How much do Uber drivers make in London?

Uber Pay London UK 2016

How much money do Uber Drivers earn in London, United Kingdom?

In this post, we explore the question of how much Uber drivers typically make, per year, operating in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom.

For more information on signing up as an Uber driver in London, check out our city guide here.

How much is an Uber driver’s salary in London?

Our estimate for drivers operating in London is approximately £56,802 per year (a complete list of Uber pay estimates by city is available here).

A ‘Typical Driver’ in London

An average Uber driver in the London area works around 30 hours per week.

The average trip for an Uber driver pays out £18.20, and drivers reportedly complete about 2 full trips per hour (i.e., an hourly earnings total of £36.41).

Since an average Uber driver works about 30 hours per week, the total per-week earnings are £1092.34 — making a year’s salary for a driver £56,802.


This yearly salary estimate for London Uber Drivers includes a basic projection of operating cost (fuel, maintenance, taxes, fares and tolls). However, costs differ significantly depending on vehicle, driver, and a driver’s rideshare strategy (see hotspot information below for tips on how to make extra money as an Uber driver).

London Uber UK Hot Spots & High Demand Areas – 

Make More Money as an Uber Driver in London by driving in ‘Hot Spot’ Locations & Utilizing Uber UberInsights Tool

If you want to make even more money as an Uber driver in London, operate near these locations (for an interactive hot-spot map, called UberInsights, click HERE):

Uber Insights (

To use the interactive map linked above, simply click on the link, and then select a time & place you wish to drive. As you zoom in, you will see the corresponding area ‘colored-in’, indicating relative demand.

  • Green = Average Predicted Demand
  • Orange = Medium Predicted Demand
  • Red = High Predicted Demand

To demonstrate, the maps below are for a typical Saturday Night in London at 10pm:

Close Up (Central London)


Wide View (London, Saturday Night, 10pm)


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  • Alexandru Gabriel Cozma

    Hahaha I wish it was like that.
    An Uber driver in London makes a maximum of 2 x 8£ trips an hour
    I have to work 70-80 hours a week for 600-700£ and take out costs it will let me go away with 300-400£ if I am like
    It’s disgusting how things are at the moment.
    This is modern slavery

  • Richard Boase

    This is wrong. I regularly work 40 hour weeks in London. My take home at the end of the week is always around £760 and my hourly always around £19/hr

    Your methodology is bad!

  • Richard Boase

    This is bulls hit

  • Tom Dyer

    The calculation here has been done on the basis of the supposed average trip (£18.20) x 2 trips per hour x 30 hours = £1092.34 per week in gross billing. They have not put any loading into this, and seem to think that drivers never have any downtime at all. So let’s work out a possible number.

    When I look at a 8.5 mile journey, which takes 40 minutes the cost is uberX is around £18 to the passenger. So let’s say that, between a couple of small fares and a couple of big fares, an uber driver makes £20 per hour in gross billing for 9 miles in an hour travelled rather than their £34 which they are claiming.

    £20 x 30 h = £600

    Now Uber take their 25% leaving the driver with 75%

    £600 * 75% = £450

    Assuming a car costs you £150 a week, insurance £50 per week.

    £450 – £150 – £50 = £250 for 30h = £8.33 per hour

    Now uber would probably like to argue that my figures here are too high, so let’s do the maths.

    According to uber they have vehicles from rental at around £185 – £220 per week.

    The zipcar option at £2.35 per hour looks cheap, except read the fine print.
    The zipcar option car cost for a vehicle on the road 30h doing 9 miles in an hour, plus 30 minutes a day to get to the
    = 6.5 h per day = £15.27 per day plus miles @ (6.5 x 9 x £0.35 per
    mile) = £20.47 in miles cost so £35.74 per day in rental which comes to … £180 per week near enough for the car, for a car you are not able to use the rest of the week.

    That of course is self employed, no time off etc with you taking commercial risk, and based on quite generous figures.

    So on a year, working 30h per week, maybe £12,000 a year profits.

    Thus claiming a “£56,802 salary” is uber-bs.

  • Tom Dyer

    When you say “take home” there, are you talking about “gross billing less Ubers share” or profits (ie. after paying all loaded costs)?

  • Dede

    You guys are chatting from your bum. Uber driver on 30 hours a week making £56000. Your article is not worth the cheap web page it was written on. I hope no one gets into driving with such expectations. With 60 hour a week you can’t make half of that amount, whether you do Uberx, exec or lux. Crazy fools trying to write about what they do not know