Is Uber safer than taxis?

April 3 2017

Is Uber safer than a cab? How safe is Uber? Uber Terms and Services. A common question Uber customers have is: What do passengers really agree to …

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Lyft Cancellation Policy

March 28 2017

Lyft Cancellation Policy Lyft Cancellations Rules - Canceling a Lyft Request Lyft passengers are allowed to cancel a ride after requesting a Lyft Driver, without incurring a …

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Uber Multiple Stops

February 25 2017

Uber Multiple Destinations - Making Multiple Stops With Uber Uber more than one destination For Riders:

Is it possible to make multiple stops with Uber?

The answer is: …

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How much do Uber drivers make?

Uber Fare Estimator 2019

February 22 2017

Uber Calculator & Uber Price Estimate Tool How much does Uber cost? Want to know how much Uber will charge for your trip? Curious about the price …

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Uber Fares New York City 2015

How much does Uber cost?

December 17 2015

How much does Uber cost?  Kind of the one-million dollar question, right? The answer is usually: less. However, it is a little more complicated than that. How …

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What is Uber Surge Pricing?

Uber Surge Pricing

October 2 2015

What is Uber Surge Pricing and how does it work? Uber surge pricing is an automated algorithm, similar in some ways to airline pricing. When an …

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