Cancel Your Uber Eats Order

How to Cancel an UberEATs Order

Cancel UberEATS Order

How do you cancel an UberEATS order? And How to Make Changes to A Placed Order?

If you want to cancel an UberEATs, you should cancel your order right away. This should be done before the restaurant accepts the order. To cancel your order, you simply need to tap ‘Cancel Order’ (which is located right below where it says ‘Confirming order with Restaurant). This is on the order tracking screens. If you cancel your order before the restaurant confirms your order, your account will not be charged.

Can I cancel my UberEATS order after my request has been confirmed?

If your order has already been confirmed and the restaurant has started to prepare your order, you will be charged for the order.

UberEATs will not give refunds on any orders that have already been started to be prepared.

If you want to cancel an order that is in progress, you will need to call UberEATS at 1-800-616-9156. They will cancel your order with the restaurant and notify the associated courier.

How can I make changes to my UberEATS order?

If you have forgotten an item (or want to make changes to an order), you can cancel the order before the restaurant has accepted the order. You can then re-input the order with all the right items.

If the order has already been accepted, you will need to call UberEATs (not the restaurant). You can reach UberEATS at 1-800-616-9156. It’s helpful to have your order number at-hand when you call UberEATS customer service, so that the UberEATS support team can easily reach out to the appropriate restaurant (and find out if they can accommodate the request). You will be notified of any changes to your order on the UberEATS app’s tracking screen.

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