Dash Cam Apps for Uber Drivers

Best Dashcam Apps for Uber Drivers (2019)

Cheap Dashcam Alternatives

Dashcams are quickly becoming must-have items for Uber drivers.

Many drivers are beginning to spend big money on high-spec and high-end dash cams. But, there’s also an alternative — saving money by turning your iPhone or smartphone into a dash cam.

Why Use A Dashcam?

Recording your trips means always having concrete evidence of your journey, which is especially important in the unfortunate event of an accident — as well as protecting yourself against insurance fraud, crash-for-cash scams, interactions with police, and also differences of opinion with other drivers.

There are a variety of new phone-as-dashboard app options on the market.

Here are some of the best options:

1 . AutoGuard Blackbox

best dash cams for uber drivers 2019 best uber dash cams

AutoGuard ranks as amongst the best Dashcam & ‘blackbox’ applications currently available. AutoGuard records acceleration, customizable video lengths, and speed (as well as latitude/longitude). AutoGuard Blackbox Pro Version costs $2.97

Notable features of the AutoGuard include:

  • Automatic photo-capture at critical moments (i.e. excessive acceleration, impact)
  • High resolution (1080p and 720p)
  • Good use of screen space — map and video are always shown on one screen
  • AutoGuard starts recording automatically, whenever it connects with a bluetooth device or is placed in a dock
  • Multitask ability — background video records while other apps function (like navigation)
  • Can easily upload videos to youtube (including captioned info, like time and location)
  • Records and saves speed, GPS, nearest addresses, and all driving video


2. Carcorder PRO:

best dash cams for uber drivers carcorder 2019 best dashcams for uber drivers 2019

Carcorder, combined with a dashboard mount transforms an iPhone into an effective and dependable dashcam. Carcorder allows users to track their locations, routes, record speed (and see warnings if they’re driving too quickly). Users are also able to choose (and easily switch between) multiple resolutions. And, though Carcorder doesn’t include the extensive features and settings of an actual dashboard camera, its PRO version offers an effective alternative at a reasonable price: $3.99

Some features of Carcorder PRO:

  • Automatically saves data when excessive acceleration is detected (sensitivity levels can easily be adjusted).
  • Automatically saves accelerometer data for three seconds (heading into, or after, excess acceleration).
  • Easily export videos( .Mov) or GPS log( .Log) data to your computer via iTunes.
  • Switches between map views (with camera preview), and supports Apple and other map display modes (iOS6 and above).
  • Provides free navigation mode, locked mode, and direction of movement mode for mapping.
  • Shows current GPS location error, allowing you to know how precise your location data is.
  • Conserves battery life (via smart ‘auto dim’ feature).
  • Allows easy importation of addresses from ‘contacts’ for convenient navigation.
  • 120 degree field of view.
  • Carcorder uses up-to-date ‘Augmented Reality technology to accurately show drivers the distance between current position and objects ahead.
3. DailyRoads Voyager

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DailyRoads Voyager is a widely-used an effective app for drivers looking for a dash cam, vehicle blackbox, or auto DVR.

DailyRoads captures video (as well as photos) during all driving trips — drivers are in charge of what content they wish to retain (i.e., a simple touchscreen interface allows drivers to choose which videos can be kept, and which can be discarded). And — though everything is continuously recorded — any video sequences deemed to be ‘important events’ are automatically retained by the system (i.e, bumps, crashes, excessive acceleration, etc).

DailyRoads is free to download & install, but there are additional in-app features for sale between $0.99 – $8.00.

Core features of DailyRoads Voyager include:

  • Easy one-touch video retention
  • Cyclic recording (i.e. SD card never fills up), due to user-determined storage space.
  • Continuous video recording (user-determined length)
  • High-Quality video options (user determines video quality).
  • DailyRoads automatically saves video after excessive shock (shock sensitivity is customizable by user).
  • Time-Lapse Option (DailyRoads automatically captures photos at user-defined intervals).
  • Background video/photo capture (i.e. multitask use — video continues recording while driver uses other App functions).
  • App automatically turns on and begins recording based on dock detection.
  • App shows elevation, GPS, timestamp, and speed on all recorded videos (as well capturing the same information on all
  • photos).
  • Unique protection against overheating.
  • Display videos/photos location on a map

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