Contact Uber Lost and Found

Contact Uber Lost & Found Phone Number – What to do if you left something in an Uber

Calling your Uber Driver – Uber lost and found 2019

Uber has a series of established procedures for passengers who lose (or accidentally leave behind) an item in an Uber vehicle during their trip.

I forgot my phone in an Uber

”I lost my phone (phone; bag; purse; wallet; etc) in an Uber. How do I get my item back?” Well Uber has a lost and found.

This is a frequently asked question.

The best and simplest method to retrieve a lost item, which you suspect may have been left in an Uber vehicle, is to simply get in touch with your driver.

Phoning your Uber Driver directly is usually the best approach to retrieving a lost or forgotten item.

How do I call my Uber driver? uber lost and found

  • Simply scroll down on the Uber App & enter your phone number and tap ‘Submit’.
  • Your smartphone will ring and connect you with your driver’s mobile number.

But what if I’ve lost my phone in the Uber vehicle? Then I can’t use it to contact my driver!

You can still contact your driver. If the item you’ve lost is your phone, simply enter a friend’s phone number in the App to connect with your driver.

Lost Items & Liability 

User’s driver-partners are technically independent contractors. As such, Uber (and its drivers) do not hold any responsibility for lost items, or items left behind in a vehicle once a trip has finished.

Picking up & retrieving a found item from your Uber Driver

If it turns out your item has been left in an Uber — and your driver has successfully found your item — schedule a mutually convenient time (and location) to meet your driver.

It helps to be flexible (and gracious) towards your driver for their help — and remember to respect the fact that they have their own personal & professional schedule.

Should I tip an Uber driver who’s located & retrieved a lost item? 

It’s entirely up to you.

What if I can’t get in touch with my Uber driver?

If your Uber driver doesn’t answer the phone, simply leave them a voicemail, and remember to include your name & contact info.

If they don’t respond to you in twenty-four hours (i.e., you still have not been successful setting up an items exchange & return), get in touch with Uber at

They will help riders coordinate an item’s return.

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