Contact Uber: Support, Help, Customer Service, and More

Contact Uber: Support, Help, Customer Service, and More

Uber partners and passengers that are looking for ways to contact Uber may find this to be quite a challenging undertaking. We’ve probably all had the experience of calling some company’s customer service hotline, just to find ourselves waiting in line forever and finally speaking to some outsourced call center clerk who doesn’t really know anything more than we do. Probably not an unusual experience, right?

But if you’re looking for a classic Uber customer service phone number, you’ll probably be a little surprised to find out that such a number simply does not exist.

Yes, that’s correct, there really is no such thing as an Uber contact number.

In fact, to successfully find any Uber contact information anywhere on the web, quite a bit of research and time is necessary. That’s why we challenged ourselves to show you the best approaches to contact Uber effectively.

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Let’s start with that part of the Uber customer service you might be looking for, that you would typically assume exists, but doesn’t:

Contact Uber: Phone Number?

Do you have a question or issue and would like to speak with a human being and call Uber? Unfortunately, they currently do not have a phone number to contact them, except strictly for emergency situations.

Please note: Uber has a Critical Safety Response Line in place. This is what they say about it:

“If you require immediate police or medical attention, please call 911. Once all parties are out of harm’s way, and the necessary authorities have been contacted, please dial the number below to speak with an Uber representative.

800-353-8237 (UBER)

Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance.”

So if you’re trying to get an instant ‘human’ response to a non-emergency problem as a driver or passenger, there currently is no (you can’t call Uber, to speak with a human being on the phone, you would have to call a taxi) Uber customer service phone number. In case of an emergency, call 911 first and then the Critical Safety Response Line.

Contact Uber Support and Customer Service

8 Ways To Contact Uber

There is no Uber contact phone number (except the above mentioned Critical Safety Response Line), but here are other ways to contact the ride share company. Depending on the nature of your question or the urgency of your problem, one of the approaches is going to be more effective than the others. Let’s start with the most convenient and accessible method:

1. Uber Help Portal

The name says it already: this is the official “Uber customer service” for its partners and passengers. Generally, would be your first step when trying to contact Uber. The Help Portal will give you a choice between “for riders” and “for partners”, which, of course, means for passengers or Uber drivers. As you land on the Help Portal for Uber partners, you’ll find a list of popular topics, such as:

  • “Reset My Password”
  • “Technical Issues”
  • “I didn’t receive my direct deposit”
  • …and many others

The FAQs covered on the Help Portal are of a fairly universal and basic nature.

However, you do have the option to customize the information on by either logging in (for Uber partners only), or by selecting a specific city. The information available will then be tailored to your personal account (if you log in), or to your chosen city.

2. Uber Help Contact Form

If you can’t find the information you were looking for in the Uber Help portal, you can contact Uber directly using this contact form built into the Uber website. This is probably the easiest way to get a hold of Uber as of January, 2017.

You can find the Uber contact form here.

3. Contact Uber via Email

Sorry, the email is no longer active.

Contacting Uber via email at is the first option where an actual human being will respond to your question (or complaint). Depending on your specific inquiry, you’ll receive anything from a relatively generic Uber customer service response to an individualized response addressing your question in detail.

If your Uber contact provides an answer to your question, but you have additional questions, be sure to respond to that same email thread, instead of contacting Uber customer service again by using the general support email address. Your Uber contact will very likely remain the same as long as you respond to the same thread.

As a general rule, asking one question at a time will have a much higher success rate than asking multiple questions at once.

If you contact Uber via email, but the response you received was not helpful, you can simply start the process again by sending an email to the generic Uber support email address again (similar to hanging up and dialing again when on the phone with an unhelpful call center representative).

If you were provided helpful information, ask your next question. Update December 2016:

The email is no longer active.

Here’s the automated response:

“We’re sorry. You’ve contacted an address that does not accept incoming email. We’re not monitoring questions through this email address and this request has not been received by our support team.

We’d love to help out if you have an issue. Please submit your request by tapping “Help” in the Uber app or by visiting from a web browser. There you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and have the option to submit a support request.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

-Team Uber”

4. Uber Partner Sites and Local Uber Email

Uber runs what is called “Uber Partner Sites” which is sort of their local online presence. These sites are organized differently, depending on the region or city they cover. These local partner sites feature a lot a valuable information, such as:

  • Which Uber car services (UberX, LUX, SUV, etc) are available locally
  • Related requirements for Uber cars
  • Local contact information for Uber cities
  • Local Uber office hours

Generally speaking, you’ll find information that is unique for a region or city, for example the requirement to display airport placards when entering airport premises in certain areas, etc.

These local partner sites have comprehensive information on how to use the Uber app for their partners (“Uber 101” ). Here are examples of some of the most popular Uber Partner Sites:

Each city that the Uber service operates in has it’s own local Uber email address in addition to the main email address above. If you are having trouble getting the information you need from the main Uber company support email, you can try contacting your local team. You can find the local email address on your city’s partner website.

Here’s our list of all local Uber partner websites and e-mail addresses.

5. Live Chat

There now is a relatively new Live Chat available that allows you to chat with a representative from Uber customer service. This option will provide you most likely with an immediate response to your questions during live chat hours.

However, the Uber live chat is not available 24/7. Representatives are only available between 5am and 12am Pacific Standard Time.

This is a direct link to Uber’s live chat:

Update July 2016:

This live chat is no longer active.

6. Uber App

Uber partners and passengers have the option to contact Uber direct on the Uber app. The app Uber provides for partners/drivers is different than for passengers, but the help function is mostly the same.

Here is how to use the app for both passengers and drivers:

Uber App for Passengers
Uber App Help Screenshot

  1. Open the Uber taxi app and click on the menu icon at the top left of the screen
  2. Select “Help” from the list of menu options
  3. You can either select “Last Trip” to report a problem on your most recent trip or you can select any of the options under “Report an Issue” to get help regarding anything else.
    • The options include: trips, account, payment, how to use Uber, or Uber for Business.
  4. As soon as an Uber ride is completed, you can also simply reply to your email receipt or app receipt.

Uber Driver App

When you’re signed in to your ‘partners Uber app’, the following options are available:

  1. Open the Uber partner app and click on “account”
  2. Select “Help” at the top of your menu options
    • Select between “Trips”, “Account”, “Payments”, “Device”, “How to use Uber” or “Vehicles”.
      These selections will then lead you to a list of help points to choose from.

7. Visit Local Uber Office

Major cities often have physical offices that you can visit to meet an Uber customer service representative in person, if you haven’t had any luck with any of the other methods. Make sure to check your local Uber partner website for the exact address and business hours of your local Uber office before paying a visit.

uber phone number - uber contact number8. Uber Taxi Phone Number: For Emergency Only!

Critical Safety Response Line

Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance!

800-353-8237 (UBER)

Note: this is NOT an Uber number. It is strictly for emergency or safety-related assistance.

Uber Customer Service: Conclusion

Depending on the urgency and nature of your question or issue, one of the 7 listed possibilities to contact Uber will hopefully lead to a successful resolution. You can always try a different approach, if the first one is not working. Contacting Uber via email might take some patience and (friendly) persistence.

Good luck :).

I Drive with Uber show you how to Contact Uber: Support, Help, Customer Service, and More

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  1. J’ai voulu m’inscrire et mon numéro de tél est déjà reconnu! 0651594171,comment c’est possible?

  2. Sorry I want apply my discount of my contract white o2 so please send me my code number

  3. Recommending never to try uber…worst experience ….they mention free ride but actually increases the rate charge n charge us the actual price

  4. they charged me $5 for cancelling my trip But i was only trying to estimate it not make a trip request.

  5. I think that it could be somewhat suspicious to have cancelled trips because how does uber kmow that the driver and rider haven’t met and agreed on a lower rate for a ride if agreed cash and to leave uber out of the equation ?

  6. I was charged a $5. cancellation fee but while waiting for the driver to arrive I received a “No drivers available” message.

  7. I have an accident 2 days ago and requires uber to provide me for insurance claim but they just don’t want to provide me.

  8. uber disabled my account cust service disconnected on me twice and i am not getting any results. need to know why is it disabled and why do i get messages about completing drivers check I dont even own a car

  9. Let’s update your page with a link to Uber Chat that works – this one is a redirect.

  10. I’m trying to sign up to be an uber driver but it’s not letting me proceed after signing on.

  11. It keeps saying my payment method is “deemed invalid” even tho I know that it is valid. It’s a chase Visa card that I get my unemployment benefits put on every week. Is this a valid card to use?

  12. Can someone please help me? Cuz God knows there is no way to actually contact uber and speak to a real person

  13. So I forget my phone in a uber car and not 10 mins pass till I’m like oh shit where my phone? So I go to the uber website and call the diver and you know the he told me? He’s in Boston and it would $50 to bring my phone to me. So we go at it on the phone and then he said I’ll put your phone somewhere and text you where it is….. Still didn’t get the address, what am I to do? I can’t get a live uber person for the life of me to tell someone about this.

  14. the site won’t let me sign in so i can’t email a question or get the trip ticket call number to figure out why i can’t log in so that i can go drive an hour away to get my car inspected on my one day off this week!!! add a number add a number add a number add a number add a number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I use uber a lot and I think it would benefit a lot of people to save a few bucks in their pocket if there are PROMO CODES for EXISTING USERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am brand new to Uber. I am wondering if there is something set in place for someone needing a child car seat when being picked up.

  17. Hello Uber support,
    Approximately 3 weeks ago I was charged a ridiculous cleaning fee. Unfortunately, I am not the account holder, therefore I have limited access to reaching out to Uber Support. The person whose account it belongs to tried to dispute this fee for me but was not able to. Now, I am not asking for a full refund, but I do NOT believe my incident called for a $150 cleaning fee according to the descriptions of cleaning fees on your website. The mess on the floor was a dry food substance that called for vacuuming. The other details that needed cleaned fell under your $80 cleaning category on your website.

    I completely agree with Ubers cleaning fees, however, I believe that I should be accountable to pay $80 and not $150. Alfonso, our Uber driver, was extremely rude the instant my friend Matthew, the account holder, got into his vehicle. He came across with a very unprofessional attitude (even before my incident). My friend Matthew was charged a .32 cent waiting fee when Alfonso waited no longer than 30 seconds! We were right behind him! At the end of the night, Alfonso came across as aggressive not only with his driving but with his tone towards me. Of course, your Uber driver failed to mention this but he made me clean up after myself that night. Not to mention, he threatened to fine me “$400” for what I did. I apologize, but I DO NOT approve of Alfonso’s attitude, actions, or his pettiness when it came to his profession. Is there any way we could retake a look at this fee, and reconsider this charge.

    Can SOMEONE please respond! This is ridiculous.

    1. I’m a bit late to this particular party, but some points for riders to remember; Cleaning fees are not solely based on the actual clean-up effort. They also represent a driver’s lost revenue while cleaning THEIR vehicle of YOUR mess. I’m assuming you are not a child ( ? ), so I have to also assume his initial attitude probably had a little something to do with whatever this “dry food substance” was that you were bringing into his vehicle and his fully appropriate assumption that you would make a mess with it at some point. As to “the other details that needed to be cleaned”; well, maybe you are a child after all. Why did you make such a mess in someone elses vehicle in the first place ( not to mention, in the vehicle he makes a living with ) ??? Did you feel entitled to ? I’ve been driving for over a year and, while 98% of clients realize they’re in fact riding in someone elses property, there are the assholes who feel their $5/10 entitles them to do whatever the fk they wish. I’ve had dropped pizza, spilled beer ( surprising as I specifically instructed NO drinking in the vehicle ), lit cigarettes, burned leather, lit cigars, lit illicit substances……Even had a couple start going at it who got upset when I pulled over and asked them to remove themselves from MY vehicle. I’ve been one-starred and dinged for everything imaginable simply for disallowing all of the above. Even for requiring seatbelts and child carseats. Some of you riders are a joke, really. Another issue is with your wait fee; #1. “Alfonso” has NO control over that in any way; the “clock” starts the second he arrives at your pick-up which, at aprox 12 cents per minute, leads me to believe he waited about 3 minutes and not 30 seconds. #2. Check the Uber website and you will see what so many riders overlook; That you are supposed to be ready to walk out the door BEFORE you request the ride in the first place. #3. Also on Uber’s website, you will find that it is YOUR responsibility to clean up after yourself. You know, like an adult

      1. Jon, it is very fair for driver.
        Cleaning fees for any mess caused of childish man/woman.
        They only care to them self and never think about if it was him/her.

  18. you are absolutely right, I tried to email them on ,bounced. this article isnt much use.the live chat is dead also.
    they charged me for canceling a trip ,I never cancelled anything. it also said i`d made a trip for the same charge, confusing and i`m still angry.

  19. This drive Akmel is a fucking asshole because my friend left her wallet in his car and now he wants $50 bucks to give it back to us. We have to drive to Toronto and this happened in Ajax…I tried to call Uber and no fucking luck it says call 911 wow as if metro police don’t have enough on their plate they have to deal with this. Trust me when i am done with Akmel he will be back in his country. FU Uber for very poor customer service.

  20. A few days back I came home on Uber GO. The estimated charges were about Rs.250. And it came out to Rs. 400+. I was shocked. Reaching home I thought about it – the reason was that
    (i) instead of following the GPS suggested route he used SP Marg which was as usual was extremely jammed.
    (ii) At Kirby place red light he remained in the lane which had a bullock cart (or something like that) for quite some time.

    Since then I fear going by GO and continue using POOL.
    Recently I had a head injury. My family insists I use GO. But I remember that trip !!!

  21. I am lost trying to contact uber services, a trip to Airport when I booked ,the driver never turned up. Any number of calls the driver does not answer , I nearly missed my flight a serious point for customer dispute , the cheek of it they charged cancellation fees to be paid with the next booking, if at all I book their services again.

  22. UBER actually joke and fucked. They shows Less amount at the time of booking but when the trip is end amount will be higher.. how???
    and the second thing they don’t have customer service. what the fuck is this.

  23. The uber drivers are overcharging, and there is no customer support or contact number to help the customers. Very disappointing.. feeling cheated!!

  24. are you fucking kidding me? our ubereats driver didn’t even attempt to call us when he couldn’t find us and charged us for the delivery fee. we didn’t even get our food back. and none of the support centres are available? can i please have my fucking money back

  25. As a rider Lyft is the ONLY way to go now that Uber has cut the chord on (email support) & Live Chat (Chat support) making it extremely frustrating to get any support that is outside the driver/rider environment. Uber also has some HUGE security leaks, my account has been hacked twice now and because the and/or Live Chat is no longer available I was at the mercy of the bot that answers in fb messanger. That was IT for me, Uber app delete – HELLO Lyft. Just check out Uber’s fb page and see how many people have had their accounts hacked, credit cards numbers stolen, bank account info compromised and ID stolen all traced back to the Uber App. I’m sure the people at Lyft are saying “THANKS UBER”!!

  26. I have used uber on numerous occasions but need to speakwith omeone and find that there is no human person who can help me. Whle uber does offer great road service their concern for the passengersis reflected by walmart’s poor customer in store service

  27. Last 3week uber not pe may promotion i am 3 time go to uber office ahmedabad gujarat
    Bat not help to uber office staff

  28. 09123326395..Uber Customer Care No…09123326395.//..07010968940

    09123326395…Uber Customer Care No…09123326395.//..07010968940

  29. Does anybody know how to get past the setting up information area and into driving for Uber? I have set up everything, but it is asking me for a blue sticker picture- my car does not have this, as it is not tagged in Texas. My license and tag are Oklahoma. I can’t seem to get past that part and have not found a way to contact support to ask. I’m needing to get this done so that I can work. Any help is appreciated!

  30. Hi, i want to launch a complaint against Uber Service and drivers, General Complaint is as under:-
    When we confirm ride request send to Car driver through Uber Service, first of all they ask ” where want to go” in the reply if we write a far location, after 3 or 5 minutes, driver cancel our ride and we can not do against them, then we trying to another drivers, they also ask the same question. Some time we cancel the ride due to some problems, Uber company sent full charges of trip, after this we can’t apply to another driver/ride before payment of previous ride. CREAM is excellent service instead of Uber because Cream Service take serious action against the driver. So my complaint is that K job hum ride cancel karte hn to charges bejhte hn ovr agar driver cancel karte hn to koi baat nahin WHY?

  31. Was cussed out by a black woman driver last nite and she threw my order in my face, all because she didnt want to bring me my food in the rain. Have contacted Uber the only ways you can, should I call a lawyer? She called me a white bitch, a cunt, and many other colorful ghetto slangs terms for white people… No one cares…

      1. But ill bet you wouldnt have. But thats your advice??? Well in response to being called ghetto & a nigger when the real savage wet dog smelling peasant is you i would suggest lynching any cracka who’d call you that. So dont ever do that because trust me bitch ass Norm woyldnt dare either

        1. What ghetto school did you attend? You write like a third grader. I would much rather be a cracka than a nigger. And no Black Lesbians LIves do not matter.

  32. If you get a G licence, after how much time you can drive Uber?
    like i had my G2 In March 2019 & G in May 2019 when can i join Uber??

  33. I live in Anderson,SC and I have to be at work at 6 in the morning will Uber be able to get me there. If so,how much will it cost me?

  34. WTH just got my bank statement and there are over $60 in transactions with my debit card that i did not do.. I dont even have an Uber Eats account. How do I find out where these deliveries were made with my debit card?

  35. Well until Über fixes their Customer Support and Android Application issues, I guess I’ll have to take Lyft.

  36. hi…
    my son he is in los angels he took a cabe from the ahr port to the hotel.the driver gone with out to give him the suitcase. please find the cherokee 77FVO5OO.

  37. Solo por que le cambie una puerta y un guardafango a mi Corolla Silver y el color no machea correctamente ahora los clientes me dan complaims habitualmente panas.

  38. I just tried to create an account. When I tried to log in it says my phone number doesn’t match my email. It does not recognize my email address only my phone number. I have no idea what it thinks my email address is. There is no way I can log in even to delete the account and start over. No phone number to call. No Chat available. Uber SUCKS!!!!

  39. Hi,
    This is Ayyappa yesterday(22-oct-2019)i’m try to book Uber auto in GPS map showing 3min will wait after5 to 6 min also showing same time(3min) AND another one thing once book the auto they will calling me and ask cash or online payment.when i’m telling online payment ride cancelled 10 times facing in one day,once car book they will come and pickup
    Please don’t do like this or otherwise remove Uber auto facility in your Uber


  40. Pana el tiempo que maneje para Uber cuando solo tenia mi visa de turista ahora no me lo quieren reportar para los taxes.

  41. It won’t let me drive because of my registration ends this month but i tried to contact uber but nothing anybody have any suggestions?

  42. My registration ends this month im waiting for my new one and my current one is still active any suggestions

  43. Hello, My name is Marques Fuqua and I have yet to receive approval on my insurance, though I pay for my insurance as a joint with nationwide, because name isnt on the insurance policy Uber returns with a decline status? Which isnt acceptable due to joint accounts usually done for both parties on one insurance, my car is listed as a form of driving other than insurance policy revoking me due to Uber’s failure to realize it’s a joint account for Nationwide, I provided all the necessary documents to be a driver; please contact me by email: to fix this error thank you!

  44. How can I get some one from head office to call me re an idea to increase all ubers and drivers profits

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