How much do Uber driver make in Bangalore?

Uber Pay Bangalore India 2017

How much money do Uber drivers make in Bengaluru? How much do Uber drivers earn in Bangalore?

How much money can Uber drivers make working in Bangalore India?

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How much is an Uber driver’s salary in Bangalore?

Our salary estimate for Uber drivers operating in Bangalore is approximately Rs 1,050,300.

Weekly & Yearly Pay for an Average Uber Driver in Bangalore

An Uber driver in Bangalore often drives around 45 hours per week.

We estimate that the average trip for an Uber driver in Bangalore yields Rs 224.42. Since drivers usually complete two full trips per hour, this adds up to an hourly earning total of Rs 448.84.

And, since the average Uber driver in Bangalore works about 45 hours per week, the total weekly salary amounts to Rs 20198 — making a year’s salary for a driver Rs 1,050,300.

Bangalore Costs & Expenses

This yearly total includes a rough estimation of operating cost in Hyderabad (fuel, maintenance, taxes, fares). However, expenses vary significantly depending on vehicle, and a driver’s rideshare strategy & working hours.

Uber Bangalore Service Area:

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