Make More Money Part 2: Distance Over Time

How to make more money driving for Uber?

Make more money driving for Uber – Are you an Uber driver and want to have more money in your pocket by the end of the week? You’re in the right place. Welcome back to part two of secret tips and insights on how to be more efficient and effective as an Uber driver (meaning more $$ for you).

Drive with Lyft. Use Promo Code: AARON848Our goal is to show you how to get more out of each hour you work, as opposed to just working more hours. These strategies of course don’t just work for Uber drivers, but for Lyft drivers as well.

In part 1 of ‘make more money driving for Uber’ we talked about the most important principle on your path to making more money as an Uber driver: Think of what you’re making in terms of an hourly wage (even though you’re not an employee). This is a very important concept and gives you a great tool as an Uber driver (or Lyft driver) to measure your success.

So…are you ready for part two?

Great! – Here is the second principle on the path to making more money: Distance over time. The tips and tricks in part 2 are all based on this idea.


1. Distance over time.

Miles make more money than minutes. What does this mean for you as an Uber driver? Always take the fastest route from A to B. Avoid unnecessary detours. Take freeways where you can. Following this rule, you will complete more rides in a given amount of time and your passengers will likely love you.

2. Use Waze.

Waze is an amazing app for you as an Uber driver. Waze basically outsmarts traffic and finds the shortest and fastest route using shared data and road info of millions of other drivers. It is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. We highly recommend giving it a try!

3. Don’t wait too long if a passenger doesn’t show up

Make sure to call or text your passengers if they don’t show up or you can’t find them. Don’t wait too long. If they’re not inside your car within a few minutes, you’re wasting your time (and probably the passenger’s time as well).

4. Avoid rush hour

Rush hour is not a great time to drive for Uber…and not that great on your nervous system either. Drive during times when traffic is not too congested and crazy. Not only will it drain your wallet in terms of gas you’re burning, it can also just drain you. Much better if you can just zoom around the city (of course always obeying traffic laws ;)). You’ll make more money than when you’re just sitting in traffic with a (potentially also frustrated) passenger in your car. Early morning hours or late night are much more relaxing and great money makers.

Ready for more secrets to making more $$?

Apply the strategies to making more money as an Uber driver from part 1 and part 2 and you’ll soon see a difference in your bank account. Put them to the test, play around. It can be fun. Stay tuned….there’s more to come!

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