Best Rideshare Promotions

Welcome to our 2019 rideshare promotions

Welcome to our rideshare promotions section where we offer a curated list of the most valuable promo codes, bonuses and tools for Uber, Lyft and other related services. You’ll find a selection of bonuses for both drivers and riders here. We tested the promotions mentioned on this page before recommending them. These are all actual and currently working promo codes for you to take advantage of.

New Uber User:

Uber Promo Code for new users

Ultimate Uber coupon guide for new users. Check it out.

Driver Promotions

These are some of the biggest bonuses you can get, if you are thinking of becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft. Are you already driving for Uber? No problem, sign up to drive for Lyft as well and receive a bonus.

New Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus

This is for everyone new to rideshare. You can use our sign-up bonus to earn some extra money as a new Uber driver.

New Lyft Driver Sign-up Bonus

Attention all new potential Lyft drivers: if you haven’t signed up yet, you can take advantage of our sign-up bonus and earn extra money. Uber drivers who aren’t signed-up with Lyft yet can receive this Lyft bonus as well by signing up to be a driver.

Existing Users: How to Earn Rides (Riders) or Cash (Drivers)

Can you earn free rides as a rider of one of the services? For example, if you are an Uber rider, you have the option to gift your friends and family members with a free first ride. Check out how it works below.

Give your Uber Promo Code to friends (coming soon!)

If you are an Uber user, you can give away free rides to anyone who hasn’t used the service before. It is very simple: hit the ‘share Free Rides’ button on your Uber App and you’ll be given a personalized promo code to invite your friends or anyone you know to a free ride. In return, you’ll get a free ride (limited to a certain dollar amount) every time a new user enters your code.

You can do this as many times as you want, as long as the person you’re inviting to a ride hasn’t used the service before.

Give your Lyft Promo Code to friends (coming soon!)

As a Lyft user, you can invite your friends to a free ride by hitting the ‘gift’ symbol on top right of your App when you’re in ‘set pickup’ mode. Typically, you’ll receive a $20 ride credit in return every time you gift a first time user with a ride.

Other Promotions and Coupon Codes

Coming soon!

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