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Contact Kater – Kater Phone Number 2019

Need to get in touch with Kater Vancouver Customer Support?

Kater’s phone number is: (604) 501-6999

Contact Kater Customer Support through this link (‘Contact Us).

For Kater drivers, use this link.

What are the Benefits of Using the Kater App?

Kater is a downloadable app which connects drivers (who own their own vehicles) with passengers in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

Kater’s ride-hailing app allows passengers to request a ride directly from their smartphones, and be picked up anywhere in metro Vancouver (see service map area below) within 5 minutes or less.

In many ways, Kater is a local alternative to Uber and Lyft, and features a low-cost payment structure which resembles many popular ridesharing apps. featuring a simple ‘Tap and Go” system.

Vancouver passengers no longer have to wait curbside for long stretches of time (and unreliable taxi companies) to get around town– they can simply use Kater!

Also, like Uber, Kater is cash free! If you order a car using the Kater App, you don’t have to worry about swiping a debit or credit card at the end of your ride (or rummaging through your wallet for cash). Kater is 100% cash-free & “swipe free”.

And finally – Kater is also cheap. Kater charge its passengers using the following price system:

  • Base Fare: $3.25 CAD
  • Cost Per Minute: $0.56 CAD
  • Cost Per KM: $1.88 CAD

Kater Vancouver Service Area 2019:

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Interested in riding with Kater?

Sign up & Download Kater today (iPhone or Android mobile devices). Kater’s Ride-Hailing system is currently available in the following cities:

  • Vancouver
  • Greater British Columbia (Coming Fall 2019)


Sign up to drive with Uber today for a cash bonus!

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