Best Cities to Drive With Uber

Best Cities to Become an Uber Driver

Uber Upfront Costs – Full City List

Uber recently commissioned a study to find out how easy it was to become an Uber in various cities across the globe.

They analyzed 41 cities, many of them in the United States.

The Easiest Cities to Become an Uber Driver

Uber’s study produced a basic cost-index score.

The higher the cost index score, the harder it is to become an Uber driver — in terms of both regulatory bureaucracy, cost, and overall time-investment. See our article on Upfront Uber Costs here.

The lower the score = the easier; cheaper; and less risky it is to become a rideshare driver in any given city. Stockholm, Austin, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio emerged as the top 5 easiest cities to become an Uber driver in 2016 (*although, Charlotte NC technically takes the #5 spot, due to Uber’s continued absence from Austin’s rideshare market).

Check out the full list here:

Uber Startup Scores by City

CITY                         COUNTRY               SCORE

Stockholm               Sweden                     0.01 1

Austin                      United States           0.03 2

Indianapolis           United States           0.03 2

Oklahoma City       United States           0.03 2

San Antonio            United States           0.03 2

Charlotte                 United States            0.03 2

Orlando                   United States            0.03 2

Boston                     United States            0.04 3

Phoenix                   United States             0.13 4

Orange County       United States            0.18 5

San Diego                United States            0.18 5

New Jersey             United States             0.23 6

Chicago                   United States             0.28 7

Salt Lake City        United States             0.31 8

Detroit                    United States             0.33 9

Baton Rouge         United States             0.33 10

Philadelphia         United States              0.35 11

Miami                    United States              0.38 12

Minneapolis         United States              0.43 13

Portland                United States              0.44 14

Auckland               New Zealand               0.46 15

Baltimore              United States               0.88 16

Wash. D.C.           United States               0.88 16

Seattle                   United States               0.94 17

Sydney                  Australia                        1.08 18

Denver                  United States                1.08 19

Toronto                Canada                           1.33 20

Columbus            United States                 1.4 21

Moscow                Russia                             1.44 22

San Francisco      United States                1.77 23

Los Angeles          United States                1.79 24

Dallas                    United States                 1.84 25

Las Vegas             United States                 2.39 26

Houston               United States                 2.43 27

Mexico City         Mexico                             8.55 28

London                United Kingdom             11.1 29

Manila                 Philippines                     13.42 30

Rio de Janeiro    Brazil                               19.34 31

Sao Paulo            Brazil                                19.34 31

Singapore            Singapore                         24.3 32

Paris                     France                             35.08 33

New York City   United States                    36.2 34

A score over 0.50 indicates a relatively onerous regulatory regime for prospective Uber drivers. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Paris, and New York City round out the top five most difficult cities in the world to become an Uber driver.

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