How does UberACCESS work?

UberACCESS 2019

What is UberACCESS?

UberACCESS reveals itself in its name: an Uber service with more accessibility options for passengers.

UberACCESS provides Uber passengers with two options:

  • UberASSIST
  • UberWAV

All UberASSIST drivers are specially trained to satisfy the demands of any passenger that requests an UberASSIST.

UberASSIST offers extra help to passengers who need assistance entering of exiting the vehicle due to decreased mobility or disabilities.

UberASSIST drivers are specifically trained by the Open Doors Organization, an organization that works to create a society where individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities as non-disabled individuals.

The Open Doors Organization trains UberASSIST drivers on how to properly assist riders into vehicles, as well as how to appropriately accommodate folding wheelchairs, walkers and scooters into their vehicle.

UberWAV 2019

UberWAV works in a similar way to UberASSIST – as a service, UberWAV specifically provides passengers with the ability to request a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible.

These vehicles are always equipped with ramps or lifts in order to accommodate wheelchairs.

UberWAV does, however, restrict the type of vehicle that can be classified as an UberWAV service-vehicle.

Usually, an UberWAV is either a:

  • Chrysler Town & Country
  • a Ford E-150
  • or a Ford Transit Connect

These vehicles must have one docking location for a rider in a wheelchair and at least two ambulatory rider seats.

An UberWAV can accommodate at least three riders.

The ramp/lift capacity must be 600lbs (or more), and must be at least 31.5 inches in width.

For many passengers, UberACCESS has opened doors for individuals with disabilities, and greatly assisted in enabling their mobility – providing a low-cost, basic service which transports them from Point A to Point B.

UberACCESS is meant to breaks down the cost (and the stigma) associated with transporting wheelchairs and walkers, providing individuals with mobility needs the option of getting to any destination safely & conveniently.

UberACCESS is available in most large cities for the price of an UberX  (and, even with all the added features, is often less expensive than a wheelchair-accommodating taxi).

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