Best cars for UberXL drivers

Best UberXL cars 2019

Best cars for UberXL drivers 2019

UberXL is the non-luxury SUV option for Uber users who require seating for additional passengers. UberXL vehicles must be able to seat at least 6 passengers, and the model year requirements for XL vehicles date back as far as 2001 (*in select cities). By comparison, for many of Uber services, a vehicle’s model year must be newer to qualify.

The good news for those who wish to drive for Uber XL is that there is a long list of vehicles that drivers can choose from, including vehicles made by manufacturers such as Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, and many more.

For the purposes of providing a fair price and feature comparison (and because the model year varies from city to city), the vehicles profiled below will be 2005 models. In many cases, drivers will find that (in their particular city) they can choose an even earlier vehicle model. For instance in Fresno, California, 2001 models are acceptable (but in Columbus, Ohio, XL vehicles must be 2006 or newer.)

Chrysler Town and Country

uberxl car list 2017 best uberxl cars best cars for uberxl

Price: expect to pay $5,000+ for a great condition vehicle

The 2005 Chrysler Town and Country comes standard with features such as ABS brakes, air conditioning, a DVD video system, fold-away third row seating, rear air conditioning, and is satellite-ready. XL drivers will enjoy the Town and County’s added features, such as traction control, power seats, and cruise control. The car’s ample head room and leg room is great for passengers, making an XL ride even more spacious (and entry and exit from the vehicle smooth and easy). Seating for up to seven passengers in the Chrysler Town and County minivan makes this a great option for Uber XL drivers who wish to offer rides to larger groups.

Dodge Grand Caravan

best uberxl cars best cars for uberxl

Price: expect to pay $5,000+ for a great condition vehicle

The 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan was initially launched as a redesign of earlier minivan models, and included more than 15 new features (such as Stow ‘n Go; second and third row seats that make it easier to transport luggage and larger items; noise reduction; high-density foam seats; and an optional DVD entertainment system. The Dodge Grand Caravan also features antilock brakes, side curtain-type airbags for all occupants, and exceptional leg room – making it an ideal choice for Uber XL drivers who’d like to offer extra comfort to their passengers.

2005 Ford Explorer

best uberxl cars best cars for uberxl 2017

Price: expect to pay $6,000+ for a great condition vehicle

The Ford Explorer is a great option for potential UberXL drivers. Featuring step-in height and excellent interior space, even large groups of passengers will find the Explorer comfortable and spacious. Drivers will like that the vehicle is easy to maneuver and drive, and the crash test ratings make it a good choice for passenger safety (the the vehicle’s optional side-curtain airbags are an additional feature which optimizes safety). The Explorer’s general reliability is another factor that Uber XL drivers may appreciate – and finally, in terms of aesthetics, the Ford Explorer still looks like a relatively high-end vehicle (despite its age), but at much less cost.

Jeep Commander

best cars for uberxl cars best uberxl vehicles best uber xl cars

Price: expect to pay $8,000+ for a great condition vehicle

The 2005 Jeep Commander is a mid-size SUV that is capable of seating 6 passengers (*for the sake of comparison, the Commander is only 2 inches longer than a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which only seats 4 passengers). For those that like the ‘Jeep’ aesthetic, the Commander’s retro-stylings will delight riders (*however, it’s worth keeping in mind that the vehicle’s third row seating might be a bit of a challenge for larger adults). Back up sensors, front dual-stage and side-curtain airbags are only a few of the Commander’s safety features, while additional options (if included) such as dual zone climate control and heated first and second row seats will offer riders extra comfort.

Like with any used vehicle purchase, it’s important to do your homework and test drive a few different vehicles in order to identify one that you’ll be entirely comfortable driving on a daily basis – and in this case – one that passengers will also enjoy riding in. Larger groups (and particularly, XL passengers) will always want even more space to ensure their comfort & convenience, so – when scouting vehicles  – be sure to climb in a car’s backseat area and see for yourself what your passengers will experience.

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