Is Cash an Option for Uber?

Does Uber take cash?

Paying for Uber with Cash – Can I Pay Uber with Cash?

Is it possible to pay for Uber with cash? Paying for Uber with cash is a common question.

In the United States, and Canada, it is currently not possible to pay for an Uber trip with cash (although some reports suggest that it might one day be possible).

In a few select locations, however, it is possible to pay for your Uber trip in cash. Currently, cash-based Uber payment is accepted in only a few places:

  • Saudi Arabai
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines

However, while it is not currently possible to pay for your Uber trip with cash (at least in North America and Europe), it is possible to tip your Uber driver with cash (if you wish).

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