridesharing service which resembles a carpool
  • UberX: Low-cost option. Seats up to four passengers
  • UberXL: Low-cost ride. Seats up to six passengers
  • UberSELECT: More upscale than UberX. Cheaper than BLACK. Seats up to four passengers.
  • UberBLACK: Premium option. Seats up to four passengers
  • UberSUVPremium option. Seats up to six passengers
  • UberLUX: Premium option which features high-end and exotic vehicles
  • UberEATS: On-Demand Food Delivery
  • UberASSIST: Extra assistance to mobility-impaired customers
  • UberT: Use the app to hail a traditional taxi

contact Uber support

Contact Uber: Support, Help, Customer Service, and More

Many people have complained that it is not easy to contact Uber. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide – 7 Ways to Contact Uber.

Additional resources you may find helpful:

Official website

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