How does Uberpool work?

How to Use Uber Pool 2019 guide –  how uberpool works 2019

How does Uberpool work? A Guide for New UberPool Riders

Have you only just discovered the Uber platform? Do you live in a major city, often taking public transit (or frequently using more expensive options, like taxi services or private black cars)?

If so, you might be interested in trying out UberPOOL — a cheaper, more social service, in which a driver picks up a variety of passengers along a similar route (and dropping them off sequentially at their requested locations), thereby mitigating the overall expense of the ride.

What Is UberPOOL?

Just like carpooling, UberPOOL helps cut costs substantially for vehicle passengers.

And, there’s simply no denying it — UberPOOL is a great way to reduce your costs — perhaps up to 60-70%.

Yes, you’ll probably have to share your vehicle with strangers — but sometimes you’ll get a vehicle all to yourself (at no additional cost). Luckily, more often than not, fellow UberPOOL travelers are very friendly! You can choose whether to chat with them (or not to talk at all). UberPOOL’s official rules are: Just be yourself – if you’d prefer tomind your own business’ and not talk, there’s nothing wrong with checking your smartphone or staring aimlessly out the window!

The choice is yours.

Here’s how UberPOOL works – on a Functional Level

UberPOOL is pretty simple.

Let’s propose a hypothetical scenario:

You’re heading to your favorite restaurant to meet up with a few friends. It’s on the other side of town, so you decide you’d like to hail an Uber on your smartphone. Along the way, another individual wants to head in the same direction — she’s heading to a different restaurant nearby (but it’s still essentially on the same side of town).

Instead of you covering the whole cost, your UberPOOL driver would pick you up first, then it would pick her up on the way. You’d both be dropped off at your respective destinations. The ‘order of drop-off’ would depend upon which destination was nearer (*note: whoever gets dropped off first is largely determined by GPS, NOT by order-of-entry into the UberPOOL vehicle).

in the end: both you, and the other UberPOOL passenger, simply split the fare.

Sounds good, right?

This service is another way that Uber makes getting around more convenient and cost-effective. You can save money simply by making one (or two) additional stops. Although UberPOOL is only offered in select locations, you can enjoy this service in most major citiesNew York, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, etc.

How Do I Use The UberPOOL Service?

Once you open the app, you will need to select UberPOOL, before following the on-screen instructions.

  1. First, you’ll need to select your final destination. Where would you like to go? Choose this carefully, as you cannot change it once you hail an UberPOOL and initiate the UberPOOL process.
  1. Next, the Uber App will match you up with another rider heading in a similar direction (second, or third, rider pickups are based on your final destination and chosen route).
  1. Once this match has been found, you will receive key pieces of information — such as the other rider’s name and their ultimate destination, as well as who will be picked up first.
  1. Please note: Each rider can only bring one friend — so, a total of four riders. Also, as UberPOOL is technically contained within the ‘umbrella’ of UberX’s services, drivers only need to wait a total of two minutes for passenger pick-up, once they’ve arrived at your destinations – so, in other words, be ready to get picked up immediately! (Check out our guide to Uber’s current Cancellation Rules to know how long you have to cancel a ride once it’s been officially requested).

How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

Although it’s challenging to throw out concrete numbers, know this — UberPOOL rates are decidedly lower than other Uber services, making the overall cost for each passenger much more inexpensive than almost any other rideshare option available (Uber, Lyft, or otherwise).

For example – in Los Angeles, an UberPOOL trip will cost about $0.05 cents less per mile (in comparison to UberX). In addition to POOL’s in-built financial savings, UberPOOL passengers are splitting the cost of every ride — significantly dialing down the overall cost of an Uber trip.

Here are some of the factors that will influence UberPOOL’s price rate:

  • Mileage, and estimated trip duration, will be key deciding factors in the cost of an UberPOOL trip.
  • The time of day — are you traveling during rush hour?
  • The direction in which you’re traveling — are you heading in or out of the city? ‘Against’ rush-hour traffic, or with it?

The Complexities of Uberpool’s Pricing Model

There are many factors involved in Uber’s algorithm, but regardless of your city or circumstances, it will instantly be clear how much your ride will cost you at the exact moment you decide to open the Uber Passenger App & potentially book your trip (i.e., because your estimated fare will be displayed prior to formally requesting your UberPOOL ride).

However, despite POOL’s overall cost savings….it’s worth remembering: UberPOOL prices vary greatly by city.

Fares are calculated not only in terms of distance, but also according to specific city rates. Naturally, some cities (like Los Angeles) are much cheaper than others (like New York City, which is demonstrably more expensive than cities such as Miami, Cincinnati, or Las Vegas) — to get a better sense of what your UberPOOL trip might cost, use this Uber fare calculator to help you determine estimated trip expenses (extrapolate costs using the in-built UberX fare; then slash the estimated final fare price by 25 – 60% per passenger. This will give you rough estimate of a typical UberPOOL fare in your city).

Sometimes, an UberPOOL ride is a Private Ride (i.e., exactly like an UberX trip) but it Costs You Nothing Extra

It’s worth noting — if you select UberPOOL, and no one is found as a ‘passenger match’ nearby (i.e., no additional passengers join you on your UberPOOL journey), your price remains the same — in other words, you will still pay UberPOOL’s lower rate, despite functionally having experienced a ‘private’ trip (just like an ordinary UberX trip).

So, the next time you need a lift — be sure to select UberPOOL if you’re looking for a low-cost option & guaranteed savings!

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