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Deliveroo Car Requirements & Driver Requirements

Deliver Car Requirements – become a Deliveroo driver

Deliveroo is an increasingly-popular food delivery option in the United Kingdom.

Deliveroo’s objective is to bring the best local restaurants to a customer’s home (or business) when restaurants would ordinarily not offer a delivery option.

Prospective delivery drivers are always welcome to apply to work with Deliveroo through their website. There are a few things Deliveroo delivery drivers are required to have in order to work:

Deliveroo Requirements

To be a Deliveroo driver, it’s necessary to have one of the following:

  • a scooter
  • motorbike
  • bicycle
  • …or other motor vehicle to make deliveries with proof of a driver’s right to work in the United Kingdom
  • and a smartphone (Smartphone requirements are iPhones, 4S and above; or 4.3 and above for Androids.)
Benefits to becoming a Deliveroo Driver

There are several benefits to working as a Deliveroo driver. For one thing, Deliveroo drivers are self-employed through the Deliveroo App (meaning they can select their hours based on when, and how often, they’d like to work). The Deliveroo rider app allows Deliveroo delivery drivers to work when they want, based on their own personal availability.

In terms of income, Deliveroo delivery drivers’ payment are reasonably competitive, especially when compared with similar apps. Deliveroo delivery drivers can make up to 80 pounds/120 euros a day. Additionally, drivers are able to keep all of their tips collected during shifts.

Referrals are another source of potential income – for each person Deliveroo delivery drivers refer, they can make up to 250 euros.

Deliveroo also gives their delivery drivers access to high quality gear, including: protective clothing, holders for their phones, helmets, and lights.

The application to become a Deliveroo delivery driver (or, as Deliveroo calls them, Roowomen and Roomen), takes as little as five minutes. Questions asked includeL

  • the region where the hopeful driver wants to work
  • a driver’s name name
  • and number and the type of vehicle they plan to make deliveries with.

If you’re considering becoming a Deliveroo delivery driver, you can expect a flexible schedule and lots of added perks. If you’re looking to use your vehicle to make some cash, Deliveroo is a great place to start.

How does Deliveroo work?

Deliveroo’s delivery portfolio is expansive, serving hundreds of chain restaurants (as well as a number of high quality independent restaurants). Deliveroo works by having the customer enter their postal code into the Deliveroo App (or the website) and the company will present consumers with a selection of restaurants in close probity that are available for delivery.

From there, you pick your restaurant, place your order and wait for one of their drivers to pick up your food and bring it to you. However, Deliveroo states that if you are looking for ‘low-quality take-away restaurant’s, they are not the app for you and they do not offer that type of selection. Deliveries from Deliveroo start at noon each day and go to 11 at night.

Deliveroo does not accept cash unfortunately, but does accept cash tips and they are always appreciated. The minimum order value depends on the restaurant but the average order total you have to reach before restaurants allow delivery is usually an average of fifteen euros. For orders that are less than 15 euros, Deliveroo will add a two-euro surcharge to their delivery fee of 2.50 euros.

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