Can I Bring My Dog Into an Uber?

Uber Pet Policy & Uber Animal Rules (2019)

‘Can I bring my dog in an Uber?’ 

Yes. In some cases, animals are allowed in Uber vehicles.

Depending on the federal and local laws in your specific city, service animals are generally allowed to accompany riders.

Visually-impaired passengers and passengers who possess ‘service licenses’ for pets (i.e., therapy animals, guide dogs, etc) are always allowed to bring animals into an Uber vehicle.

For regular pets (i.e., non-service pets & other animals), it is up to the discretion of your specific Uber driver.

Can I bring my pet into an Uber? What should I do if I plan on bringing a pet into an Uber vehicle?

If you plan on bringing your pet with you during an Uber trip, it’s worth getting in touch with your driver beforehand & making sure your driver is OK with accommodating an animal in their vehicle.

Use your app to send a text message or call your driver & let them know you’d like to bring a pet along during your Uber ride.

For information on getting in touch with your Uber driver, check out this guide.

Bring a Blanket, or a Pet Carrier, when traveling with Pets

If you’re planning on bringing a pet into your Uber vehicle, it’s helpful & recommended to bring along a pet-carrying crate/pet carrier or a blanket, to lower the risk of damaging a driver’s vehicle.

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