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Contact Yellow Cab NYC – Yellow Cab Phone Number 2019

Yellow Cab Customer Support Number New York

Contact Yellow Cab customer support or dispatch at this phone number: 1-800-609-8731

Need to contact Yellow Cab’s Lost and Found? Left something behind in your taxi? Check out our Yellow Taxi Lost and Found guide.

Yellow Taxicabs (technically called Yellow Medallion Taxicabs) are the most popular (and visible) cabs in the NYC area.

Currently, there are over 10,000 licensed taxicabs (and more than 30,000 taxi vehicles) in Manhattan and throughout NYC’s 5 boroughs.

Medallion cabs are licensed via special TLC requirements, and are — for the most part — still physically hailed by pedestrians  (i.e., ‘street hailing’, as opposed to electronic hailing via  mobile app).

Recently, however, many Yellow Cabs in New York — in coordination with Verifone Systems, amongst the largest payment-processing companies in the United States — have begun integrating the Curb App into their vehicles.

Effectively, this means that an ever-increasing number of NYC Yellow Cabs are now capable of being hailed remotely via a passenger’s smartphone.

You can read more about Curb here.

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