Contact Postmates

Postmates Phone Number – Contact Postmates Customer Support

How do I contact Postmates? What is the Postmates phone number? How do I contact my Postmates driver?

There are a number of ways to contact Postdates, which we cover in our post below:

  • Via Postmates Online Customer Support Form
  • Via your smartphone
  • Via your web browser

Contact Postmates Support

You can submit a direct customer query to Postmates using this Postmates Customer Support Form.

Contact Postmates on your Smartphone

Unfortunately, Postmates does not currently offer phone-based customer support – but they DO offer 24/7 customer support via the Postmates App (follow the RED HIGHLIGHTED elements on the images below):

  • STEP 1: Contact Postmates customer support by tapping the CLOCK ICON in the top right corner of the Postmates App:


  • STEP 2:  TAP the name of the restaurant you ordered from.


  • STEP 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the Postmates App and select CONTACT SUPPORT. 

how to contact postmates


Contact Postmates Support via Web Browser

  • Step 1:  Open up your web browser: open up Delivery History, tap on the restaurant that you ordered from:

contact postmates

  • Step 2:  Tap on ‘Contact Support’:

You can also submit a direct customer query to Post-mates using this Postmates Customer Support Form.