Changing Your Uber Profile Photo

Change Uber Profile Photo – How to change your Uber Profile Photo 

Changing your Uber profile photo is easy. Below, you’ll find quick a guide to adding a new Uber Profile Photo, or changing your existing photo.

Changing your Uber Profile Photo:

1. Open up the Uber App

2. Navigate to to Settings in the Uber App menu

3. Tap Edit Account.

4. Type in your account password

5. Tap Submit.

6. Tap Change Photo. (*Note: if your Uber App Profile does not have a photo currently associate dwith it, simply tap the empty circle above your name.)

7. Select Take Photo OR Choose From Library

Taking a New Photo

If you wish to take a photo, choose OK (the Uber App will connect to your mobile device’s internal camera). Place your face in the center of the frame and press the Shutter Button. If you find it easier to take the photo with a front-facing camera, tap the Camera Icon at the top right of the screen.

When you’re finished taking a photo (and satisfied with the photo you’ve taken being used as your Uber Profile Photo), tap Use Photo.

Choosing a Photo from your Phone’s Library

To select an image from your phone’s internal library, select OK to allow Uber to access images from your device’s library.

Simply choose a preferred photo, and then select Save to confirm the photo as your new Uber Profile Photo.

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