Best cars for Lyft drivers

Best Lyft Cars – Best cars for Lyft drivers

What are the best cars to drive for Lyft?

Lyft drivers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a vehicle that will allow a comfortable ride for their passengers (and a profitable venture for themselves). There are many factors to consider when selecting a ridesharing vehicle, so it’s worth tailoring a vehicle choice to one’s particular needs (and not necessarily choosing a vehicle based on what everyone else says is best).

Of course, Lyft drivers need to ensure that the vehicle they ultimately choose meets the requirements set out by Lyft.  Depending on the city, cars can be as old as 2004 models, or they may need to be as recent as 2009.  Be sure that your vehicle meets these vehicle-age requirements (and, if possible, exceeds these model year minimums, in case changes are made that increase the age requirements down the road).

Honda Civic

No matter which company one chooses to drive for, the Honda Civic is a popular choice, both for initial investment (at roughly $10,000 for a fairly new model), and for reliability. The roomy back seat will keep most passengers comfortable during the ride, and the price at the gas pump will keep the driver happy.

Approximately $10,000 used

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Hyundai Sonata

For those looking for a stylish appearance and excellent mileage, the Hyundai Sonata is a perfect choice. With an initial investment of approximately $10,000, Lyft drivers can invest in fuel economy and passenger comfort. This car is often cheaper than the Civic and other similar vehicles but offers reliability and class in an affordable car.

Approx. $9,000 used

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Nissan Sentra

The 2008 Nissan Sentra is a mid-size car that enjoyed a complete makeover in 2007 from earlier models. Bluetooth capability offers a hands-free experience for drivers, and air conditioning and other comfort features in some models will make the passenger experience enjoyable. With five seats it provides enough space for multiple passengers without breaking the bank.

Approx. $8,000 used

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Volkswagen Golf GTI

Lyft drivers that anticipate transporting smaller numbers of passengers while enjoying excellent fuel mileage and upscale features in a compact vehicle will enjoy the Volkswagen Golf. Heated seats and affordability make this car a great option – just be sure to get the four door model.

Approx. $10,000 used

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Mazda CX-7 GS

For those Lyft drivers wishing to offer space for luggage while maintaining leg room – the Mazda CX-7 GS offers a sporty choice. Mazda’s reliability and fuel efficiency makes it an ideal choice for drivers who want to buy an SUV in the $10,000+ range but want to look like they are driving a more expensive option.

Approx. $12,000 used

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Hybrid Ford Fusion

Eco-friendly Lyft drivers that wish to drive a reliable, family-friendly vehicle, should consider the hybrid Ford Fusion. For the price and increased fuel efficiency in the hybrid model, it is a more attractive version than the non-hybrid version, known for its stylish appearance and seating. Plug in at the end of the day and be prepared to skip the gas pump.

Approx. $10,000 used

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Honda Accord

The Honda Accord offers dependability and excellent passenger space in the backseat. As a mid-size car this sedan provides a pleasurable driving experience, which is important considering it’s the Lyft driver’s office every day. The price is another bonus for drivers who want to offer the same space and comfort for passengers without draining their accounts and taking away from profits.

Approx. $8,000 used

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It’s important to remember: while shopping around for a vehicle, it’s always important to take every car out for a test drive.

This is a critical step that many prospective car-purchases ignore or overlook.

Ensure that your future vehicle handles well – in a way that feels comfortable and responsive – and remember to climb in the backseat and picture yourself as a passenger. It’s also worth checking out the car’s trunk space (and it’s even worth considering how easy or difficult it is to climb in the backseat). When looking at compact cars, it’s also worth considering their suitability for large groups of people (and physically larger people) – in order to make sure that taller and larger passengers will feel comfortable in your vehicle (and ultimately rate their experience positively).

Remember: your vehicle is, effectively, going to be your office. Make sure it is one that you will feel comfortable transporting passengers around in, day in and day out!

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