What are the Best Dashcams for Uber Drivers?

Best Dashcams for Uber Drivers 2019

Being a rideshare driver means spending anywhere from ten to fifty-plus hours a week on the road. Of course, the more you drive, the greater the risk of encountering potential hazards, obstacles, and other issues. Perhaps you have already experienced an accident — one that wasn’t your fault. In order to protect yourself, a dashcam is highly recommended. Therefore, we created a list of the best dashcams on the market.

Find out more about our top dash cam recommendations in our guide below:

Uber Driver Dashcams 2019 – Check Out These Options  

If you’re a serious rideshare driver who spends a lot of time on the road, you’ll want something that can record potential incidents with extreme visual clarity (preferably, high-resolution HD footage, minimum 720 or 1080p).

Although it’s always worth seeking out good deals on new dashcams models (and new, ever-cheaper versions are constantly entering the market), it’s worth not going too cheap — it’s critical to invest in a camera that will maintain its integrity and basic functionality even under duress — whether in the form of extreme weather conditions; bumpy terrain; or an accident.

Your dash cam should serve its central purpose: providing a complete record of your ridesharing trips, day-by-day, minute-by-minute — and storing those records (reliably) on a high-quality SD or flash memory card.

The following are some of the best dashcams on the market this year:

1. Spy Tec G1W-CWhere to buy: Amazon.com ($61.95)

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The Spy Tec  G1W-C offers an array of essential, well-designed features, at an extremely reasonable price point.

Despite its low cost, the Spy Tec G1W-C offers full HD 1080p recording, as well as an advanced anti-shake function. It may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive cameras (the ST’s fundamental design is pared-down and basic), but, in comparison to larger & more advanced models, the ST’s baseline functionality makes it a good, solid bet — perfect for new or experienced rideshare drivers.


  • Great price — $61.95 + free shipping through Amazon
  • Anti-shake playback feature
  • Perfect for areas that experience high heat


  • No GPS
  • Does not include a microphone or SD card
  • Some find the mount challenging to adjust

2. LOPOO Mini Wireless Car Recorder — Where to buy: Amazon.com ($109.99 on sale) (Currently out of stock)

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The LOPOO Mini is an elegantly-designed camera, with plenty of advanced features (as well as the usual range of basic functions), including Night Vision; Wifi/Smartphone Integration; and Easy Car Recovery/Vehicle Location Finder.

The LOPOO records in HD — the camera’s image sensor captures a sharp, high-quality picture. The LOPOO’s 150-degree viewing angle offers an extraordinarily clear view of the road.

Not only is the LOPOO attractive and easy to mount (the camera is connected by a magnetic connector — an innovation borrowed from Apple), but it also features wireless connectivity. Using your smartphone, you can instantly playback footage and snap pictures of your car’s location — helping you to remember (and ultimately locate) your vehicle in unfamiliar or crowded parking lots.


  • Elegant/Efficient design
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to operate and setup
  • Wireless connectivity


  • If you do not have a smartphone, you can’t use many of the LOPOO’s impressive features
  • Can only swivel vertically — but due to the wide viewing angle, this is not always a huge issue
  • No screen — once again, you will require a phone or computer to playback footage

3. ZeroEdge Wide Angle Dash Cam — Where to buy: Amazon.com ($49.99 on sale)

ZeroEdge 2019 best dash cams for uber drivers 2019 best dashcams for uber 2019 uber dashcam list 2019 best uber dashcams 2019

The ZeroEdge is an affordable (yet highly functional) dash cam option.

With its 2.4-inch screen, drivers can instantly play back footage that’s captured from a 135 degree angle lens. The ZeroEdge also takes snapshots and features an easy-to-use ‘time lapse’ mode.

The ZeroEdge model does not offer GPS (a downside for some drivers — many rideshare professionals prefer dash cams with in-built GPS features, for safety and theft-protection purposes).

ZeroEdge features a useful & time-saving ‘automatic startup feature’ — drivers never have to worry about manually starting the ZE camera each time they enter their vehicles. Instead, upon turning a car’s ignition on, the ZeroEdge  will automatically begin recording — thereby eliminating an additional step from daily ridesharing routines.


  • Comes with a SD card (16GB)
  • Low price — you can currently save 50% on Amazon (one of the best dashcams for its price)
  • Hands-free feature


  • The ZeroEdge features only four buttons — an elegant design — but controls can be tricky as a result.
  • Not the best for harsh climates — hot or cold
  • No GPS tracking

4. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dash Cam — Where to buy: Amazon.com ($169.95 on sale)

best dashcams for uber drivers 2019 kdlinks hd dashcam best uber dashcam 2019 best value dashcams 2019

If you want a dash cam that does it all, you’ll definitely be interested in the KDLINKS X1. Probably one of the best dashcams currently on the market.

The KDLINKS features full-HD video, recorded through an impressive 165-degree lens.

Although newer recordings loop over older data (a space-saving data-storage mechanism), the KDLINKS X1 includes an interesting and innovative feature which ensures the preservation of critical data  — specifically, the KDLINKS senses & recognizes significant vehicular bumps and collisions — prompting the camera to preserves certain recordings (i.e., footage near bumps/collisions will automatically be ‘locked’ so that it won’t be lost or deleted).

The KDLINKS X1 also has a strong anti-theft feature: if a driver’s car is ever stolen, it’s possible to track it using the KD’s associated software (it taps into the camera’s in-built GPS data system, facilitating recovery).

The KDLINKS also comes with an 8GB micro SD card (the camera also supports cards up to 32GB).

One of the camera’s only major downsides is that it lacks an internal battery system, so it currently draws power solely from a 12V car lighter.


  • Incredible lens — 165 degrees wide
  • Responsive customer service — can help with troubleshooting and other technical/warranty enquiries.
  • GPS tracking


  • The quality isn’t that much greater in comparison to price point
  • Only comes with a 8GB memory card
  • Would be ideal if it included an internal battery

As a driver, whether you work for Uber or another company, it’s worth investing in a dash cam. Not only will customers feel more comfortable (ensuring a greater sense of safety & professionalism), but drivers also benefit — knowing they have an effective means of protecting themselves against false claims or other liability (in the unfortunate event of an accident, or other incident).

The above options are just some of the best dashcams on the market — models are frequently updated,  so be sure to shop around and compare specs, prices, and user reviews.


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