Earn More With UberBOOST

UberBOOST – A New Way For Drivers To Earn More

What is UberBOOST?

UberBOOST is a recent payment feature introduced by Uber, designed to benefit all Uber drivers.

In effect, UberBOOST is a way for Uber driver-partners to earn more money! When an Uber driver gets a “Boost,” their fare (and therefore their earnings) will multiply.

What Is A Boost?

A Boost occurs when a driver picks up (or drops off) a passenger in a specific zone of a particular city.

City zones are set ahead of time, and exist for prolonged periods of time. Boosts are always different (depending on the city), and fares can vary per zone.

Where can I find out if there are currently Boost opportunities in my city?

Boosts can be seen on a driver’s Promotions page, so drivers can plan their routes accordingly.

Uber also reminds drivers of where Boosts are available with notifications to their phones.

Boosts Are Not Surges

There’s been some confusion that Boosts are similar to Uber’s Surge Pricing system – but, in reality, it’s important not to conflate the two programs.

Unlike Surges, Boosts are long-lasting hotspots. Surges can change multiple times in a single night (or day), depending on the need for drivers in a specific area.

Boost, on the other hand, stay the same for much longer periods of time.

It’s also worth noting – if a zone that a driver is picking up a passenger has an active surge; a boost; or both, an Uber driver will always receive the higher fare (i.e., if a Surge renders a higher payout versus a Boost, an Uber driver will receive the appropriate Surge fare total).

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