Get an Uber Receipt

How to get an Uber Receipt for a trip

How to get a receipt from an Uber trip:

People often ask: How do I get a receipt from Uber?

Here’s an easy guide to how to you can email yourself your Uber Receipt, or download a copy of an Uber Receipt.

Sign in to this address: and passengers will be able to check out details from every trip they’ve taken with Uber.

Then follow these four steps to get your uber receipt:

1. Select My Trips from the menu.
2. Select the specific trip you’d like to review.
3. Select View Detail.
4. Select Resend Receipt to receive a PDF copy of the receipt in your email. You can also download a copy directly.

It’s also possible to use the Uber App to review all your Uber receipts and trip history, any time you wish. Simply tap Trips from the Uber App menu to access your trip receipts & trip history information.


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