Best Smartphones for Uber Drivers

Uber Driver Phones 

In some careers, individuals rely on heavy machinery, or an expensive laptop, to get their jobs done. As an Uber driver, there’s only one item that’s more important than your vehicle — your mobile phone.

In order to maximize opportunity and ensure a smooth and successful trip each and every time you pick up a passenger, you’ll need a phone that you can rely on. The last thing you want is your phone being less than reliable, acting up when a passenger is in your vehicle. Whether the battery dies or the GPS isn’t working, an unreliable phone means you probably won’t be as efficient as a rideshare driver — and inefficiency means lost revenue.

Whether you’re already an Uber driver or have just signed up, here’s a list of some of the best smartphones on the market, which can help you achieve your daily goals as an Uber driver.

The Best Smartphones for Uber Drivers 

Of course, the word ‘best’ is always subjective — what is it that an Uber driver really needs in a phone? Extra features are great to have, but at the end of the day, an Uber-capable smartphone should deliver core functionality & reliability.

Consider the following:

  • Price — obviously, you’ll want a solid phone that offers great features at a reasonable cost.
  • Battery life — while in your vehicle, you can keep your phone plugged in, however, it’s always best to own a phone that holds a charge.
  • GPS capability — this one is a no-brainer, as you need to get many individuals from point A to point B on a regular basis — GPS lag is something which you’ll want to avoid.
  • Decent sized screen — you don’t need to invest in an overly large screen, however, you should be able to see directions from your dash — as it’s safest to mount your phone.

With all of that in mind, let’s compare a few options below. Of course, depending on your provider, there may be a better options for your needs. If choosing another phone, make sure it checks all the most important boxes — don’t be distracted by shiny added features. At the end of the day, you need to select a phone that will make your job as an Uber driver easier, not harder.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 

There’s a lot of things to love about the Galaxy S7, as well as its slightly ‘edgier’ cousin, the Galaxy S7 Edge. The main differences between these two models is size and design (the Edge is slightly larger with more curved edges) — in terms of their features, they’re pretty similar. There’s plenty to love about these phones, including:

  • Battery life — Offering fast, wireless charging, these models will power up in no time, leaving you will a full battery that lasts. In fact, these models offer Samsung’s largest battery, ensuring that you’ll have power, for longer. Also, with the latest Android Marshmallow OS, less battery is drained from the apps you use.
  • Tons of storage — You may want to use your phone for more than just directions — whether you want to store work-related files or photos, this phone offers a massive bonus. Although 32GB is generally plenty, for those who require more, you can pop in an additional sim card to benefit from an extra 256GB.
  • Camera — For those unexpected moments, whether you’re in an accident or some other work-related incident occurs, it’s best to have a camera you can rely on. Whether you’re filming/taking pictures during the day or night, this camera will catch even the most sudden movements.
  • Protection — You’ll probably be using your phone a lot — you may also be drinking plenty of water or coffee in your car. If so, you’ll love that this phone is certified water-resistant. This is ideal for individuals who do not want a bulky case, but still want that added waterproof protection.

Although some have experienced minor GPS issues, this is generally due to a software issue — not the phone itself (unless the smartphone’s GPS antenna isn’t working). There are steps you can take to fix software issues, and you can also download ‘GPS Status and Toolbox’ from the Google Play store — which will increase GPS accuracy.

2. LG G5

Once again, there is plenty to love about the LG G5, including:

  • Unique battery life — Is your phone’s battery dying and you forgot your charger? With the LG G6, it’s no problem, as long as you have a fully charged battery in your vehicle, ready to be swapped out. Yes, that’s right — when your battery dies in this phone, you simply pop it out and replace it with a fully charged substitute.
  • Wide angle camera — Not only will you capture high-quality images, but you’ll be able to capture far more images. Once again, in one of those unexpected situations, you want to make sure you have the best possible footage.
  • Screen — Although this phone is fairly small and lightweight, display is not compromised. In fact, with its 5.3” Quad HD Display, you’ll experience a brightness of 850 nits (in comparison to the previous 500), allowing you to view your screen better, even while you’re outdoors.
  • GPS — Like the other phones on this list, the LG G5 offers A-GPS, which is assisted GPS — improving overall performance.

3. iPhone 6S

Although 3D touch on the new iPhone 6S is a pretty ‘slick’ feature, the phone’s core features are incredibly strong — the device ticks all the boxes in terms of your driving needs. If you’re an iPhone fan or would like to make the switch, here are some of its key features:

  • Advanced technology — With its 64-bit A9 chip, you will experience technology that was (until recently) only found in high-end desktop computers. With a 90 percent faster graphic processing unit and 70 percent faster central processing unit, you will be able to rely on the 6S’s advanced technological capabilities.
  • Advanced security — With its highly advanced fingerprint sensor, you will be able to secure your personal details. Also, as an added bonus, you can use Apple Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted.
  • Screen — Offering two versions — you will benefit from a large, visible screen regardless of your choice. Both models offer exceptional display — 4.7” retina HD display and 5.5” retina HD display.

If you do source an iPhone — here are some of the best free GPS apps.

Regardless of the phone you choose, it has to work for you and your lifestyle. Don’t rush into purchasing a phone — ask questions and be vocal with customer service representatives about phone details, and always make sure they know what you’re looking for.

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