How much do Uber Drivers make in Atlanta?

How much money do Uber Drivers make in Atlanta, Georgia?

Uber Pay Atlanta / Uber Driver Earnings in Atlanta

The amount of money Uber drivers make across the United States is the subject of much debate. In this article, we try to get a sense of how much Uber drivers make per year operating in the Atlanta, Georgia region.

How much is an Uber driver’s salary in Atlanta?

Our estimate for drivers operating in Atlanta is around $40,248 per year (check out our complete list of Uber pay estimates by city is available here).

An ‘Average Driver’

An average Uber driver works around 30 hours per week.

The average trip for an Uber Driver in the Atlanta area pays out $12.90, and drivers reportedly complete about 2 full trips per hour (i.e., equating to a total fare intake of $25.80).

Since an average Uber driver works about 30 hours per week, the total per-week earnings are $774 per week — making a year’s salary for a driver $40,248.


Our estimate for an Atlanta Uber Driver salary includes a 20% commission taken by Uber.

It also includes a rough projection of operating cost (fuel, maintenance, taxes, fares and tolls).

However, since those factors vary significant by vehicle & driver, our final number is an estimated amount — not an exact figure.

For drivers operating a hybrid or electric vehicle, it’s possible that maintenance and operating costs could be significantly reduced.

Make More Money as an Uber Driver in Atlanta by driving during Surge Hours & in ‘Hot Spot’ Locations

If you want to make even more money as an Uber driver in Atlanta, it’s worth taking note of the city’s numerous ‘Hot Spot’ locations and high-demand hours:

Mornings: Buckhead, Midtown, Brookhaven, and Downtown Atlanta
Mondays through Fridays 5am – 9am

Standard Daytime Schedule: All areas inside the Atlanta perimeter
Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 7pm

Evenings: Downtown, Virginia Highlands, Buckhead & the Midtown area:
Thursdays 6pm to 1am.
Fridays and Saturdays 6pm – 4am.

Evening Locations:

Daytime Locations:

Weekend Locations:

College Campuses
(Evenings and weekends, when school is in session)

Popular Event Venues

Popular Hotels
Target ‘event weekends’ (such as NFL games, etc).

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  • lola

    None of this is true! You do not make that much money per hour. Your lucky to make 7-8 dollars per hour. If there is a surge you can make more, but the info on this sight is plain wrong and misleading.

  • m amin

    Why do you drive for uber ? because minimum wage is stupid low and this is awesome

  • Bill

    I’ve been driving in ATL for 6 weeks. About 20 hrs a week. Weekdays/weekends. Day/evenings. I average my fares each day and each week and with the exception of Christmas break and new year the average rate always seems to work out to $12-13 per hour.

  • Hom

    I drove uber for about 3 months. Driving uber is simply loosing car, job and a place to live at the end. Think this : how can you make 12.50 an hour with 3.75 trip after paying 25% to uber company? Let’s see.. it takes at least 30m to complete one trip. Uber company is fooling poor drivers. And what about gass and car?

  • Ry

    Hey guys, so I drove for Uber for about a year. If you drive during high surge times, you’ll make about 12-18 dollars an hour. But don’t let this mislead you. There are several factors that will change what you’re actually making. You’ll end up putting some serious miles on your car and things will start to break. So with the wear on your car, you’re now looking about 10-15 dollars an hour. Now subtract for gas and you’re looking at about $9-12 an hour. Also, keep in mind that you’re considered a private contractor. This means, Uber is not deducting anything for taxes, so come tax day you’re going to be charged. Keep at least a third of all fares you’ve collected saved for taxes. Okay, now for what you’re actually making–around $6-8 an hour. And guys, this is being optimistic, you’ll only make this during surge times. Uber is a good side hustle, but not a job.

  • NybbleMe

    It all depends on if your vehicle puts you in uber x or xl or black or suv. No way will you make that much a week doing uberx in 30 hours.