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Contact Zimride Phone Number 2019

Call Zimride at: 855-946-7433 (ZIMRIDE)

You can also email Zimride Support at

What is Zimride?

Zimride is a ridesharing system owned by Enterprise Rental Car, which allows users to set up their own ‘ridesharing networks’, as either drivers OR passengers. Simply put, Zimride is an easy way to share extra seats in your private vehicle. It’s also an easy way to get a seat in someone else’s car.

With Zimride, passengers can locate classmates, colleagues, or friends heading in the same direction — and join them on their trip! Essentially, Zimride leverages existing social networks to create transportation connections which are affordable & convenient.

The process of setting up a Zimride ridesharing profile is easy (sign up through Facebook here, or simply create a new account). After joining Zimride, it’s simple to book a ride, either within an existing Zimride network or creating your own — you can post a ride & offer extra space in your vehicle to coworkers, friends & family.

Why use Zimride?

It’s cheap, and you can use it for anything. Compared to regular rideshare services – like Lyft or Uber — Zimride allows users to split the cost of traveling among multiple passengers, lowering transportation costs & making traveling anywhere more convenient.

Where can I sign up to use Zimride?

If you’re interested in joining the Zimride network — either as a passenger, or as a driver — simply create an account here. Everyone is free to use Zimride.

If I become a Zimride Passenger, how do I choose a vehicle / trip?

For prospective passengers, it’s incredibly easy to book a trip on Zimride.

After you’ve signed up for an account, simply browse through Zimride’s network of available trips.

Locate the ride you would like to take, and choose: “Book it”.

After clicking ”Book It”, you simply have to confirm your booking.

After your payment is approved, a request will be sent to the Zimride driver you’ve chosen. They, in turn, have twenty-four hours to accept or reject your trip offer.

If they decide not to undertake their proposed trip, your card will NOT be charged.

If they confirm your trip, and then cancel it after it’s been confirmed, you will be re-imbursed fully by Zimride.

If I become a Zimride Driver, how do I get paid?

Trip payments are all made using PayPal.

But — if you’re not in possession of an active PayPal account — Zimride will assist you in setting one up.

On a technical level, all trip payments are completed ONE full day after any trip has finished. Nonetheless, charges are incurred on a passenger’s credit card as soon as a trip is booked (i.e., as soon as a driver accepts a trip request).

If a driver unexpectedly cancels a trip, or changes their plans, passengers are protected by Zimride – in fact, they receive a FULL refund for cancelled trips. Passengers only have to contact Zimride via their Zimride Account Page & let a Customer Support Representative know about a cancelled trip, and they will receive their refund immediately.

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