Contact Via Rideshare – Via Phone Number

Via Customer Support – Via Phone Number Customer Support Hotline

Contact Via at the following number:

  •  917 259 6392

You can also email Via by using their online form, locate here.

Via is a rideshare company, operating in New York, as well as Washington DC and Chicago, focusing on transporting large groups of passengers (using SUVs) at low cost.

You can download Via for your smartphone here:

Where does VIA operate?

Via currently operates in the following US Cities:

Is Via 24 hours?

Yes, Via operates 24/7.

Where is Via’s Headquarters Located?

How does Via work?

Via passengers share SUVs — and are usually picked up extremely close to their current locations, and usually have to wait only five minutes or less for their Via ride to arrive.

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  1. For 4 days I have been unable to use Via Transportation.
    1. I left my cell phone in a cab and it took me 2 days to have Via in DC to respond to me. When they did it took them a have of a day to respond to me and to no surprise the driver stated that he didn’t see the phone. I ate that response, because it was my fault. Btu the good think was that because I had insurance on the phone so whom ever got the phone all they have is a $900 paper weight.

    2. you guys (Via) had a so call system update and ever you had testing the new app did a sloppy job of testing the App and so did management.

    3. I am a Sr. Level; QA/Test Engineer and it took me approximately 3 1/2 days to find out the problem and that’s because you people to work the help desk wound not listen to my suggestions.
    4. They were more interested is showing how good they were and not passing me on to the management so I could get someone to help me with the problem
    5. Problem was that for some reason some of the letters in my email address were truncated and my login was failing.
    6. Because that failed every time I tried to get a temp password that wouldn’t work.

    The changes you made didn’t work….
    Steps taken by me:
    1. Uninstall the Via app to clear all of the garbage of this app from my phone
    2. Reinstalled app
    3. Used the login code I received from Via. This allows my to have access to the App
    4. While on the app I click on the upper right side of the app that allows you to select you type of payment
    5. This is where the app fails. When the apps opens the on type of payment I see is Visa. Veteran selection payment is not displayed

    I’m a naive NY who lived in Bed Sty Brooklyn and South Jamaica Queens who lives in Washington, DC and works here for over 30 yrs. I would expect more firm the people who works here. Your people need a lot more training on their personal skills. I know it’s about getting the job done as quickly as possible, but more importantly it’s about respect and making the customer feel they have been heard and satisfied. Which they have not done.

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