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Need to talk to Uber support?

Uber’s Live Support Chat system (‘Uber: Chat With Us’) was officially disabled in 2016, but there are still a variety of ways to get in touch with Uber Support.

Uber Customer and Driver Support – Get in Touch

If you want to get in touch with Uber immediately, email is your best bet.

  • You can email a ‘Partner Support Center’ in your local area (a full list of email addresses is available here)
  • Or, you can use Uber’s contact-support email address for any general inquiries you might have.

Alternatively, you can physically visit one of the company’s Greenlight Locations. Greenlight ‘Hubs’ are located in many cities across the country.

What Happened to Uber Chat?

But what about Uber’s Live Chat option? Is it still available?

Uber used to have a highly-used Live Chat system ( feature, which allowed driver-partners to speak directly with support professionals inside a private chat room.

Up until early 2016, the live-chat function was still operational.

Unfortunately, the company disabled the Chat feature (reportedly due to concerns relating to driver safety) — it became an ever-increasing concern that Driver-Partners might employ the Chat system while driving. Thus, the decision was made to disable the live chat support once and for all, in order to increase overall driver-partner safety.

Still need to get in touch with Uber?

Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to get in touch with Uber. See the suggestions above, or simply check out this article for an in-depth look at all the ways you can get in contact with Uber Support.


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