Free Uber Inspection – Uber Greenlight Locations

Free Uber Car Inspection Sites — Find One In Your Area

Before you begin begin driving for Uber, you’ll need to have your vehicle inspected.

This guide provides a list of free inspection sites & Uber Greenlight Locations for Uber Driver-Partners.

Uber Greenlight Locations – City List

Uber’s official help centers (named ‘Greenlight Hubs’) generally offer free vehicle inspections. When free inspections are not available, Greenlight support staff will likely direct drivers to nearby auto inspection sites, where certified mechanic are available to inspect vehicles for discounted rates.

In order to get your vehicle inspected, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit a Greenlight location and remember to bring your license, vehicle, registration, insurance, and banking information (this is generally only required for first-time inspections, but having this information can definitely make the process more convenient).
  1. Although the majority of locations will have vehicle inspection forms on-hand, it doesn’t hurt to bring one with you just in case. You may download a copy here.
  1. Login to your dashboard to ensure that all required documents have been uploaded. Remember, you will need to have your vehicle inspected annually — so take advantage of Uber’s free inspection services.

Not all cities have Greenlight Locations — but here’s a current list of cities which feature active Uber Greenlight Hubs.





























Where Can I Find Other Uber Inspection Sites?

If you don’t live near an active Greenlight Hub (or your local Greenlight Hub is not currently offering vehicle inspections), you can locate ALL inspection locations in your area here.

In order to identify locations and find the closest station in your area, simply:

  • Select your city — Once you search your city, a map will show whether or not Greenlight or Certified Third-Party Inspection Sites (Midas, Goodyear, JiffyLube, etc) are available in  your area.

But…There Are No Free Inspection Sites Where I Live — What Now?

Because of Uber’s tremendous growth, support services are sometimes not available in all regions — and, unfortunately, free inspection sites (such as Greenlight Hubs) are yet to be established.

If you reach out to Uber, they will help you find the best possible service within your area — check out this link to a list of Partner Support Email Contacts who you can contact via email.

Additionally, there are a few more options:

Contact YourMechanic: a company that offers highly competitive pricing. Depending on where you live, you can receive an inspection and oil change (including synthetic oil) for just $50. Operating in over 700 cities, many rideshare drivers take advantage of YourMechanic’s well-reviewed service. (An added advantage — they come to you!).

Another option is to seek participating locations, where a fixed price has been negotiated for Uber drivers. On average, these locations will charge around $20 for an inspection. You can also have your car inspected by a third-party shop or mechanic, as long as they are ASE certified.

What If I Fail My Inspection?

Considering that vehicle inspection covers a wide range of features, including lights, brakes, steering, windows, seats, doors, bumpers, tires, and more — there’s always the possibility that your car will not pass. In some cases, if an issue is minor, mechanics/inspectors will allow you to address it the same day, before receiving a ‘pass’.

For whatever reason, if you cannot get your issue fixed within the same day, you will need to have an inspection performed a second time. So, before you go in for your 10-15 minute inspection, do a quick once over, using your checklist as a guide.

If you want to find out more about vehicle inspections, check out our guide HERE.


  • Ian Russell

    I live in Mill Valley, CA. Where would I find a list of free Greenlight City vehicle inspection locations? Thanks for the tip!
    I. Russell, Corte Madera, CA

  • Tonya Skinner

    I live in Mississippi. I’ve sent in registration 5Xs now and keep getting response the registration isn’t correct. It the most recent and I went to DMV for up to date one. There is no green light hub in Mississippi can someone help