Best Air Fresheners for Uber Drivers 2019

Best Car Air Fresheners for Uber Drivers 2019

Best Air Fresheners for Cars 2019 Ultimate List Best Air Fresheners for Uber drivers

As an  Uber driver, you may come to realize that even a new car will not hold its ‘new car smell’ for very long (especially if you have many different people filtering in-and-out of your vehicle as part of a ridesharing  program). While having a nice-smelling car is part of a positive Uber experience, it’s sometimes difficult to find a scent that all passengers are comfortable with (and one that they’re not overly-sensitive to).

Please read ahead for some air freshening tips  & solutions…solutions that are likely to  please  both you and your Uber passengers…

Ozium Air Sanitizer 

Some  Uber drivers suggest using  Ozium,  a  brand  of odour eliminator that can  be  found  conveniently at stores  like Walmart or Target.  Ozium  is cost-effective (usually around  $3.00-$4.00),  and  a  reasonably good  solution to  any lingering odors in your vehicle  (*it works  nicely on  removing even  stronger smells,  like  cigarette smoke/odor).

You  can  order Ozium varieties online for around  $7.00  $12.00.

best air fresheners for uber drivers 2019 list best car air fresheners for uber and lyft drivers 2019

Little Trees Automotive Air Freshener

Effective…but not  too strong.

You can pick up a pack of 24 Little Trees Automotive Air Fresheners for around  $16.00 at

litte trees air fresheners best air fresheners for uber drivers 2019


It’s an obvious choice, but Febreze is a  widely-used tool  in  the automotive  industry to  rectify stale smelling vehicles.  

Febreze has  many different products on  the  market,  but many Uber drivers  claim  that lightly spraying car seats with a  neutral  smelling  Febreze variant will  leave almost any car feeling fresh.

It’s worth noting: Febreze also makes air vent clip-ons, which release a nice-smelling scent into your car whenever air is released through a vehicle’s vents.These clip-ons release smaller amounts of scent at a time (in orderto keep a strong scent from overwhelming passengers).

best air fresheners for uber drivers 2019 what are the best air fresheners for uber drivers 2019 best air freshener for cars 2019 for getting rid of bad odors

You  can  pick up  regular Febreze for around  $4.50 per bottle, and  you can order FebrezeVent Clips online approximately $4.00 $6.00.

*Remember,  however…many environmentalists and  chemical  specialists warn  that Febreze  has  potentially toxic side  effects (and that it contains a  relatively high  carcinogen-load)  so use it with caution!

Want something  non-toxic?  – Check out this article on the best non-toxic deodorizing agents available!

Non-Toxic Automotive Air Freshener Options

Many Uber drivers turn  to  basic,  DIY  methods for cleansing their car’s  interior scent.

Leaving open  a  bag of fresh  coffee  beans  is considered  an  underrated  solution  by some  professional  chauffeurs  and  one which  many drivers  (and  passengers) will likely find aromatically pleasing (not to mention cost-effective, and non-toxic).

best non-toxic car air fresheners 2019 list best ways to deodor your car 2019 non-toxic car freshener options

Some  drivers  regularly cover their seats  in  clean  sheets, while  others  insist on  simply cracking open  a  car’s windows while driving through  a  tree-dense  park (claiming that doing so will  instantly freshen  up the insides of any vehicle, leaving  it smelling neutral,  and  cleansed).

Another easy tip:  open  your windows,  and leave your car sitting in  sunlight for a few hours.  If you  regularly leave your vehicle  in  a  dark  parking garage (or residential garage), this  might  prove to  be  an  effective  scent-control  strategy  as sunlight has strong odor-neutralizing  properties!

Don’t Overdo It!

Keep any use of air fresheners to a  minimum – and  if you  do feel  the need to  use  strong air fresheners, keep your usage highly-limited.

Whenever using air fresheners,  it’s  likely best to do  so in  a  ‘targeted’ and  limited  fashion –  especially considering that many of your passengers  may be sensitive to  strong chemicals cents (which  can sometimes  provoke allergies, or trigger  latent environmental  sensitivities).

Sometimes, no odor is the best odor.


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