How do I Change Lyft’s Navigation Settings?

Change Lyft Navigation Settings

How to Change Lyft’s Navigation Settings

Need help changing Lyft’s navigation settings on the driver app?

Unlike Uber’s App, Lyft’s driver app has no built-in navigation system.

Instead, Lyft’s driver app uses Waze and Google Maps as its default navigation system.

*Note: Lyft recommends that its drivers use either Google Maps or Waze (as opposed to any other navigation system, like Navigon or Tom-Tom or an in-car navigation system).

Changing your Lyft Navigation settings

Changing your navigation settings in Lyft’s driver app is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings Tab
  • Choose Navigation.
  • Turn Auto Navigation on (*allows the Lyft app to switch between your navigation app and the Lyft app)


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