Best Apps for Uber Drivers

Best Uber Driver Apps 2019

If you’re a rideshare driver, there are a currently a wide range of helpful tools & apps that can help you drive smarter and make more money.

Here are some of the best apps on the market:

This list will make driving that much easier — whether you’re looking for a gas station or need directions, these tools can help drivers reach their weekly ‘fare goals’.

1.  TripLog

best apps for uber drivers 2019 list best uber apps 2019

In order to claim mileage on your taxes, it’s important to keep track of how far you travelled; when you’ve travelled; and for what purpose. Along with these logs, you should keep gas receipts (just in case). Although you can most certainly keep track of your miles manually, an app that helps you stay organized is far easier (and probably more accurate).

Designed to log mileage, TripLog is an effective and well-designed tool, designed to automatically log & collect ride data. This data is ultimately critically important for tax-filing purposes (as well as being useful for your own personal records). When it comesto tax time, most drivers tend to claim a standard mileage deduction, however, knowing exactly how much wear and tear you’re placing on your car is vital. TripLog users are also able to log gasoline purchases — helping drivers crunch expense numbers.

Understanding your true cash flow within set periods will help drivers maximize income — TripLog can help rideshare professionals understand those metrics better than almost any other tool currently available.

2. Flightstats

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For drivers who operate around airports — which is increasingly common, as airport trips can be highly lucrative — Flightstats is an effective tool for increasing airport-trip efficiency by letting drivers know inbound and outbound flight times.

It’s incredibly important to be up-to-date with scheduling if you’re looking for incoming-flight passenger surges. If you’re having a slow day, Flightstats can help determine the best times to wait around for a ride. With the Flightstats app, it’s easy to check the earliest — and latest — flights from a given airport (and get an accurate sense of an airport’s heaviest passengers hours).

3.  Radarscope

best apps for uber drivers 2019 radarscope app 2019 best uber apps 2019 list

Depending on your location, weather is a factor which may greatly affect passenger demand and revenue. As a rideshare driver, you have the freedom to choose your own schedule — so planning ahead is always recommended. With Radarscope, users are actually able to view detailed radar images. The best part is; Radarscope guarantees a ‘no-more-than-five-minute-delay’, ensuring you’ll receive up-to-date, accurate images whenever you need them.

4.  Waze

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An obvious entry, Waze is a widely popular navigation app, which shouldn’t be overlooked for providing comprehensive, real-time info on road blockages and closures with cutting-edge engineering and predictive-traffic technology. Even in 2019, it’s still remains the best GPS system on the market. Many Uber drivers can attest — that Waze has incredibly accurate traffic-routing functionality, facilitating re-routing with minimal delay.

Waze is also a useful tool for receiving warnings related to road blockages and police activity. As a navigation tool, it’s Waze is fast becoming the industry-standard choice for rideshare drivers. If you’re used to Google Maps or UberNav, it’s still worth downloading and testing Waze.

5.  Gas Buddy

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Gas Buddy lets drivers be mindful of the distance to local gas stations (preventing useless gas waste by just traveling to out-of- the-way stations). It also alerts drivers to stations by ‘brand name’, allowing drivers to better accumulate loyalty reward points. Using Gas Buddy will also help drivers keep their expenses under control, as it features an effective gas-tracking mechanism and usage analysis, as well as alerting drivers to the best fuel prices within a given area. If you haven’t already downloaded Gas Buddy, you might want to check it out.

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