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Uber Eats Phone Number – Contact UberEats Customer Support

How do I contact Uber Eats? What is the UberEATS phone number?

You can call Uber Eats Customer Support directly at the following number:


Having a problem with your UberEATS order?

Phone the number listed above, and Uber Support will help you out immediately.

Looking for more information on UberEATS (menus, delivery details?)

Check out all the information on UberEATS below:

Have more questions? Get in touch with Support at or reach them directly by phone at 1-800-452-8949

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  • Karl Williamson

    This appnsux

  • Kathleen Guffey

    I found Uber Eats and was overjoyed. I often forget my lunch and they made it possible for me to get lunch in a timely fashion with a reasonable service charge.
    Then came the day that I needed to update my credit/debit card…now I am fuming.

    Their customer service is the WORST!!!!! I tried updating using the app, Nope, wouldn’t let me. I tried deleting my old card in order to re-enter the card with the new info. Nope, wouldn’t let me. I went on line to try to take of it there. Nope, wouldn’t let me. In fact, I was directed to go to the app to do this kind of activity. Every time I try to order I get a pop up box that says that my card is not accepted in my city. Um, I have already ordered several times in my city, why not now? Obviously it has to do with the needed card updates.

    Sooo, I called customer service. Twice. Both times I was serviced by some gentleman in a VERY noisy call center, who quickly as possible tried to get rid of me. The first guy first told me that I needed to contact my bank. WHY?! He did eventually help me find the email address that I was supposed to contact for such assistance, but all the time he has giving out exasperated sighs. He was literally heavily sighing into the phone. We found the email address. I sent the email. Two days later NOTHING. I did get an email telling me that I needed to update my payment information. *sigh*

    Today’s gentleman ushered me off faster than a heavy sigh. Told me that he was going to send an email marked “urgent.” I should see something within the hour. I’m still waiting.

    In the meantime, Uber has lost an opportunity to make money off of me three times. I am going to go try Amazon now.

  • Shelly Long

    First experience was the absolute WORST. With minimal traffic at the time it was placed, our driver took approximately twice the amount of time it would take to reach our home from our selected restaurant. Part of our order was forgotten, and the driver refused to deliver to our address, instead parking at the end of the block, forcing me to have to meet him approximately 3/4 of a block away from my home. What’s the point of a home delivery service if they forget parts of your order, take double the time, and then make you walk nearly a block to retrieve your food? Our food arrived cold due to the additional wait. I doubt I’ll use the service again. Hopefully UberEATS Milwaukee gets their act together before they lose more customers.

  • Chris Valla

    Signing up to your App/Site is the worst experience. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE YOU MONEY?

  • J

    horrible experience

  • J

    hard to find a phone number to call to get some help

  • J

    would not let me get a supervisor

  • Scott D

    I called the phone number listed because of a problem with not getting paid using the “cash out” system and the person said that the they don’t offer support at this number it is only for” live orders”?

  • Vin Moon

    Dear UberEats: Are you aware of how maddenly frustrating it is to enter an address into your order system? I was in Orlando this past weekend, staying in a bed and breakfast. I spent nearly 30 minutes attempting to convince your software that i was not in Los Angeles. WTF? You must do something about this. I ended up placing my order with Postmates, because no matter how many times I tried, I was unable to convince your system that 135 N Lucerne Cir E, Orlando, FL 32801 existed! Why is this so hard! Then, upon returning to Miami, I spent another 20 minutes attempting to convince your system that I was back in Miami, and recognize my home address! Why is this so hard? Surely I cannot be the only person having this difficulty with your user interface! LOUSY UI programming! This should not be this hard. I cannot imagine the revenue your company is losing to people like me who simply give up and use another service because your UI sucks ass. Please fix it.