How much do Uber drivers make in New York?

How much money do Uber drivers make in New York?

Uber Pay New York / Uber Driver Earnings in NYC

Below, we explore how much money Uber drivers make in New York City.

Who qualifies as an ‘average’ driver? And what kind of variables are being taken into account when assembling salary estimates?

How much is an Uber driver’s salary in New York?

At IDWU, we estimate that Uber drivers in New York make approximately $80,839 per year (take a look at our entire list of Uber pay estimates by city for more salary estimates).

Average Uber Driver Hours

An average Uber driver in NYC works approximately 30 hours per week.

The average trip for an Uber driver pays out $25.91, and drivers reportedly complete about 2 full trips per hour (equating to a total hourly wage of $51.82).

Since an average Uber driver works about 30 hours per week, the total amount for New York City comes out to $1554 per week — meaning that a full year’s salary for an Uber driver in New York is approximately $80,839.


This yearly total includes Uber’s 20% fee, and also includes a rough estimation of operating cost (fares, fuel and tolls). However, these variables differ greatly by vehicle & driver, so our final number is obviously an estimate — not an exact amount.

For drivers operating an electric or hybrid vehicle, operating costs could be lower.

Make More Money in NYC as an Uber Driver by frequenting ‘Hot Spot’ Locations

If you want to make more money as an Uber driver in NYC, it’s worth taking note of the city’s numerous ‘Hot Spot’ locations and high-demand destinations where passenger demand is always high.

Uber recently compiled data of NYC’s most popular Uber trips and assembled the list below.

New York Popular Uber Locations

Top Hotel Destination in New York:

  • The Standard Hotel (Meatpacking District)

Top Museum Destination in New York:

  • The Met

Top Restaurant Location in New York:

  • Vandal

Top Nightclub Destination in New York:

  • Lavo

Top Airport Destination in New York:

  • LaGuardia International Airport

Top Ground Transportation Hub:

  • Grand Central Station

NYC Transportation Hubs are the busiest locations in New York City, according to Uber’s data:



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  • as

    These numbers are way off. First of all uber now takes 25-28% those 20% days are long gone. No uber driver would survive driving only 30 hours per week to make 80k you need to drive at least 60 hours per week like most of us do (some drive 80-90 hours per week). The post didn’t mention anything about the ridiculous high insurance cost that every TLC driver has to pay here in nyc, and TLC fees, diamond, 4 inspections per year, camera installation etc.
    On a side note, lga airport is not a international airport, and JFK is most
    definitely the busiest for us drivers.

  • Gerald Del Giorno

    I am just getting set-up with UBER, and I will be renting a vehicle, until I get a little more knowledge of what the criteria and surge hours are, also to get experience, along with, making a decision to see whether or not I would stay with UBER, or move onto something that would possibly make more income, perhaps, as a limo driver? But, if I like UBER, I would buy my own car, which would mean more income for myself, rather than renting out a car.

  • Andrew Herenstein

    Could you walk me thru the real math in NYC? The $25.91 per trip is after the Uber fee? Is that realistic? And what is the cost of insurance in NYC?

  • Panagis

    this article is bs. uberx drivers will have 25-35 per hour in earnings. Of course you will have spikes above and below that. The average will be closer to 30/hr. Don’t forget to take vehicle and insurance cost out of the 30 per hour as well as gas, meals, maintenance and car washes. End of the year there are also capital gains taxes to pay on what you are left with.I figured true hourly wage is around $17 per hour of all is done.

  • Chris Chan

    How is it going for you so far? Was the process and initial fees worth it?

  • Angelo Theoharis

    Who the fuck wrote this bullshit?