What are the Best Travel Apps?

Best Travel Apps

Road Trip Apps and Travel Apps 

Nothing beats hitting the open road with a group of friends. The only problem is, when you’re heading out into ‘the great unknown’, it can sometimes be challenging to get to where you’re going.

Sure, you could always bring along a trusty paper map, but why would you when you have access to some great, next-generation road-trip apps? Not only will they help guide you on the open road, but they’ll also enhance your overall trip experience by providing travel tips and recommendations. Check them out today in order to plan your next road trip adventure!

Check Out These Road Trip and Travel Apps Today

Although it’s fun to go off the beaten track, while traveling on long road trips, it’s always helpful to have some degree of assistance. Here are some of the best road trip apps of 2017:

1. Field Trip App 

As stated by Field Trip, “It’s your world — explore it.” If you’re not on any sort of timeline (and you’re open to just ‘seeing where the wind takes you’, the Field Trip App may be the perfect app for you! Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and based on GPS data, the Field Trip App will always notify you when you’re near an interesting spot. Whether it’s a historic landmark or a noteworthy restaurant, informational pop-up cards will become available for you to save and share. Get it today.

2. Trip.com App 

Featured by TIME Magazine and Mashable, this award-winning app will act as your ‘personal travel assistant’. Depending on your location, each time you open the Trip.com app, Trip.com will make suggestions based on your location, the time of day (and even the weather). You can also select your personal travel style, such as Family, Foodie, or Nightlife Lover. Search what’s nearby, and easily identify what each location is rated. Try Trip.com for free today.

3. iExit 

Ever been driving down the freeway, not knowing where you can get off? Well, with iExit, as you travel down US interstates, the iExit app will let you know the best pitstops, everywhere across the country. With categories such as food, fuel, and popular searches, you will see how far you need to travel to reach a desired point of interest. Worth noting: there’s also a special version of iExit for gas prices and truckers! Check it out for yourself.

4. Maps.Me App 

Maps.Me is exactly as it sounds — fast, detailed (and, more importantly) offline maps for your mobile devices. Regardless of the country or city you’re in, the Maps.Me App will show you detailed guides to even the smallest of villages, so that you can better direct your road tripping crew to areas of interest (or find your way if you get lost, without an internet connection or mobile phone signal). Since roaming charges can be pricey while traveling, Maps.Me’s robust offline capabilities are especially appealing. See why it’s the choice of over 40 million users today!

5. Roadtrippers App 

Encouraging you to head off the beaten track, the Roadtrippers App allows travelers to discover some of the world’s most interesting (and, sometimes obscure or under-explored) places. All within one app, you can discover, plan, book and navigate all your upcoming adventures. Free to use, over 5.5 million trips have been booked using the Roadtrippers App to-date! See what all the fuss is about and try it today.

6. Gas Buddy 

An easy-to-use, accurate fuel-finding app (which identifies nearby gas stations) is often an unexciting afterthought during road-trips….until you realize you’re desperately in need of gas! Showing a comprehensive listing of gas stations across North America, Gas Buddy takes the mystery out of whether there’s a gas station anywhere near you – so you’ll no longer be on the edge of your seat, wondering whether you’ll find a station in time. Gas Buddy works throughout the United States or Canada – take a look at their gas price map or check out their trip calculator before you download the app itself.

So, there you have it — some of the best road trip and travel apps at your disposal. Now all you need is your mobile charger, and a trusty car!

Happy traveling!

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