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Uber Google Map Update 2019 – Request Uber in Google Maps

How does the new Google Maps Uber update work? How to Request an Uber in Google Maps

Google Maps now allows users to request an Uber without leaving the Google Maps app. More substantial integration with ride sharing platforms, like Uber, equals added convenience for riders & Google users.

In the past, Google Maps let users start the of requesting an Uber inside Maps, but users were forced to complete their Uber transaction in a separate app (specifically, within the Uber Rider App).

Starting in 2017, it’s possible to stay completely within Maps for the entire Uber ordering process — from the second you request an Uber, until the time you’ve successfully completed your trip payment.

How to Use Uber in Google Maps

To use Uber’s new Google Maps integration, you will need:

  • the latest version of the Google Maps app for iOS or Android.
  • the latest version of Uber’s app for iOS or Android.

To Request an Uber Ride in Google Maps:

Requesting an Uber Ride in Google Maps is simple:

  • Open the ride services tab on Google Maps
  • Tap ‘REQUEST’

How is this new Google Maps Uber Update / Uber Maps Integration useful?

If you use Google Maps as a guide (either as a pedestrian; tourist; or as a public transportation user), and you arrive at a location where you MUST request an Uber to make it successfully to your ultimate destination, Google’s new 2017 Uber update is helpful and effective.

It allows Google Maps smartphone users (who are actively logged into a functioning Uber account) to simply request a ride in-app — meaning, they only have to place an order for a car & await their driver, without ever leaving Google Maps.

They can also actively track their drivers progress, and contact them through the app, if necessary — and pay them —  all without ever leaving Google Maps.

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