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Uber Car Inspection Lagos

January 8 2019

Lagos Uber Car Inspection 2019 - Uber Vehicle Inspection Lagos Uber drivers in Lagos will have to get their vehicles inspected at a local certified mechanic. Uber drivers …

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Uber Greenlight Los Angeles

December 25 2018

Uber Greenlight Los Angeles Address - Uber Greenlight LA Phone Number Looking for an Uber Greenlight location in the LA area? Need support signing up with Uber? …

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Uber Abuja Greenlight Hub Address

December 14 2018

Uber Abuja Greenlight Hub Address Sign up to drive here. The address of Uber's Greenlight  Hub  in Abuja,  Nigeria: Ventures  Platform, 29  Mambilla  street (Located  directly off of Aso Drive) *Note: The Abuja  Uber Greenlight Hub  is  now housed  in the former  US  Embassy Abuja's  Uber Greenlight center is open  at the following  hours:  Monday to  Friday:  9.00am  to 4.00pm   Uber Test Centers in Abuja: If you  are applying to  become a  driver in Abuja,  and  are  required  to take an  online test,  Uber's online test-taking centers are located  at the following addresses: SASCON  School  International Yedseram  Street,  Maitama, Abuja (*Directly opposite  Embassy of Benin  Republic)   Ojimadu  Nwaeze  House,  P.O.W  Mafemi  Crescent Utako.  Abuja (*Off Solomon  Larway) Sign up to drive with Uber today for a cash bonus!

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