Guide to Uber Background Checks

Uber Background Checks – A Guide

Suppose you’re ready to become an Uber driver. One thing you might want to consider is the manner in which Uber conducts its background checks.

No matter who you are, Uber is going to perform a background check on you.

Background checks are a standard procedure when becoming a new hire at almost any job. But Uber has some specific protocols that are worth knowing before you begin the hiring process.

How Uber’s Background Check System Works (Checkr and Third-Party Background Check Companies)

Here are some specifics on Uber‘s background check policy:

The Uber background check reviews the past 7 years of your life.

Uber uses a company called Checkr ( to perform the actual screening of the individual hire. This is a third party company, whose job it is to perform background checks for other companies. Checkr will perform a Social Security Trace and query all relevant databases, including:

  • DMV/RMV records.
  • State Criminal Databases.
  • Courthouse Records; both Federal and County (This only applies to the counties in which you were a resident over the past 7 years).
  • National Sex Offender Registry.

Other Details of Uber’s Background Check Process & Checkr

Although Uber puts a cap on its research at 7 years, felonies will show up on your search even if they happened before the 7 year threshold. This is not always the case, but Uber will most likely reject your application if there are felonies on your record.

There is also particular information in your driving history that Uber is paying especially close attention to. These pieces of information are:

  • DUIs
  • 3 or less incidences on your MVR
  • Speeding violations.

These are the Uber ‘red-flags‘ that can deny you an Uber partnership (even if your background check is otherwise clean). Your successful applicant to become an Uber Partner is still entirely at the discretion of Uber.

It takes between 5-7 days for a background check to finish.

Disputing a Background Check

It is, in fact, possible to dispute your background check. Especially in the case of an expunged record that still turned up in Checkr’s research or in the case of a court clerical error.

The good news: Uber doesn’t check your credit score.

Contacting Checkr

You can get in touch with Checkr here (, or by calling them at 844­-224­-3257.

Checkr’s hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm PST

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