Become an Uber Driver

You can find all information on how to become an Uber driver here. We’ve curated a comprehensive list of steps and requirements that’ll guide you through the process of becoming a driver — one step at a time.
From car requirements for the different services to driver requirements by different cities, our goal is to present the information you’re looking for in an easy an understandable way — in one place.

Uber Driver RequirementsUber Requirements

There are a set of requirements for both drivers and vehicles in place that must be met. Some of them are general requirements, others are specific to an area and city.

Are you eligible to drive?

You must pass the Uber Driver Requirements.

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Have a valid U.S. driver license
  • Pass a background check

Uber Car RequirementsHow’s your car?

Find out if your vehicle passes the Uber Car Requirements.

City-specific info

Uber CitiesUber operates all around the world in over 400 cities and 60 countries. Many cities and areas have specific requirements to satisfy local regulations and conditions.
Check out our city-specific guides here: Uber Cities.


Applying to Uber

How to become an Uber Driver in 3 StepsWant to apply?

Follow the instructions in our detailed overview of the Uber application process:

Have a record?

How to Become an Uber driver in 3 steps
Find out what’s involved in the Uber background check process. (coming soon!)


Uber Car InspectionDoes your city require a vehicle inspection?

If it does, you’ll need to get your car inspected.
Guide to Uber vehicle inspections.


Ready to Drive

If you’ve followed all the steps so far you should find out if you’ve qualified to drive for Uber. The background check can take up to a couple of weeks. If you still haven’t heard from Uber after a few weeks, it’s time to reach out: Contact your local Uber team

Once you’ve been approved to drive, it’s time to get behind the wheel and start driving and earning money. But before you start, there’s one last thing to take care of…

Getting paid

Setting up direct deposit with Uber. (coming soon!)

Hit the Road

Giving your first Uber ride. (coming soon!)



    Must car be a 2016 model?

  • Kewal Singh


  • Andrew Johnson

    I’m looking at buying a bmw 530i with 81000 miles on it. Is that too much mileage for this job