How much do Uber drivers make in 2019?

How much do Uber drivers make and How much do Uber drivers make in 2019?? You will find the answer to these questions and more here, but let me back up a little bit: Before I started driving for Uber, I was making $9 an hour at a minimum wage job. It was hard work, I had little to no flexibility in my work schedule, and the pay was only barely enough to survive. So how much do uber drivers make?

Now… how much money do Uber drivers make? As an Uber driver here in Los Angeles, I usually make between $19 and $23 an hour. It pays my bills, while keeping my schedule completely flexible, which is very important for me as an actor. Driving for Uber, I do not need another job.

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How much does Uber pay?

So the big Uber driver questions are:

  • How much does Uber pay?
  • How much do Uber drivers make per ride?
  • What can you expect to make as an Uber driver in general?

I will show you an example of my actual Uber driver pay statement to answer these questions. But first, let me explain how Uber calculates ride fares (continues below):

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How are Uber driver fares calculated? (Updated 2019 rates)

When someone takes a ride with you, they are charged a fare plus a “Rider Fee”. The fare for UberX in Los Angeles is currently $0.15 a minute + $0.90 a mile. If there is “Surge Pricing” then the entire fare is multiplied by that number. Surge Pricing means Uber increases the fare prices during certain times of higher demand, making these hours more attractive for drivers.

Let’s say for example someone takes a ride from West Hollywood to Downtown L.A.  (which is approx. 8 miles and 30 minutes). Furthermore, let’s add a 1.3 surge. The calculation for the ride looks like this:

(8 mi. x $0.90 + 30 min. x $0.15) x 1.3 surge + $1.65 Rider Fee = $16.86

This is the total amount charged to the passenger.

What percentage do Uber drivers make?

Uber takes a commission out of the $16.86.

After a deduction of the $1.65 Rider Fee, Drivers keep 75% of the total fare price for a given ride. Uber takes 25% of the fare.

So here is the math for our example after Uber’s commission:

$16.86 – $1.65 Rider Fee – ($15.21 x 0.25) = $11.41

This is how much the driver is paid before any expenses. My rule of thumb (this may not be an accurate number for you) is that I spend about 10% on gas and other vehicle expenses and 10% on taxes on average (after all the deductions). Which in this case is calculated as follows:

$11.41 x 0.80 = $9.13

This is the approximate net income from the 30 minute-ride.

To make it easier for you to target the busier hours, Uber provides a list of what these hours are in your area. Here in Los Angeles, the best times I’ve found to work are:

  • Mon-Thurs mornings.
  • Friday evening.
  • All day Saturday.
  • Sunday morning/afternoon.

How much do Uber drivers make on average?

Uber driver pay varies depending on where you live and how many hours you drive. I make between $19 and $23 an hour in Los Angeles. Studies across the nation show that Uber drivers make over $19 an hour on average. In New York City, the average Uber driver makes over $30 an hour. Source: TechCrunch

How much do Uber drivers make an hour?

Uber does not pay their drivers hourly. There is also no such thing as an Uber driver salary. As described above, drivers are paid a portion of the fare for every ride that is given.

As promised, here is an example of my pay for one 10 ½ hour day:

My Uber driver pay for one Saturday. $256.30 total earnings.

$256.30 / 10.5 hours = $24.41 an hour.

Which — if I save 10% for taxes and spend 10% on gas and vehicle costs– is about $19.53 an hour. This is very close to the $19 an hour the average Uber driver makes around the country.

I’ve found that the more hours I drive, the more I make per hour. If I drive 30 hours a week or more I usually make closer to $23 an hour. This is because there is a better chance of getting really high fares due to long distance or high surge pricing. I’ve been paid $150 for driving someone from Santa Monica to Orange County. It only took an hour.

It doesn’t happen every day, but you can get lucky if you drive a lot.

Do Uber drivers get tipped?

Passengers cannot tip directly through the Uber app. However, many passengers do tip the driver in cash.

Thank you very much if you are one of them!

How much do Uber drivers make a week?

I usually drive between 30 and 50 hours, and I make between $900 and $1200 a week. After gas and taxes that is $750 – $1000 a week.

Out of the 30-50 hours, I do not spend the entire time driving. Sometimes new ride requests do not come in immediately after one ride is completed. I try to use my ‘breaks’ productively, keep a Kindle in my car for these periods of downtime and catch up on my reading.

How much do Uber drivers make a year?

As I already explained, how much money an Uber driver makes depends on numerous factors. As a practical example, let’s assume you make $19 an hour after taxes and expenses, and you work 40 hours a week, like a regular full-time job:

$19 x 40 hours/week= $760 a week.

$760 x 4.33 weeks/month = $3,291 a month or $39,492 a year after taxes and fuel costs.

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Does Uber pay for your gas and expenses?

No, Uber drivers are independent contractors operating on the Uber platform. They are required to pay for all of their own expenses including fuel costs. There are a few exceptions, which I’ll address below.

Does Uber pay for your car repairs?

Since you are an independent contractor, Uber does not help you pay for car repairs or car maintenance. Your compensation is a portion of the ride fare.

What expenses does Uber cover?

Uber does carry an insurance policy for all drivers while they are logged in to the app. It includes:

  • Liability and Uninsured Motorists Coverage up to a million dollars.
  • Comprehensive/Collision with a thousand dollar deductible while en route to or after picking up passengers.

Uber does covers certain specific expenses. For example: If a passenger vomits into your car, or damages your car, you can use the help system on the Uber driver app to request payment. In the vomiting case for example, Uber will charge the passenger a certain amount and deposit it into your account the next day, so that you can get your car cleaned.

Does Uber pay your taxesHow do Uber drivers pay taxes?

Being independent contractors, Uber drivers are responsible for their own taxes. You are mailed a 1099-K at the end of the year. You have to pay both self-employment tax and federal income tax on what you earn.

The good news is that there are a lot of tax deductions. As an alternative of using actual expenses for fuel and maintenance, the IRS allows you deduct $0.535 for every mile driven for business purposes as estimated costs. This can be substantially more than the actual expenses for a car with good gas mileage.

So keeping track of your mileage/expenses is very important. I just write them down in this book, but you can also use a program like MileIQ or TripLog to automatically track your miles.

Can you work for Uber part-time?

Yes, I drive with Uber full-time, but the majority of Uber drivers work less than 35 hours a week. It is entirely up to you how much or how little you work. If you already have a full-time job, driving with Uber can make an excellent part-time job. It is very easy and the schedule is completely flexible.

How much do you make driving for Uber, Lyft, or any other ride-hailing or delivery platform?

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Uber driver pay conclusions on How much do Uber drivers make in 2019?

Driving for Uber pays very well compared to other jobs with similar experience requirements (which is literally none) and offers a lot of freedom and independence.

To summarize:

How much does an Uber driver make? 

The average Uber driver makes about $19 an hour. Here in LA, I make between $19-$23 an hour. In New York drivers make over $30 an hour. Driving full-time, the average Uber driver in the U.S. can make around $40,000 net a year (after expenses and taxes).

It works as a full time job. It is also a perfect part-time job. Not having a boss and the freedom to choose your own hours are priceless benefits.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or would like to share your own experience driving for Uber, or sign up to drive with Uber for a cash bonus!

How much money Uber drivers really make (according to drivers).

We conducted a poll in 2016 to see how much money drivers say they are really making in an hour. The results are below:

How much uber drivers really make according to drivers

  • 9,501 drivers voted.
  • The majority of Uber drivers (53%) report earning between $10 and $20 per hour.
  • 30% of drivers earn between $15 and $20 per hour
  • 23% of drivers earn between $10 and $15 per hour
  • 29% of drivers report earning more than $20 per hour with 11% earning more than $25 / hr
  • 41% of drivers earn less than $15 / hour with 18% reporting less than $10 / hr earnings.

Disclaimer: So how much do Uber drivers make, these earnings are not official numbers and are from my own experience driving with Uber.

Update 1-1-2019: New up-to-date rates for 2019 and estimated driver pay by city.

  1. well what about car repair? maintenance tires depreciation of the car value when done . how can you only put gas as a cost? how about having to pay insurance that covers rideshare? that is 30% more than normal so put that into cost you about at 14$ an hr.

    1. It is also possible to make deductions when filing taxes with the IRS for vehicle depreciation and associated repairs and maintenance. It’s important to keep receipts for any work done on your car when you use your vehicle for work along with receipts for gas. The actual amount of gas used may vary from day to day.

  2. Thank you for writing this. Very helpful info. I just signed up and am awaiting background checks. I was and kinda still am debating between doing this full time or part time.

  3. Yeah, I agree with dom. The “Uber driver makes about $19 an hour” is something only Uber says to spread propaganda. You do have to consider the car maintenance, depreciation value and insurance cost. Which makes it about $14/hour for me. And that’s only barely better than minimum wage if you don’t ever get into a car accident.

    Because once you do, your insurance kicks up, you might have to pay for damages from the accident and Uber will DROP YOU LIKE A ROCK. You won’t be able to drive for Uber anymore so was it really worth it to drive for Uber in the first place?

    It’s a cool part-time job because of how flexible it is but there are way better options.

    And I do like the TripLog. I use this calculator-like app made for Uber:

  4. 18 cents per minute, average 40 minutes per hour with a passenger is $7.20 per hour less Ubers 20%. Pretty bad,
    IRS standard mileage expense is 57.5 cents per mile, not the 10% or so stated. You get nothing for the miles to pick up a fare. Then uber takes 20% off that $1 per mile so you;re only getting 80 cents per fare mile. And you’re lucky if your fare miles are more than 60% of your total miles.
    So unless you get SURGE pricing and a Lot OF TIPS, you’ll be lucky to clear $8 per hour. Tips usually boost that over $10 and surge pricing for 25% of your rides can make that $13-15 per hour clear.
    Those are the REAL numbers.

    1. I just drove my first weekend for Uber so I’m still learning where to go, and what times are best. I only had one ride that was with Surge. I worked for 14 hours and made $236.10 after Uber took their cut. I also got $15 in tips and spent $25 for gas. This gives a total of $226.10 and dividing that by 14 hours…I made just over $16 per hour.

      1. lucky for you made $15 tips, did you add insurance and tax and maintenance, I just drove 1 week for Uber I came up with 90% of cost my net profit was $85 in 40 hours of driving

    2. This statement is not true: You get nothing for the miles to pick up a fare.

      Yes, all expenses.
      Once you leave your house, if you are doing it for the job, it’s an expense. Even if you have to drive somewhere and the fare cancels you, or you have to drive to your pick up area before you get a fare, if they carve things out like that.
      Looks like they don’t, but just to round out the conversation….the only non-deductible piece would be if they were reimbursing you for some miles, or if they reimbursed you for lesser rate than the IRS rate of $.57 (or whatever it is)

  5. Are you really paying your taxes? That’s hardly any taxes that you subtracted. There is social security, medicare, and state taxes. They should account close to a third of the gross income or probably more. Also, you are forgetting about car payments.

    1. dr_g, I’m gonna assume you’ve never been a 1099 independent contractor. You pay self-employment tax which covers any social security & Medicare.

  6. Thank you so much. This has been the most straightforward and helpful article I have seen on being an Uber driver. You addressed so many of my concerns. Thank you again.

  7. I just spoke to my accountant about this. Where he says people really get burnt is not setting enough aside for income tax and not making quarterly payments. His recommendation is to put 30% of your income from Uber into a separate account for this so it is available when it is time to pay the piper. He says so many don’t and really get killed.

    Regarding the before/after tax bit, when you get a regular job and somebody asks you how much you make do you tell them before or after taxes. Come on! I’m fine with how this article described his expenses. And car payments? Would you have a car if you didn’t drive Uber? That should be a wash. The cool thing is the mileage deduction on your taxes. That helps to cover depreciation etc. and is money that you would not get back if you were driving to your regular job.

    I just started driving Uber and I’m enjoying it. If it really sucked my accountant would’ve told me and raised a bunch of red flags. He didn’t.

    1. why do you have an accountant and drive for uber?
      do you need an accountant when you make uber money?
      that’s an expense that must come off top as well

      1. Try thinking outside the box! I’ve owned a few businesses of my own and worked for corporate America as well. Choosing to have an accountant is very wise unless you are happy with what most people do. I for one love being an entrepreneur and doing some world shaking. Accountants aren’t really that expensive when you look at the big picture! Just all depends on what your comfort level is. If you can make more money being independent even after total overhead then why wouldn’t you?

    2. Hello! I am Anthony, I am thinking of driving for Uber. I am still waiting on my backgrounds check. My question is it a good choice for me driving for uber I am currently not working at this moment what kind of money can I expect to make I plan on driving about maybe 30 hours a week for now. I live close to Philadelphia area.. I need your help please someone can you help me.


      1. Avg hourly rate in Philly is 15.88/hr. Multiply that by 30 and deduct Uber’s 25% rate (I believe for the state of PA) as well as gas expenses and you should have your answer Anthony. Hope this helps.

    3. I agree with you NM. Everybody else sounds stupid. You’re going to have regular wear and tear on your vehicle anyway. No one is holding a gun to your head. Your job takes out taxes, you don’t say anything . A lot of people don’t even make $20.00 per hour. And if your accountant says where most people make their mistake is not putting up taxes let’s me know money is to be made. All I hear is whining. I have heard a lot if good things about Uber and if you have a wreck the girl said they will cancel you, we’ll so will some insurances I’ve heard of. So quit dropping salt on Uber. Either you’re going to drive or you’re not.

  8. Thanks for the info. I am in effective 10/01/15 . Gonna give it a try. I am tired of the 9-5 bullshit and being harassed by over paid executives and being paid little for a lot of hard work and no pay over time hours.
    Wish me luck.

  9. As an UberX driver in NYC for the last 18 months, this information was about 70% accurate considering the poster is in L.A. There are other options available here which benefit the driver. I pay $400/Wk for a rental in which the rental company covers repairs and maintenance. I work 16hrs per day, 6 days per week (Off on Mondays). Weekly net income averages out to $2800 but uber takes a 32% cut. I also set aside 15% annually for taxes, another 8% for gas and tolls are reimbursed in full. After taxes I generally make close to $70,000/yr. The reason I won’t use my own car is because of the mileage that adds up quickly driving my personal vehicle, plus repairs, maintenance and depreciation as many of you have stated.

    $70,000 per year just working for Uber is a very comfortable amount but since this is my only job I also work for Lyft. I won’t go into too much detail here but I make an extra $35,000/yr with Lyft after taxes and expenses in the same 16hr shift. I also don’t take rideshare passengers as New Yorkers are very impatient and many of my riders are corporate assholes. Tips on Lyft are also a great benefit especially since 85% of my riders tip. Now back to uber…

    Back when I started, the uber cut was only 25%. It increased in October 2014 right before the holidays which angered many of us putting in long hours. Then just recently there was also talk in politics to prevent new uber drivers from signing up to drive as well as taking some of the newer drivers off the road because of the Yellow/Green cab companies (and the mayor) losing money which isn’t our fault. The bill was declined just a couple of months ago which was a relief but new uber drivers in nyc have been limited to 200 new drivers per month. There was also a post in the Daily News newspaper which showed that there are 32,000 Uber drivers in NYC and 160,000+ Uber drivers in the USA.

    I don’t get paid to advertise Uber but I do recommend this job for those of you working dead end or minimum wage jobs in NYC. Someone asked me in another post, why reveal these numbers and why recommend others to join “doesn’t that limit your money gain”? My answer is this: There are 32,000 drivers in NYC and 1.6 million accounts in NYC. Plenty of money for everyone and I don’t plan on doing this forever.

    Just a side tip for NYC Uber drivers who wish to make more money: There are many people signing up for Uber, lyft, sidecar, via, and black/private car service still, purchase a car, get TLC plates, rent out your vehicle to other TLC License holders who wish to drive for any of these cab companies. I own 2 cars with TLC plates and 1 personal car (Fleet insurance required after owning more than 3 cars which is extremely expensive). I have 5 drivers total working the 2 cars, three working 8hr shifts and two working 12 hour shifts 7 days with 1 week vacations 4 times per year. 12 hour shifts I charge $350/wk and 8 hour shifts I charge $225/wk. It is 100% legal to do as long as you don’t have more than 3 cars including your personal car and many long time TLC holders have been doing this for years.

    All income adds up to over $145k/yr. I used to work for a meat distribution company earning $28k/yr just 18 months ago. This is by far the best decision I have made in my life. I am 26 years old and make more money than many people with degrees. THERE ARE DOWNSIDES: there is no pension, no dental/medical/vision benefits, no union, and as an uber driver your rider rating can not drop under 4.0 more than 2 times or you are fired from the company. Be smart, save your money, create CD/IRA accounts with your bank and plan for your future.

    I hope this helps you all in making your decision. Good luck out there and be safe!

    1. Alex just to point it out, you’re paying $400 a week for a rental adds up to $20,800 a year. I would urge you to reconsider using a rental as you could easily afford even the most costly repairs by keeping that money in your pocket. If your transmission goes out, that might run you $3000 to $5000. But if you don’t experience a huge repair like that, then all that money stays with you. If you continue to rent, however, that money goes out each and every week and results in a guaranteed $20,800 per year loss. You work too hard to let that happen 🙂

      1. Correct but not really… I drive an alfa romeo 4c coupe which does not qualify as an Uber car. Also, insurance is already high enough and does not depend on # of years driving (8 in my case) but actually by age (26). If I traded in my personal vehicle for a say a hybrid Toyota my insurance rate would be almost 7500 per year at a mileage rate of 15000 per year. In one year alone, I put in nearly 40000 miles. Even if I were to buy a brand new car or some older but reliable my insurance rate will skyrocket to nearly $10000 per vehicle. Theres also repairs, tires which need to be changed 4 times per year, constant oil changes, car wash, car fresheners, and all the other nonsense uber requires you to have to keep a high rating.. Everyone is different so don’t go based on my example unless you are in my age range and/or suffer high rates. The 2 vehicles I’m renting out are currently under a family member’s name which drops my insurance rates though I have cosigned. I already own 3 registered vehicles and can not get another unless I wish to pay for fleet insurance which in NYC is expensive and I don’t plan on doing. Why raise my rates when I can depreciate a rental and also drive unlimited miles?

        1. You’re looking at it logically, these people dont understand that driving a taxi in NYC is a huge hassle as far as expenses. NYC requires TLC lisence & TLC insurance which is about $600 a month + if your car payment is $300-400 monthly thats already $900-1000 + maintentence.. if you rent a car for about $300/$350, yeah thats $1200-$1300 a month but the extra $300 you save will become an expense later on in repairs, remember its NYC, the roads here are horrible. When you rent the car, whatever happens to it you can take it back to the owner and give it back, its one less liability under your name. If you want to switch cars, get a better one or different one then you give it back no problem and get another. I’m going to start driving with Uber in about a month and I’m only 20 so adding that factor in my insurance would be ridiculous. Renting in NYC is sometimes the best bet.

      2. Businesses rarely own cars. There are leasing companies that handle the care and maintenance of the vehicle far cheaper than it would be for someone to own the car.

        You lease a vehicle for a year or two, the vehicle maintains its excellent status for resale and the business gets a new vehicle every few years.

        1. I like the leasing idea except for the fact you have limited miles that can be put on the cars. Wouldn’t work for that reason alone!

      3. Alex is renting two cars and Owens three and has them all on the road. $400 a week for two rentals which puts extra money in her pocket after expenses is not bad at all!

    2. I’m not from the US, but everytime I go I use a page called happytoursusa to make reservations (you don’t pay upfront) for car rentals. I’m going to NYC on November and a Corolla for a week, with insurances included, is about 260$/wk with Hertz picking it up at La Guardia, that’s 140$ per week of savings, up to 7280$ per year, not bad at all.

      P.S. This isn’t advertising, I’ve used them in Miami, Baltimore and Philadelphia previously, and you save a lot, the best part is that it includes insurances, CDW and EP that is the one that protects you in case you hurt a third party. I just think 400$/wk is a lot, even if you are making a lot more from it

    3. 16 hours a day, 6 days a week (96 hrs /wk)?? Not much of a life, is it? The only thing for me that is concerning is the high mileage put on my car. It would be worth zip after a few months.

  10. Hello Aaron! Thanks for all this information. I should be driving for Uber starting next week! I am pretty excited because driving is something I enjoy doing.

  11. I thought Uber was taking more than 20% from Drivers?

    I know before you could not tip via the App, but can you now?


  12. I was thinking about driving, BUT I have SUV average miles 14 miles to a gallon, I can seat 6 people not sure after I paid for my full it would be with it.. anyone have any thoughts regarding this?

    1. I was thinking about this most cars have a 10-13 gallon fuel capacity and get around 25 miles city. that’s about 300-350 miles per tank.

      My traverse has a 22g capacity and gets about 15, which is about 300 per tank.

      it’s not that much of a difference really. Unless you’re willing to fork over for a hybrid that gets over 40 mpg in the city, then the math will be roughly the same.

  13. Man I hope Uber comes to Buffalo, NY. The state regulations have prevented Uber from operating in the state outside of NYC. The state and Uber are discussing operating in Buffalo between this week and next. Even if the pay does come out to be minimum I have other sources of income that would make driving for Uber ideal. I’m confused about the rental car discussion here though. Is it more beneficial than driving your own vehicle or not?

  14. Hey everyone. My name is James I live in the Los Angeles area and thinking about going to Uber. I’m a mortgage processor and the level of stress is CRAZY. The pay is cool, but the stress is not worth it. Does anyone know how it is here in LA????

    1. LA down town LA is good to drive for uber. But I don’t think it’s worth driving for uber if your car is not a hybrid vehicle. My Prius gets 52 Miles per Gallon. And I make about $150-250 a day driving anywhere from 8-15 hours.

    2. LA is good but I wouldn’t recommend driving for uber unless you drive a hybrid vehicle. My Prius gets 52 Miles per Gallon and I average $950- $1300 a week driving 40-50 hr. There are several reasons why some/many drivers complain and not making much money. Number one reason…..not a hybird vehicle. Well actually number one reason in my honest opinion, some people are kinda slow, mentally not quick on their feet type of person. LoL

  15. Sounds like to me that Alex S has an incredible business mind on her. I kinda read between some of her lines and because I have a very similar mind I totally get her! Bravo Alex!!!

    Now, one of my questions is if I travel a lot can I pick up fairs wherever I’m at? Also how often do you get paid?! Is it daily, weekly or monthly? I finally got my okay to start driving for Uber today and my plan is to start tomorrow with it all. My boyfriend works with someone who’s wife drives for Uber and says she does really well with it.

    I’m excited and am looking forward to seeing what this company does for my pocket book! Hopefully someone can answer my two questions here.

  16. In just the short time I’ve been with them I have averaged around$20 pre hour. If I stayed on the road more I could be making a small fortune but right now my time is limited. Good luck and prosper!

  17. Guys I just signed up for UBER. My question is after you complete a ride should you go back to your original point or just continue driving from your last location?

    Thank you in advance,


  18. Hey. I live in Brooklyn NYC. In 2 months from now I’m moving with my wife to Las Vegas Nevada.
    I will buy a car over there and I want to apply and start to work for uber as soon as I get there.

    I can’t fine NO info about uber Las Vegas so My question is:
    How is the uber market there? What’s the regulations in Las Vegas for uber driving? How much (around) will I make there?

    1. I’m not sure how much uber pays in Las Vegas but I did try to use them once. to go from my hotel to the airport which was right at 3 miles, the estimate was over $30 so I took a taxi which was much cheaper around $10. not sure why it was so high but maybe I was there during the peak times I don’t know.

  19. How much should I spend per a month on financing a good new/used car including Ensurance? So I can still stay make a good profit ?

  20. Any change you’ll give me your email and phone number so I can add your referral code? I already signed up but I have not finished the process. They say the only way to add your referral code is “manually” with your email and phone number.

  21. Your math was off a bit and then I accounted for
    overtime after 8 hours/day. Still came close to
    your “off” math figures:
    10.5 hours/day = 11.75 hours when you consider time
    and a half for hours worked over 8. (2.5 hours over
    8 times 1.5= 3.75 then add 8hours=11.75.
    $256.30-10%(costs)=$230.67/11.75 hours (taking overtime into
    account)=$19.63/hr after your 10% costs.

  22. Vlady.
    My names Theresa and I am currently an uber driver in las vegas nevada.
    If you drive 40 hrs a week with uber after taxes and expense you will roughly be making 1200 a week. Because of the high tour rate here in lasvegas and since we have premium night life being an uber driver you will make a lot of money here. If you dont have a vehicle they offer a payment plan where you can lease a car.
    I own my own and work 60 hrs a week and make great money its worth doing if you are down here. Hope this helps 🙂

  23. Oops – typo – should be “registering” (hate this phone). And of course you told your insurance company what you’re really using those cars for – just like pizza delivery drivers, construction workers, and so many others who use their vehicles for business but claim that they’re only for personal use. I deal with dishonest people like you every day, and it makes me SICK that the rest of us have to pay for your dishonesty/fraud.

  24. Do large SUV’s get paid more that small economy cars. Would it pay to drive a Lincoln Navigator? Gas would kill me if the fare isn’t better.

    1. Hey Don! I’m so glad to finally see someone putting the numbers as they should go. Most ridesharing drivers seem not to understand what the true cost of driving a vehicle for commercial purpose really takes. Uber puts a little money in your pocket, but that “take home money” is a joke for all the risk, time and effort involved in such operation. I must not lie, it’s a great concept and I love the idea of such a great way to offer a much needed service in your community and make money at the same time. But there should be a different cut for the drivers, which in reality would never happen. If ridesharing companies would give drivers a higher portion of the fares, they just wouldn’t make money at all. On the contrary, they are already trying to come up with ways to “eliminate the driver” all together by implementing new technologies. Uber has already started a driverless concept in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For the time being and as this new technology is being implemented and tested, they are still using a human behind the wheels to assist the vehicle in case something goes wrong. But once the technology has proven to be effective and efficient, goodbye drivers and hello “driverless vehicles” to transport passengers all across town and beyond. I just wonder what’s going to happen with all these millions of people around the world presently making some type of living as drivers?….

  25. I’m currently an “Independent Contractor” driving a taxi for the largest company in Raleigh, NC. I own the vehicle (Prius) which is painted and equipped to look identical to about 140 other cabs in the fleet. I’ve passed EVERY conceivable background check imaginable and maintain excellent credentials and personal relations with the Taxi Inspector. Although I’m the premier driver with this quality company, the poor economy coupled with the aggressive Uber model and marketing strategy have forced me to consider enlisting in the Uber army.

    I’ve encountered great difficulty trying to contact an Uber representative directly; I’m therefore turning to this forum to hopefully receive some credible information. Please answer these questions.

    1. Does Uber have any prohibition against me driving my vehicle that is clearly licensed, marked, and insured ($1.5 million) as a “Taxi”?

    2. Is there ANY way to contact an Uber representative or executive directly?

    3. Are there any positions available within the Uber organization for representatives, or any plans to create any public relations positions or offices in any locations anywhere in the world, but preferably in North Carolina?

    I have an extensive background in business, a wealth of experience, and a very impressive personal presence including communication skills. I’m an “old school” guy who prefers personal interaction over the impersonal practices of submitting written and electronic resumes to cyber-somewhere. It may seem paradoxical that I’m querying a position with a highly technical forward thinking corporation yet I’m offering to bring traditional experience and expertise as my tools/weapons.

    4. Any questions I should have asked but didn’t consider.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who replies to this inquiry. I invite you to contact me directly with any information relative to this or any other topic of value; (919) 656-6440; I receive phone calls, texts, and emails literally EVERY minute of every day. It is NEVER too early or too late to call me.

    Howard aka “236taxi”

  26. Uber is making money for Uber, and only Uber! What most Uber drivers / wannabe drivers do NOT UNDERSTAND is that costs between $.50/.60 per mile to operate a vehicle for business. The author of this article states that he factors 10% of his revenue for gas. What about insurance, maintenance costs and eventual replacement of your car?

    I have been an independent contractor, transporting medical patients for an outpatient surgery unit for almost eight years. I average $1.25 per mile ( all, round-trip miles ), and I make a very modest net income. There is no way that an Uber driver is going to make any long-term profit… period.

    1. Not sure if ur speaking out of experience driving for uber, but many uber drivers that I know of including myself are making pretty good income driving for uber. I make $950-$1200 weekly “What about gas, insurance, maintenance costs and eventual replacement of your car?” Umm….hello……you’re using ur car as a tool to make money, obviously there will be costs and if ur using a car that will need to be replaced soon…….ur car is just too old.
      Some people are just not cutout to drive for uber….mentally slow……lazy……. lol

      1. If I may ask, how many hours a day or a week are you putting in to achieve that income? From what I see and through experience it’s probably 12-16 hr days 6 days a week. Not much of a work/life balance in my opinion.

          1. I drove with Uber for 4 months and made about $15 an hour because of the down-time in between rides and I am in Washington, DC. The amount of drivers is high, the cancellations by riders when you are already on the way was annoying with the college student areas….You are going to die. I have a business degree but I am a stay at home mom that was looking to make extra income so I can tell you that by the time you do the real math, like many have said here, you are not making money. You will die poor if you think that Thursday dribble dribble for 30 hours of rides (some of which is down time) is making you a good living. But to each his own. Good luck with Uber.

          2. Thanks for your reply – I agree wholeheartedly. If Dave wants to laugh at everyones comments so be it but his is not reality. I live in Miami and this place is over-saturated with Uber and Lyft drivers. Many of the rides are minimums and almost no one tips simply because Uber and Lyft make it known that it is not obligatory so people abuse. It just does not make enough money to be worth the time and effort.

          3. Dave – how many hours did you work this week? At 0.73 trips/hour you would’ve had to work an eternity.

          4. I work early mornings…..and evening s. I’ve been driving for uber to take some time off my real work which require much much more stress and hours. UBER drivers are not paid hourly but by every ride, hourly pay will be different for every person and different everyday.
            Each driver has to learn where and when to drive to make most money……drivers who can’t figure this out are the complainers. Most of the people that complain and hate driving for uber…….most likely… was complaining about their previous job as well.
            Driving for uber is not rocket science lol like any job/work you put in the time/work and learn/figure out what works you’ll make good money and advance, Good luck.

          5. Agree. I drive commute early morning and late afternoon in dc, Friday and Saturday I drive from
            2 pm to 11 pm. As a woman driver I don’t want ant to be that late . My best was 1300, my lowest was 200$ x week. I sometimes drive after work ( 5-9pm) and make 100$

          6. You know, I was JUST going to ask you to post proof. I work in Orange County (California). Can you post your previous 2 screenshots too please for the sake of consistency? Thanks.

          7. Today only gave two rides and came home…….UFC tonight hahaha. Still earned over $1000 in 6 days.
            Don’t get wrong…….I work hard and long hours to make this much. (Jacque thinks 12-16 hours working ….have no life……I laugh at people like her because, I grew up watching my parents work from 5am to when ever……my father had 3 jobs at one point. Now both my parents are retired now, own a house and both my sister and I have masters degrees….my sister ($2000)and I ($500) give my parents monthly allowance now thankful for their hard work and sacrifice in raising us and putting both of us through school). And I learned when to work/not to work and where to drive/not drive who to pick up /who not to pick up, when to wait/ when to leave after 5mins to make this much weekly. When I drive I don’t have to many off times…..that is I don’t sit in my car and wait for a rider request (that’s the stupidest thing driver can do lol)……I drive around in EV mode without wasting any gas. Only breaks I take is bathroom (often i might add haha cuz im drinking coffe all day lol) and lunch or dinner. I drive a prius I bought just to do uber……I put over 10 thousand miles on the car my first month……..this was the month I drove pretty much all over socal to see where the hot spots were…..when to drive….etc….(wear and tear is not a big deal cuz I bought the prius just for that purpose…..I have a another car I don’t use for uber).

          8. Fantastic Dave! I’m going to post my screenshots as I earn as proof of how the Uber works (or not!) for me. Too much “talk” and no proof just makes people stressed. Proof show it can be done, especially in areas like ours! Keep up the good work and communication man! 🙂

          9. Message me anytime Dave to keep in touch. I’m trying to gather a discreet network of Uber Drivers in and around my area for support and feedback! I’m on Facebook too, under my full name BTW!

          10. That $1000 would cover the new would be law for picking up and dropping off pax at Newark airport. Glad I’m done. My shiny car is my own again.

          11. You have a masters a drive your car 12 hr day for no benefits andminimum wage?! What a LOSER!

          12. Umm…..uber is a job……not my career….. I drove for uber about 6 months, I was taking some time off from my real work. I already have benefits, why would I need one from uber…..
            Minimum wage?? I made $3500- $4500 each month. Obviously you’re uneducated, lack common sense, and bitter Go back to school and get some more education.

          13. A lot of good your Master’s degree did you. You could’ve dropped out of high school and driven for Uber; your income and/or lifestyle would still be exactly the same.

          14. Orange County was average….only good in the early mornings and night s….mostly people going/coming to/from work/home…mostly all short rides…..but with surge…..wasn’t really worth it for me working there too much….but sometime I’ll start in OC cuz I too live in OC……..I start very early hoping to catch someone going to LAX, I’ll turn on my app as soon as I’m far enough away from John Wayne airport so that the ride isn’t going there……..and hope my ride will be going to lax cuz thats where I want to go/be so can really start working In the LA areas. Usually it takes about few shorts ride then I get a lax ride.

          15. Thanks Dave! Hey, if you don’t mind me asking, what was (honestly) your average weekly working in OC (near John Wayne airport area and nearby) and how many hours did it take, on average? Thanks!

          16. In my honest opinion drivers can pretty much make about anywhere from $800 and up just about anywhere, but the driver will need to learn and figure out where and when to drive….etc…. There’s so many people using uber now. In OC near JW airport there are many riders and surges everyday especially early morning (3:30am-6am) midday (11am-1pm) evenings (3pm-……) these are the times driver wants to driving cuz of surge times just about anywhere……but most are very short rides $5-10 rides even with surge in oc. (Reason why I don’t drive in oc).
            I do work a lot of hours (anywhere from 5 hours to 16-17 hours) but it varies daily, some days I’ll work only few a hours and make about anywhere from $60-$100 but ill make that up next few day by working more hours, at the end of the week my earnings $900 and up. (it just takes a little longer in oc to make that much) But I’m used to working long hours and bringing my work home and work more at home. I like driving for uber because it’s really stress free.
            Reason I don’t really like driving near OC as much is because it’s not as busy as it is in LA. In LA areas there are more back to back riders, and I’ll pick up a rider and most of the time it’s a pool ride so I’ll pick up another rider (I’ll only pick up a rider using pool if the next rider is on the way….that is I won’t pick another rider if I have to make a U turn…..cuz some rider will complain about making a u turn….bla bla….which means most likely I’ll get a low rating.
            One thing I don’t really like about the uber system is the rating. For the drivers, we rate as soon as the ride is finished. But for the rider they can rate the driver later. (Riders can also be suspended from uber. And they also receive a email from uber if their behavior was bad while taking uber if driver reports them……I know because my rating went down 1 after I rated one ride low and after i emailed uber).
            And if you get two negative ratings with rider complaing about driver being rude or having bad attitude driver will be suspended. (1st you get a warning email and 2nd you’ll get email and be suspended until you can explain what happened……) I know this because I received a email few days ago from uber that I was suspended. (I didn’t get suspended just received the email). Most likely uber noticed after sending the email to me they noticed I emailed them I had a issue with one rider where she made the mistake of putting in the wrong address and blamed it on me and when she couldn’t figure out how get to her destination and started to have an attitude and slamming my car door real hard after the ride was over.
            I Email uber soon after that ride, what had happened…..most likely reason why I didn’t get suspended. I don’t really stress over the ratings because even if I get one star it really won’t effect my overall rating due to so many rides that I give weekly……my rating jumps up and down any where from 4.76 -4.80.
            Drivers that drive a lot of hours all receive a Gas card from uber which drivers saves anywhere from 1.5% and up in gas. I received mine after my first month driving. Card will work as long as you meet Uber’s required hours…..not sure what that is but mine has been active pretty much from when I received mine. Gas card didn’t work one week after i came from 2 weeks vacation haha. Work hard and play harder =)

          17. I also get good tips quite often…….my tips in getting tips:
            1. Be nice to all riders….complete all rides. If rider is too drunk and can’t give directions, ask to see his/her drivers license. (Drunks are my biggest tippers!!!)
            2. CANDY!!! I just buy two bags, mint candy and another ramdom candy from the 99 cent store $2. Don’t give out water….you’ll go broke lol
            3. Phone chargers for android and apple 4 and up.
            4. Have plactic bags, incase riders needs to throw up. I’ve had only one person who was hung over early morning throw up in my car….luckily he saw that I had plastic bags and took care of business into the bag….rider thanked me for having bags and gave me $20 tip. =)

          18. I work for Uber and enjoy doing it part time for good income. From this screenshot this very well shows that it’s very worth it assuming this income is consistent and in a short amount of time will allow you to purchase a new car when you’re old one goes out. I work Sat-Tues as a security guard with gas-less income (since I don’t have to drive) and work about 30 trips Wed, Thurs, Fri or when I “feel like it”. I’m planning to get a new car in 2020 and have 81,000 miles on my 2008 Honda CR-V. I adore Uber and will work for them ’till the wheels fall off, lol. Keep in mind it’s a unique genius idea and it’s not something people should say is great or verbally bash because it’s not “fair” so to speak. It is what it is, lol. If you don’t like it, do something else. $977 is impressive in a week, and even if it was less, it’s a good job that helps you at least for the time being do something until something else better might come along. People should be grateful for the opportunity to drive for ride sharing services since that’s just what it is. An opportunity and nothing more. 🙂

          19. I say thats good money for a week. What I would like to know without offending you. How many hours did you drive, miles, and what uber class are you in?

          20. That looks pretty good to me. How many hours a week do you work/drive if you don’t mind me asking?

          21. That looks pretty good to me. How many hours a week do you work/drive if you don’t mind me asking?

          22. Why dont you show whole statement with promotions? How did you get 408 on surge????You must be working in Santa Monica or West Holywood where they have surge every day at the same time. This does not apply to everybody

          23. Which is why he stated in his disclaimer that it was specific to him and not typical.

          24. Are you still driving for Uber? I’m considering it. How many hours did you have to work to get this $977.40? Thanks

          25. I drive with uber and I make only the bare minimum to get by. If you want tom be making real money you have to put in 12-16 hour days and now when you sign up they take 25% not 20 and gas prices are insane and I drive a Prius soo…. Yea uber is cool if you have your own car but I have a car through their exchange leasing program that’s about 600 a month plus 250 insurance plus 400 a month in gas and car washes so half of what I make goes to just keeping the car. Uber would be cool if they cared more about the driver but they don’t so just take that into consideration oh and they don’t take out taxes so you can ex of another 25% of what you make 🙁

          26. Actually 25% is understated. If you are working for Uber or Lyft then you are considered “self employed” which means you are also required to pay social security taxes and medicare taxes not just the employee but also the employer portion (since as self employed you are considered both) Social Security Taxes for 2016 are 12.4% (6.2 for employee & employer) on the first $118,000 in annual earnings + 2.9% on all earnings without a max for Medicare taxes. Total of 15.3 then add income tax which starts at 10% on incomes of up to $9275 individual then 15% on incomes up to 37650. You are also required to make quarterly estimated tax payments during the year and failure to do so will net you fine + interest on taxes not paid by the due date for the quarter in which they are earned.

          27. You’re right on the money. Uber doesn’t give two shits about their drivers and it’s obvious….yet they pester you ruthlessly to pickup more and more inconvenient fares that PAY NOTHING!!!! Uber expects people to work and drive people around for FREE

          28. You get most trips that are long and during surge times. How many hours online time and trips completed for that week?

          29. People still tip uber drivers…….
            I get 50% of people that tip lol.
            Biggest tip I’ve got so far was $60 for returning a phone someone left in my car. 🙂

          30. I’m not laughing at everyone……only laughing at people like you……..who complain about every job and think working any more than 8 hours a day is too much and have no life. I drive around Los Angeles and it’s over saturated with many drivers and still make at minimum $950-1500 weekly.
            Maybe if you keep you’re car a little cleaner and be a little more nicer to riders you might get more tips……I usually make anywhere from $30-150 weekly just on tips alone. LoL
            Some people are just not cutout to do well driving for Uber……so don’t quit ur job working at fastfood just yet lol.

          31. wow!! i have been driving uber since november in norway, i didn’t get any tip yet.You guys are lucky to drive in US:))

          32. Your net pay after expenses is $10/hr? Gross pay means NOTHING! Car depreciation and expenses are $.50/50
            Cents PER MILE!

          33. UMMM…..Try agian…..$10/hr?? lol. I made any where from $3500- $4000 monthly for 6 months that drove full time for uber.

          34. Great point. Does Uber put a limit on how many drivers are in certain areas? You could be competeing with countless other drivers.

          35. Yep. I’ll never understand why Uber has campaigned so RELENTLESSLY to fuck their drivers out of ANY and ALL tips. Taxi drivers earn the same amount I do…but the also get CASH TIPS.

          36. You do realize he said DRIVING IN LOS ANGELES!!! Why are you comparing lesser cities with lesser population????

          37. Ha fuckin low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!! Are these people retarded? Your right it’s based on large city #’s……

          38. because LA IS average fir money. Gross pay means NOTHING! Car depreciation and expenses are $.50 mile . You make $10/hr net after expenses

          39. I am just getting started, getting my information in the system. I work full-time, this is just a side money. I like driving around town, so why not drive and get paid. I don’t really know how much people make, but for me it just extra cash for fun and kids activities. Beside I like meeting new people.

          40. Better off driving an ambulance as a paramedic. They have the same long shifts on but many more days off.

          41. Paramedics if they drive an ambulance are not DRIVERS. They are pre-hospital medical professionals, who take turns driving the rig and still pick people up off the ground – treat them – including intubating them in a moving vehicle and have a large scope of practice. Having a heart attack? You don’t want an ambulance driver, you want a paramedic who has taken an intensive course over months and passed a licensing exam and also is responsible for continuing education courses and trainings. Make more money driving an ambulance? You should get educated!

        1. You do realize he said DRIVING IN LOS ANGELES!!! Why are you comparing lesser cities with lesser population.

        2. I’ve tried driving for Uber and I live/work in Santa Monica — the western Los Angeles area. Bottom line: I have to drive 10-14 hours per day at least 6-days a week to earn between $1,400 and $1,500. So….BEST CASE scenario: I’ll make $5,000 to $6,000 a month (GROSS) but after I back out the $240-$280/week I spend on gas (driving an Uber Select Mercedes-Benz S550) I’m only earning $1,200 to $1,250/week. And let me tell ya — that’s a LONG week!!!!! Uber’s cut is about TWICE what it should be considering they really provide nothing but the Application; everything comes out of my pocket. Which is why I’m upside down every month. I’m technically losing money!!! And that’s because Uber REFUSES to let select vehicle drivers pickup ONLY Select customers. If you don’t drive UberX clients in your Uber Select vehicle, you’ll either never make enough money to make it worth killing your car’s resale/wholesale value, or Uber will just cut you off and fire you directly for failure to pickup every Uber Pool low-life mooch in your area who wants a 30-mile, 55-minute ride in an S-class for the utterly asinine amount of $6 or $8!!! Talk about STUPID! It’s an absolute JOKE. Which is why it only took me 48-hours to decide I would NEVER pickup another Uber Pool fare EVER AGAIN. It’s total bullshit and Uber is just SCREWING their drivers.

          1. Well, apparently the rates for Uber Select were worth it, at least at one time. I don’t understand how Uber can have people sign up for Select, driving a late-model luxury vehicle, then try to force them to accept bargan-rate fares. I sure wouldn’t.

          2. I drive a ml 350 2015 Mercedes benz and drive Uber on my free time. I make up to 600$ a week. I pay my vacations with Uber money.

          3. Try to use mileage trackers like – . That Apps can be useful for uber drivers, it make the best route plannin using your car mileage rate and miles to drive. Absolutely enjoyed it. Also, it’s a good way to hedge yourself when you need detail report ASAP. Also, it’ IRS standart to make tax deduction.
            All features are free and unlimited for that one.

          4. “Uber’s cut is about TWICE what it should be considering they really provide nothing but the Application”

            ummm…and insurance…

          5. Learn how to read… you said they provide nothing… I corrected you and told you they provide insurance… you went off on some off topic tangent, squirmed around for a while, realized you were wrong.

            Take the loss like a man…

          6. Look you slow kid, I’m not saying drivers still don’t have to provide their own insurance… If you click the like I provided and learn to read you’ll understand that additional insurance is also provided for you… you are covered under it any time you are in driver mode… so you’re wrong kiddo, live and learn

      2. I’ve been in the driving industry for over 20 years and have just drove for uber for a year. I drive in the Atlanta market and I have tried different days different times different areas. I found these numbers to be bullshit. Unless you have to work 70 or 80 hours a week to make those numbers. no matter what days you think are the best or what hours or what areas you are always going to hit slow time or down time because nobody is telepathic and knows exactly where to be at what times every time. I wonder if Uber hired somebody to do this article. Also you forgot to mention what year of car are you driving? Because if you drive for Uber select of course you’re going to make more money.regardless I personally know five different Uber drivers and I know personally that I have tried different times different areas and different days, and none of us are hitting these damn numbers on 40 to 50 hours a week so I call bullshit

        1. You do realize he said DRIVING IN LOS ANGELES!!! Why are you comparing lesser cities with lesser population, and less traffic???

          1. I live in Altanta and travel to LA several times every year. LA has a larger population, but Atlanta has worse traffic. At the VERY LEAST the traffic is equally as bad in ATL as LA. If you disagree, that means you haven’t been to Atlanta recently.

            As per Uber: we make Xx amount of money per hour but the downtime isn’t calculated. Cut the hourly earnings in half to be accurate.

          2. Because it’s a comments section and the profit margin in Atlanta or other cities is likely relevant to all the people reading this who live outside LA. And why do you call them lesser cities? They’re smaller, but not necessarily lesser. LA is cool in certain respects, but I’d hate to raise kids there, as the culture is vapid and skin deep.

          3. SSDD, you try and avoid calculating in reality don’t you? The city is 100% relevant because how much you can average per hour completely depends on where you are doing this.

            “Because it’s a comments section and the profit margin in Atlanta or
            other cities is likely relevant to all the people reading this who live
            outside LA.”

            The problem is saying someone is a liar because you make less in a totally different city is not relevant at all, not even a little bit relevant.

            “And why do you call them lesser cities?”

            I imagine he said that based earning potential by city, if you are going to play the game learn the game. Compared to the money can make in LA, Atlanta is a lessor city, and NYC is the best city to earn more per hour.

          4. If they were making the kind of money they say they are, they wouldn’t be commenting on this hustle drivers site!!!

        2. I rode uber in NJ, NY & ATL before. I can tell you that ATL uber is much cheaper than here in NJ, NY area.

        3. Just a quick question , can you drive from 3 pm to 4 am everyday? and not be able to make more than 2000$ monthly?

          1. You should be able to make that just working weekends. But depends where.. RI has lower rates.. Boston isn’t bad

        4. Write on…. I hear there is this guy. Uber Pirate. He’s on Facebook. Starting a revolution. Uber is a fraud and needs to be stopped.

          Both major parties are now owned by the corporations.

        5. Agreed. I’m in their top 5% and, after gas & leasing ecpenses, make much less than minimum wage. Best days are about $80 net (8 to 20 hours work).

        1. How is it bullshit.. I have a full time job and do this on the side and it now pays every bill and pays for my new Maxima. If I can make 50k in a year as a second job I could do more full time. And that’s just Uber.. I drive for Lyft also. I have screen shots of my weekly pay and I average over 700.00 a week! I think the people who find it impossible are just too lazy to make it possible

          1. You have a full time job and you do this as a side job and it has paid off a student loan and 3 credit cards that your regular job hasn’t paid off despite Uber being a PT gig. Please post your weekly pay statement to validate your story because like other people, I’m just not buying it.

          2. Honestly, taking on a part time job did the same thing for me. Making a few hundred extra dollars a week dedicated to those kinds of things makes a huge difference. I’m not calling bullshit on him (some areas really are great for uber drivers). I’ve been experimenting with uber/lyft in the DC area and can make over $20 an hour before expenses. I’m sure that if I continue experimenting I can find a more efficient method so that I minimize my expenses and make this a good job.

      3. I didn’t read all the comments, but has anyone talked to a tax accountant. If you use your vehicle solely for business use, I thought the cost of your vehicle can be written off. If you use your car part-time, some of the maintenance and depreciation of the vehicle can also be written off to reduce your tax burden.

        i’d assume this would be a good side job to help lower tax rate, or something to do while in college. I’m not a uber driver but is the article $ higher if you only drive during higher peak hours?

        1. You can but it’s much simpler and usually more cost effective to just take the 56 cents per mile the IRS allows as a deduction. Unless your car had terrible gas mileage or lots of expenses the mileage usually works out better anyway. If you decide to take actual expenses you must keep all gas and maintenance receipts and the cost of the vehicle is usually depreciated over several years time. Plus, if you depreciate your car you then owe tax on it if you sell it.

        2. This is true, I am a tax consultant. You can definitely write of your car expenses for using it as a business vehicle. I do not drive for Uber or Lyft but run my own business and it pays of drastically to write of your car expenses. Work smarter not harder people.

        1. Who made points? If my gas is 17 percent of my earnings and I make 3k a month even if I figured 30 percent I still make over 2 k profit a month from a side job not counting a few hundred in tips. If a city pays .94 per mile is one thing but I cashed out 1k every week during the summer and raised my credit rating by 100 points because I dug out of debt

      4. You know that bonus you get each week is the exact amount they subsidize riders fares.

        They just love dangling that carrot to make drivers drive their car in the ground.

        I’ve basically stopped driving just for uber, and have lyft running at the same time. When you do it rght, your dead miles and time disappear. Can make money with around 20% less time on the road.

      5. and if you deduct those cost correctly, most people will not make good money driving. Period!

        1. It’s not meant to be full time but if I don’t count tips I average 20.00 an hour and most of it is downtime

        2. I wouldn’t say that. Figure out your cost per mile, only take rides from people that are close enough to you to not burn through your profit with expenses, run uber/lyft at the same time while waiting for pick ups. Make decisions with expenses in mind to minimize them.

          1. Where I live they extended our range so I’d get calls 24 minutes away. If someone is 20 minutes south of me they are long trips because they have to go 30 minutes to civilization! If they are 20 minutes north of me they might only be going a mile. Just got a ride that paid 64.00 for 1 hour of my time and they tipped. I think it depends on location! I have no reason to lie because if I didn’t make a profit I’d be posting angry too. Also good to run Lyft app too because lately found a lot of people who prefer it and you can run it at the same time.

      6. Right…you’re using your car in what is essentially your own personal business. When you do the math, most efficient vehicles will cost you 20 cents per mile in gas and maintenance. It’s safe to assume a 200k mile lifespan for your car so then you take the money spent on the vehicle (including financing charges if they exist) and divide by 200k-mileage on odometer at purchase. For me, that worked out to about 28 cents per mile. Uber/lyft can be good, can be bad, but when making decisions you should do the math on how much you’re actually making. There are apps that will try to automatically track your mileage, but you can always take a pic of your odometer before and after work. Look at your daily revenue and then subtract out your expenses (mileage * mileage cost). In my area, 1/3 of the revenue taken in goes to expenses. It’s still okay profit, but nothing spectacular like advertised.

        1. I make about 200.00 on one tank of gas which is about 17 percent. In two months I can make the book value plus the years maintenance! During the summer I hit most bonuses and can make 700.00 in a weekend! I have a bank account just for Uber deposits and it pays every bill.. pays my new Maxima payment.. and got me out of debt while my other jobs money is banked and not touched. I drive a 200k mile 2009 Corolla! In a year I’ve only bought tires and oil. I get over 100.00 just in tips which pays for gas and maintenance. Here it’s .20c a minute and 1.24 a mile and Saturday I see 4.4x surge during the summer. I can make 50.00 for one ride and not leave my town. If I can make 30k on the books as a side job you can double that if it’s your only job. I leave it on when watching TV or at the mall. No job is that flexible!

          1. You never said how many hours you worked. You never said how many miles you drove. You still haven’t said your cost per mile. You say you have a new maxima and are using a corolla for uber (if you’re using the corolla specifically for uber to avoid putting miles on your personal car, payments and insurance should be treated as a fixed business expense). I laid things out very clear in how to calculate expenses. My source for average maintenance costs is AAA btw. It’s important for anybody making a financial decision to actually understand the finances and you’re obfuscating people’s ability to do so by painting a rosy picture (maybe true) and pairing it with a vague picture of expenses. People, when comparing this job to other job options (part time or otherwise), need to know how much money they make per hour after expenses.

            It’s great that it’s working out for you. It really is. The information you’re providing, however, simply isn’t specific enough for people to make an educated decision.

          2. I’ll have to check but some weeks about 60 hours logged in but no way of knowing actual driving hours! I only really know total earned and total spent on gas. But with this 60 hours can still be part time because that includes sleeping because I’ll leave it on. My friends make twice what I do because they work the city! In the summer I might drive 1k miles a week. I do about 4 hours max a day.. Friday I leave one job at 3:30pm and turn it on near the train station for a few hours than work until 2am. Then repeat the same from afternoon Saturday until 2am. Sunday is slow and make nothing but I also use Lyft. During the summer even Sunday is busy and I work to 4am Friday and Saturday.. point is you need a full time job first then this is a flexible alternative. I can’t have a second scheduled job with an 8 year old! My slowest lazy weeks are about 300.00.. I’ll slow down for two weeks than bust my ass for 2 weeks. All I know is people confuse depreciation with book value.. in one month I’ve made enough to pay a year worth of maintenance and gas. You can clearly make good profits if I manage to pay everything and buy a new car with just this side job.

          3. Don’t bother trying to convince these clowns. I assure you that none of them have any experience but they will keep yapping as if they’re experts. They sound like a bunch of ignorant trumpholes talking out their asses even though they know absolutely zip…yaawwnnn Keep up the hard work and let the ignorant nay-sayers live their miserable lives and drag themselves to their miserable jobs…if they even have one. lol

          4. ok this is where you morons start claiming to be wealthy business owners, who model underwear, fight in the MMA arena, and fly your jets in your spare time…lol Bunch of losers LOL

          5. Always at least one idiot that has to bring Politics into every topic, too bad, that cost you my thumbs up.

          6. If you work in the right city and you work 14 hours a day every day doing this you can make about $3000 a week before you figure in gas and your car total expense, I know and am preparing to do just that. No sense arguing with these fools, they don’t have enough brains to learn how to maximize their driving earnings. I am not even counting tips or other ways to make more money either in the figure above, that’s calculated at just $30 an hour driver cut, which is only what an average Uber driver in NYC earns. It’s easy to verify my figure, $30 times 14 hours is $420 a day, times 7 days is $2940 per week, and this doesn’t even factor is surges or tips, nor any other ways you can make more money if you are smart.

            You don’t even need to own a car, you can rent one by the week for between $200 and $400, so lets say you rent at $400 a week, that leaves you with $2540 less gas, no they are right, you can’t make any money, laughs. I figure I will make at least $3500 per week after I figure everything out, but I am a hustler and won’t be sitting on the couch 99 percent of the time like some people above.

            I plan to use a Toyota Prius Eco, it gets 56 MPG in the city, O’ the horror, wonder how much of that $2540 figure gas is going to cost me when I can not only write of that gas at a rate of 0.535 per mile, but yep, I can write off that car rental too when I file my taxes and get it all back, yep, be lucky to make a dime at that rate, what was I thinking?

            People either go all in or go home, there is no easy ride, hustle.

            I will be trading 2 years of my life for about 300k, that’s what I will be trading. Seems worth it to me as I will save most of it, and then I will build a new house with my own hands, and buy a new car, with cash.

      7. Bullshit you are not guaranteed anything with them with all the other drivers vying for the same fare uber is for losers.

      8. What am i doing wrong? I’m driving Uber in Walt Disney World area and 40 hours nets me about $500 before gas and maintenance and setting aside for taxes. gas runs me about $40 a week (Prius) and $100 gets set aside to pay taxes leaving me about $360 and that isn’t counting what I spend on bottled water life savers car cleaning and air fresheners. Of course part of it is Uber dropping the driver mileage rate to $0.58 per mile in Orlando but with the numbers your saying I should be making a lot more.

      9. Yeah you’re right, some aren’t cut out for working and using their $25/$30 thousand dollar tool that is being worn out daily for uber to benefit more than the owner of the tool that is the only tool required that makes all the money that the tool and it’s owner only get the lesser of all money made. A person can run an ad in the news paper for rent a private ride for 25% less than uber, and before long they will have gotten a customer build up making much more than what guber uber is offering!!

    2. The. 55 cent per mile is the official IRS figure. It is a cumulative amount that includes gas, maintenance, and insurance.

    3. This article is about Driving in los angeles.. Why are people bringing up cities like Atlanta and Miami and DC saying you make less money?? Well Duh NY and LA has the bigger population and cities. you will make more there..

    4. With all variable cost factored in its around $0.07 per mile, give or take before the per minute rate.

    5. You will have to replace your vehicle with any Job that you commute to….Vehicles decrease if you just buy and park it in the garage…

    6. I 100% agree. Most are just lying to themselves. Uber counts on people thinking they’ll make lots of money. Then those people driver for a short time, realize they aren’t making enough money to make it worth it and quit. The cycle repeats. Drivers and riders alike lose.

  27. If I want to be a part time driver, just ride the person on the way my home after my full time work, is it possible to choose the passenger, i mean knowing the direction before pick up?

    1. Yes, these drivers are in a sense taking equity out of their car. The reason IRS gives you back 50 cents per mile is because that’s the cost of the repairs averaged over the life of the vehicle. Drivers who don’t take that into consideration are extracting cash payments now that will be paid for at the end of the car’s life. It feels like you’re making money but you’re just borrowing it from your future self.

      1. How do you figure! I have a Toyota Corolla and made 30k in about 7 months part time because I have another full time job.. I have had zero maintenance besides tires and oil changes. In the Winter in New England its slower but could make more money if I was willing to work in the city and I average 700.00 a week part time! Now my Uber has paid off 3 loans, 12 credit cards and bought me a Maxima as a second car. With 190k miles on my car I’m not worrying about its value. I averaged 1400.00 a week in the summer.

        1. So, you have a full time gig as a financial analyst/adviser? But you drive a Toyota Corolla and Uber part time and make $700 a week?
          I’m speechless….!

      2. It’s called hyper depreciation in exchange for dollars. That’s it. Not even hourly pay, just your depreciation. It’s an epic fraud.

        Using your private vehicle for Uber is like a jockey taking his million dollar race horse and plowing a cotton field between races. You just wouldn’t do that.

  28. I am considering driving with UBER. I live in South Orange County CA. Rancho Santa Margarita specifically. Any feedback for this general area would be appreciated in regards to the ability to make around $20 an hour net.

  29. Can you give your full name, so that I can contact Uber to find out about my sign-up bonus? Because I never entered any code, It said “Aaron sent you $500” and I never received it and I fulfilled all requirements.

    1. Yes, we need Aaron’s last name in order to use this code. Aaron, will you please email me? Please send last name to wisucprojectATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

  30. I make on a good week $2300 working 40-50 hours. I do not catch that many Surges I just would the peak time and PARK SMART

  31. Hello, Im valuing the option of driving with Uber, but my big concerns is what is the average trips/day can Uber assign you?.
    Im considering to invest my savings in an uberselect car but Im afraid to dont make enough to pay the expenses associates with this type of vehicle and support my family.
    Can someone driving with Uber answer my question?

  32. Simple math for or against being a partner with Uber
    In Las Vegas the cost per hour is $1.10; out of this Uber gets 25% or $0.275. The IRS recognizes as business expense $0.54 per mile for using your car. So we have 1.10 – 0.275 – 0.54 = $0.285 per mile is what the partner makes.
    So how many miles a driver should do in order to make $100? 100/.285 = 350.88 miles
    If the city’s speed limit is 35 miles per hour the driver needs to drive ten hours. And this is based on having a paying client all the time…. Don’t forget the cost of business license and taxes to the IRS!

    1. Simple math it is, and your math is tragic.
      I believe you should add the .54 because it is an expense the IRS credits you back against other tax liabilities, or pays you, if your expenses exceed the tax owed.
      So it should add up as $1.10 – 0.275 + .54 = $1.365 per mile or 73.26 miles to make $100

      1. Huey the IRS does not “pays you, if your expenses exceed the tax owed”. It is not a tax credit it is a tax deduction. I hope you have someone else doing your taxes for you other then you.

        1. Dennis whether it’s a deduction or credit really doesn’t matter in this case. Both will lower your tax liability. Either way you end up paying less to Uncle Sam. It may different in amount but it still lessens your total amount owed.

  33. What’s the least amount of hours I would have to work as an uber driver to stay employed by uber?

  34. Uber should pay drivers for damages done to their cars by the riders and they dont. A female rider pulled really hard on the door handle cause she was drunk and mad at her spouse and ripped the door handle off. did uber charge the rider for damage to the vehicle or pay to have it fixed nope cause uber got there money.

  35. I would like to know, Dave, what kind of car you are using for uber and/or lyft ?
    and what the best car is for this business, thanks for reply.

  36. Uber take 50% out of the fare not 20% as you think. At the end, Uber is only the one making profits not a driver. Below is one of a trip they pay me.
    Total fare ($13.54) – Booking fee ($4.51) = $9.03

    $9.03 – 25% Uber Service Fee ($2.26) = $6.77 Total Earnings.

  37. NONE of what Dave has posted is true in Green Bay, Wisconsin. UBER takes 25% of the fee, There is often an hour or more wait between rides, and most rides are in the $5-$10 range. There is RARELY a surge, except at 2:00 am when all the belligerent drunks are pouring out of the bars at closing time. I’m lucky if I eeek out $7-$10 per hour. Also, UBER is saturating the market with drivers (even runs adds in Craig’s List and on job websites), while the rider pool is barely increasing. Green Bay is so small, that leaving downtown means heading out into residential neighborhoods and farmlands. There NO opportunity for a ride on the way back, which means you eat your time and mileage, often up to 20-30 minutes, on the return trip. My goal is to make $1.00 per mile, to cover all expenses, including the $0.57 per mile calculated by the IRS. BTW, I’m from Orange County, California. Moved to Wisconsin in 2011. I’ve attached a screenshot of my reality, a Friday night in Green Bay.

  38. 39k as full-time!? Just doesn’t seem worth it, I’d do it for fun maybe but fck me if people actually rely on this income.

  39. I will have to say this is quite similarly to my experience driving full time…in Nashville.. Which the is growing at 70 new people a day on who moves here…traffic is shitty!!!! People Dont want to drive its a gold mine here……every night the surge is high and people pay 40+ just to go 8 freaking miles and I end up with 32 of it….and that’s all freaking night!!! Some cities are different… I just happen to work in the one where no one wants to drive…people have money to blow and like to get other people’s cars to confess and tip you for listening…. Beside the point.. You make good money… But if you can hustle and know the city as I do…I make 22 an hour on average through the week and 27 over the weekend Thursday to Sunday morning…. I use to be an optician… It was decent money.. But I worked for someone else and made them more money… I like it this way…my bills are always paid early… I have time to do what I want and do what I want…oh and my car has an extended warranty so as far as maintenance its covered for a few more years lol

  40. I don’t need to make a ton of money, but I want to be sure I can at least make the lease payment every week. Have enough for gas and insurance. Obviously uber makes most the money , and that’s fine by me when most of my jobs , especially the one I had most recently, bad boss who expected me to do all the work so he and his wife could play all day , with or without their kids. I wasn’t able to save enough for a car and I still have a 700 dollar balance to pay off on my credit card. My credit is fair , although a couple hard entries just lowered my score thanks to the credit union not helping me with a loan to pay of my credit card (which the card wasn’t through them btw) at a way lower interest rate. But because I’m not currently employed they can’t help yet.
    I don’t currently have a car, or a job because I don’t have a car. I’m back at home living with my parents who are too old to be driving me to work plus it’s not worth the hassle. But I’m a pretty good driver and I miss it.
    Parents are pretty discouraging , mostly my Dad, who likes to always point out all the negative stuff . It’s good to not be delusional , right ? But I see good and bad. Mostly good with the benefit of the doubt keeping my skepticism in the back of my mind. So far from what I’ve read , this newer leasing plan is passing all the pyramid scheme tests.
    It’s not even too good to be true.
    My parents plan to move , but have been saying this for 30 years now so , I don’t really believe it for now a lease would be perfect because we will probably be here at least for the next 36 months.
    Yeah it’s expensive plan , but hey , I think my life is worth a lot more than whatever gets paid to uber. And if I can do something about being stuck at home not able to find a job anywhere close enough to walk, it’s worth it to me just to get out and be my own boss , because I’m really sick of working for mangers who are total sociopaths , seems like a win win to me.

  41. I have a 2014 Highlander and am wondering if I will make any money. Any feedback for me? Thanks

  42. I took a ride to the dr it was 19.40$ the ride there , however the same distance an uber driver charged me 36.67$$ HOW REDICIOULOUS – I am contacting uber & never using them again. He came from Columbia Heights to pick me up at Maple Grove home to Coon Rapids … NO TRAFFIC BOTH WAYS! Irate & will never ever use uber for a ride again!! PERIOD, I’d rather walk!

  43. So , readers of this website and alike i.e. – the rideshare guy are supposed to believe that on top of you driving for uber full time , on top of that have all this free time to blog about how great it is to drive for uber, in addition to being Web page developers and all? Lol I was buying it until now.

    1. I’ll tell what in Philadelphia Uber black drivers make about $5.00 or less an hour. There are way to many cars on the platform. Guys are logged on almost 80 hours. Uber is out of control. Drivers here are losing their cars because they can’t make the payments. It used to be ok . Guys were making money. But in October 14 Uber started defying the law here in philly and add uber x . Lyft followed . With an oversaturated platform the only ones making money are Uber. Oh yeah and maybe the companies buying the subprime loans we drivers took out to get uber started here. There about 12,000 or so uber x drivers in the Philly area. About 500 uber black drivers. There were only 1600 taxis . And Uber keeps adding cars. And to top it off uber raised our commissions to 25%. No way to make a living doing those in the Philly area anymore. But didn’t Pt Barnum say there’s a suckered born every minute. Most uber drivers here are former taxis drivers. So it won’t be long before uber is the same as the taxis everyone hates. Because if drivers can’t make money they can’t keep up with maintenance. It’s just not worth it for all the miles, wear and tear on their vehicle. Ubers business model is deceptive. That’s why they are working on the driverless car because regular people will catch on eventually. They killed what could have been a good thing for drivers.. But it great for riders.

  44. Uber has been charging me money every week since April 11th and I just started driving 2 days ago, I called the number on my bank statement the message says to do chat support, I go on chat support and it just takes me to a statement. There is no chat support! What are they charging me for, besides the fact they take their money out of the money I’m supposedly making. This is just wrong!

    1. I was wondering about that. I just signed up to drive for Uber and as I was doing the app on my phone there is a statement it the terms and agreement part talking about accepting the charges. I also saw that Uber charges a fee to direct deposit your pay into your bank account.

  45. I make good money with Uber. THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Hopefully if you get some tips on making some extra money from me, then great! Everyone is different. Remember, you are an independent contractor. If you see if as a business not a job then you can be successful. I only work part time (20 hours a week) and average $700-900 a week. I only work one 40 hour week and made over $1300 without my tips. After all my expense (gas, insurance, taxes, and maintenance), I make $25-35 an hour and average 20 hours a week in the San Francisco/San Jose area. I know many have already stated their tips of success but I think I should also share mine. Remember every city, vechile, and experience is different. This is just mine!

    1. I work on peak/surging hours. Yes early mornings (3:30am-9am) Monday-Friday are my favorite. The surge is 2-3.5x and appox. 60% of my airport riders tip between $5-10. I don’t have to claim on my taxes. Or Friday-Saturday night 8pm-2am only 30% tip but the surge is higher (3-5x). I don’t work everyday nor do I always work 6 hours. I have kids and sometimes I only work 2 hours during those times and get 3 rides but with surge I still make $20/hr.

    2. I have little snacks or water for riders. I don’t hand them out nor do I leave water out for every rider. When a rider gives me hints or request it, I have it available.

    3. I have phone charges for both Apple and Android. Everyone lives off there phone now a days.

    4. I qualified for an Uber Fuel Card after so many trips. I know my area pretty well. I get gas at the cheapest location and use the card. The money get taken out of my bonus pay so I don’t have to worry about it. Also I get a gas 0.15 a gallon discount on top of that.

    5. Become a POWER DRIVER. It pays my gas and/or taxes!!! 30 rides a week is $50, 50 rides a week $100, 80 rides a week $225…… etc…. You get that money 100%.

    6. Read your emails. Look at your weekly progress. If you are not working during the recommend hours, you’re luck if you’ll break even for the day!!! Uber sends emails everyday of incentives, bonus, expected peak hours, etc. CLAIM those offers. Here’s an example of this week’s email

    Want to earn a guaranteed $40/hr?

    With more riders expected to be out and about for Cinco de mayo, we’re offering higher guarantees for extended periods of time. This week, earn a guaranteed $35/hr for driving during the week, with an opportunity to earn $40/hr guaranteed Thursday night.

    Make sure to click the button below to claim your offer of up to $40/hr guaranteed!

    Thanks for all that you do to keep the Bay moving. Drive safely.

    – Your Uber Bay Area Team


    Times Earnings


    7am – 10am $35/hr

    5pm – 7pm $35/hr


    7am – 10am $35/hr

    5pm – 7pm $35/hr


    7am – 10am

    5pm – 11pm $35/hr



    7am – 10am $35/hr

    This email will help you make that extra money!!! It has failed me yet!!!

    7. Now the expense….I track my miles, save all my receipts, and write it all off. For taxes, I personally pay 30% like I was an employee. When I make $900, I know my taxes are $270. I can use my incentive money or referral bonus to pay those taxes. I pay quarterly so I don’t have that big expense on April 15th. My friend pay 15-20%. I just like getting money back during refund season!!! Maintenance…. I have a 2013 VW Passat S. Oil & Service is every 10K and I make sure I’m on top of that. Uber has rewards discounts. 15% Jiffy Lube or Midas…. etc… I use it. It keeps my car on the road.

    8. I almost forgot. I always greet my rider using their name instead of sir or madam. It makes them feel safe and secure and keeps your rating high! I don’t have to explain customer service. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

    9. Now be smart with your money! I have good and bad weeks. I put the extra money away for rainy days and having needed to use it yet. Just because I made $900 one week next might only be $400 because I couldn’t catch a surge or bonus. Like I said treat this as a business not a JOB.

    I am grateful that I can UBER and make money. I am a single mother of 2 daughter and I want to be available for them when needed. Also I go to school full time so I can have a career I want not a JOB. I went from working 60 hours to working on my own hours. Hopefully this will help some of you. It’s not for everyone.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions.

      1. You are very wrong shumeka. Uber has said that it won’t build it into the app like Lyft but you can accept tips. Please learn your facts.

    1. How long have you been driving for Uber? Just wondering because at if you avg $900 and you are putting in 30% this year you may still owe (assuming last year was your first year with Uber) 900 * 15.3 = 137.70 SSA & Medicare Tax 900 * 25% = 225 (tax rate for income over $37600) 225+137.70=362 / 900 = 40.3% tax rate (note if you have state or local income tax that gets added on as well (Philadelphia, PA for example has both local and state income tax)

  46. A regular taxi driver is “off the grid” so to speak. In the Phoenix area an individual “contract driver”, not an employee of the cab company can lease a taxi for a 12 hour shift for $100. Since you’re not an employee there is no W-2 or 1099 reporting and since it’s a cash business the IRS has no idea about the money involved. The cab company furnishes the insurance for the car, not the driver and the onboard computer dispatch. The driver pays for gas and cleaning of the cab and keeps everything on the meter. Voucher rides screw the driver because cab companies have contracts with government agencies that give free rides to illegals or vagrants living on the government tit. Voucher rides are flat rate, usually $6 to $8 regardless what is on the meter. The driver gets screwed because he must pay for gas so he is essentially subsidizing some low life that’s getting a free ride. Still, its hit or miss. I drove a cab for awhile between real jobs and averaged around $200 a week driving seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Some days I couldn’t cover the $100 lease and other days I made $400 to $500 a day. It was a very emotional roller coaster. Yeah, I could have made more money being a greeter at Walmart but pushing a hack gave me the flexibility to operate out of the cab and look for “real” work. Walmart employees can’t even make personal phone calls while on the clock.

  47. Honestly I think the people bashing uber are expecting too much. I’m currently a 20 year old college student scraping by with a part time (12 hrs a week) job for my school and a restaurant gig on the weekend (anorher 12 hours a week). I work a total of 24 hours a week for about $300 a week and go to school full time. As a 20 year old you really don’t have a lot of options to make decent money. Personally I’m dying to turn 21 so I can finally start working for uber. If I could just make $100 more per week and not have to bust my ass working at a restaurant on my weekends when I should be having some downtime I’d be the happiest person in the world. With that being said the uber argument is a matter of perspective. If you’re trying to make a living off of uber of course it’s not going to happen. But if you’re a broke college kid living by himself in a big city like Chicago paying ridiculous rent so the commute to school everyday doesn’t take over an hour, an extra buck or two from driving for uber is a blessing.

  48. One year ago, I did the calculations for a friend of mine that was driving a 2002 Chevrolet 1/2 ton four wheel drive truck. The truck was free – his father abandoned it after the frame broke. The driver had to put 4 new tires on the truck to drive it. Every 3 weeks the driver had to pay $40 to have all the maintenance done to the vehicle. Unlike a regular private passenger vehicle, when you haul passengers, you must ensure that everything is in tip top conditions. Every 6 months the vehicle needed a 4 wheel brake job. About once a year you will need a new windshield. An accident will easily cost you $3000.00 About every 3 years you will need to replace your vehicle – using 35,000 miles as an average mileage per a year, driving part time. Not all of the trip is paid, a certain portion will come out of your own pocket. Basically where your last stop ends back to your house. At least once, possibly twice a year, you will need 4 new tires. Especially if you live where there is snow. Wreck and you will be sued. The break even point is $1.00 a mile. That will basically pay for the replacement cost of the new vehicle you will need in 3 years and all the fuel and maintenance. Your salary will be anything you make over $1.00 an hour! If Uber paid $1.35 a mile, then your salary would be $.35 a mile – probably $3.50 to $7.00 an hour. After 3 years, if all went well and you stuck with it, you would still be right back where you started with nothing to show for your work except a pile of receipts and a worn out vehicle. People are disrespectful, they will damage your vehicle, track in dirt, mud, when you confront them, they will deny any wrongdoing. The only people to make money on the deal is UBER – since UBER doesn’t have anything into this except a web site and an alleged insurance policy that doesn’t pay for much of anything. Taxes will probably take 65% of everything that you make. Not having to tip – gets the customer out of paying gratuities – like a taxi cab. Not having to pay for a license to run a Cab service gets UBER a higher profit then a regulated industry like a Cab service. There is no guarantee that the vehicle that hauls the customer is going to be nice, clean, or safe. Mostly this type of service is designed to be operated by students and college students where their parents furnish the vehicle. The student runs the vehicle until it blows up or falls apart and you trade the value of your vehicle for cash in your pocket. Much like Cheech and Chong in the movie – Things are tough all over….

    1. The fact remains and cannot be avoided that in consideration of the present paradigm in Mass Communications involving the advanced electronic devices that have saturated modernized societies and the never-ending development of even more convenient Social Media applications there is no question that the taxi-cab business will soon go the way of the horse and buggy.

  49. I live in albuquerque. I make on average 7$ per hour. It appears the only worth while period is surge driving. Saturday night surge I drove six hours and made $63 and Sunday non surge I made $12 for 3hours 45 mins. I prefer not to chase surges because it moved around too often. But there are areas where you know it will surge off and on at certain periods. The surge drives for Saturday night are short so it’s only a few dollars. From reading others articles on uber I gather the amount you can make really depends on what city you are in and not surge hours. I will continue during surge times and areas only.

  50. I noted that the writer did not mention that he is required by his insurance to update his policy to indicate he is using his vehicle for business purposes in which case his rate changes dramatically. The first accident he gets in (no matter if it is his fault or not) the other driver and uber/lyft driver have to trade insurance info. As part of the process each insurance company will take a recorded attestation of what happened. As soon as the insurance company for the uber/lyft driver finds out he was using the vehicle for business purposes they will deny the claim, cancel his policy (for falsifying his auto insurance application or failing to provide accurate information) then the state will be notified and the real fun begins with in some states the driver being prosecuted for failure to maintain proper insurance coverage.

    1. Insurance problem was my reason for deciding to NOT drive for Uber, even after I was approved. You should NOT be a driver without commercial drivers insurance! I looked everywhere and couldn’t find affordable commercial insurance (over $1,000 a month). If you are in an accident while driving for ANY Uber/Lyft type company and are under your standard policy, the claim WILL BE DENIED, your policy WILL BE CANCELLED, and be prepared to file for BANKRUPTCY because your ARE GOING TO BE SUED once the other person’s insurance company finds out that your insurance company is not going to pay anything!

      1. Read your auto policy. I don’t know about anyone else. But I checked mine and it says it excludes payment for any losses incurred in the event the vehicle is used for commercial purposes. Also checked a friend who was already working for Uber and her’s also had language that said any claims resulting directly or indirectly from the car being used for hire are not covered by the policy. Florida was working on making ride sharing companies provide primary insurance and I have heard Lyft covers their drivers as primary any time the app is open (meaning the drivers is available for rides). It doesn’t mean you can avoid telling your insurance. Of course all of this is governed by your individual state insurance regulations and financial responsibility requirements that each state sets for motor vehicles. You state may be more or less restrictive also if you cross state lines you may have to meet requirements of both states. (why some taxi’s in DC say they can’t go into MD, or VA.

  51. I absolutely LOVE this article!! I have tried to explain to simple minded folks that your success with Uber depends on the schedule you build for yourself as well as THE MARKET IN WHICH YOU DRIVE!! My husband is a full time (5 to 7 hrs per day 4 to 5 days a week) driver and we make approx. 1500 DOLLARS PER WEEK (pre expenses) how do we obtain such lucrative income? WE LIVE IN HAWAII…
    HONOLULU TO BE EXACT.. we live in a market where people come to vacation everyday of the week and arrive at all hours of the night!! We live in a TOURIST market..if you do not live in such a market it may truly be difficult to obtain the same results but that doesn’t mean Uber drivers ain’t out here getting PAID!

  52. Uber is BS. I drove for Uber and ended up making minimum wage after taking all the expenses out. Only a fool will drive a car for uber. In addition, if you get into an accident, you will be all stuck in a lingo!! For minimum wage, only a fool will risk everything. I am talking about driving in philly!! Uber=BS for drivers.

  53. Hi Y’all, if you are in San Francisco, California and interested to drive for Uber, please use my Invite Code i983x for signing up bonus. Thanks and happy for driving with Uber 🙂

  54. Hi there I am a new uber driver, how do I create the link you did for my social media platforms, to sign new drivers and be sure they and I get bonus, thanks so much, and your site is very informative x

    1. This guy is a tech guy and smart. If you dont know that much tech, I suggest you to use the website . He has also done search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure his results pop out first in the google. I guess he is making more money of this website through ads and referrals than driving with uber (lol). Smart move man!

  55. Are you serious>?????????????? Who in the US today is paying 10% TAXES????????
    Who can get $50 on surges per day???? You are just insane. Realistic pay is between $10-15 after which you have to pay taxes, car maintenance, wear and tear, depreciation and everything else. Not to mention that you don’t have option for health insurance, no protection if you get in an accident, exposing yourself to much for possible traffic ticker etc. Exposing yourself to strangers.

    LETS BE HONES, Everybody benefits here but drivers. (uber is making way to much money and riders are still getting very good fares)

  56. How can I get in touch with the writer of this post? The contact us section has not responded .

  57. I live in Los Angeles and i’m thinking about driving during in the summer while I’m on break from CSUN. I was going to lease a car with Uber. Can you explain the insurance to me? Do you come out of pocket for insurance at all or does Uber cover it? Keep in mind i’ll only be using this car for Uber. I also have my own car, i just prefer not to use it. Thanks 🙂

  58. Drove 44 hrs; 130 trips;

    $1,182 + 107 surge.

    258 Fee to Uber

    158 gas

    $301 for 60 out of 100 trips


    $1188 take home (*before taxes*)

    Do the math!

    Guaranteed It’s a no Brainer if you like to drive and help people. I was just in one of the home office’s today and they were signing up people and every chair was filled

    1. You didn’t count depreciation, car expenses and ALL TAXES . You’re making $20 hr w no benefits. Turnover is sky high

      1. yup but you forgot the 50000 miles claimed at 0.54 mile! 20k in 6 months part time and I kept it all! Just figured I would answer this now that the facts are in backed up by data! Just bought a new car and will use it now for Uber and pay the car off by the end of the year! Thanks Uber and Lyft

          1. no between oil changes every month that is how many miles went on the car and the miles are logged, but you are allowed all miles between, to and from pickups and miles home at the end! No brainer

  59. The insurance was my reason for deciding to NOT drive for Uber, even after I was approved. You should NOT be a driver without commercial drivers insurance! I looked everywhere and couldn’t find affordable commercial insurance (over $1,000 a month). If you are in an accident while driving for ANY Uber/Lyft type company and are under your standard policy, the claim WILL BE DENIED, your policy WILL BE CANCELLED, and be prepared to file for BANKRUPTCY because your ARE GOING TO BE SUED once the other person’s insurance company finds out that your insurance company is not going to pay anything!

      1. I read the article thoroughly. My point is that when your personal insurance finds out you were driving commercially, you WILL be cancelled and may not be able to get a personal policy that is affordable, if at all. If you drive without commercial insurance, you are committing FRAUD, if you care about such things.

        1. Ride sharing is acceptable by most major insurers. You just have to NOTIFY them. My insurer even provides gap insurance for a small amount (about $14 per month) the gap insurance covers the time from call to pick up. If your insurer doesn’t accept ride sharing then you need a different insurance.

        2. Rule to the wise if you are an 1099 you would be wise to get a LLC or INC to protect yourself. Now if you called your insurance agent and explained what you are doing and ask for a gap insurance then it is all good. Why people get all upset when we on the same team ? Be informed and help each other is the key right?

  60. The tax estimate is off in this article. FICA payroll tax alone is 15.3% for independent contractors. Then you add state and federal income tax.
    The $0.565 tax deduction per mile covers, gas, maintenance (oil, tires, brakes, etc.), insurance, and depreciation of the car. So if a car depreciates by $20,000 when you put 100,000 miles on it, that would be $0.20/mile for depreciation. If you change your oil every 3000 miles for $30 that is $0.01/mile. Tires are about the same, $0.01/mile (assume $500 cost and 50,000 miles between replacement). If gasoline goes to $3.00/gallon and you get 20 miles/gallon that works out to $0.15/mile. The rest of the tax allowance must cover insurance, license taxes/fees, and other maintenance.
    When figuring your costs you should also consider the mileage you put on the car going to the pick-up point. You don’t get paid for that mileage but you have to pay the expense, so be sure to include them in your tax calculations.

    The bottom line is, after Uber takes their cut, you get $0.80/mile + $0.144/minute – $0.565/mile (expense). If you assume an average speed of 30 mph (2 minutes/mile) the 14.4 cents/minute becomes 28.8 cents/mile. So now the equation becomes $0.80 + $0.288 – $0.565 = $0.523/mile. Again, assuming 30 mph average speed, 30mph X $0.523/mile = $15.69/hour. These calculations do not include any surge fees. If there is a 1.3 surge fee imposed, the hourly rate would go to $20.40. It also does not count the time you are waiting or the time and expense it takes to travel to pick up the passenger.

    What percentage of total miles traveled on average is with a passenger? If it is anywhere near 50% or less, you will actually lose money as an Uber driver.

    1. What about writing off food, clothing (uniform), car wash, maintenance, phone bill as buisness expenses? If you’re savvy enough you could come up with enough tax credits to offset this.

    2. Correct. Idiots can not do math . Only way to make money is all surge or all xl/SUV or select driving

      1. And in other news, Mr. A cannot spell “cannot” correctly–although he can comment on every damn thing that’s said.

  61. I am thinking of driving for uber in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yet, i am also a little hesitant. I would have to get a crappy loan from uber to purchase a car. I have bad credit, and dont own a car at the moment. So, not sure if the expenses to that loan would cancel out benefits, especially since i am sure Albuquerque is less profitable than LA.

    Anyone have experiences / feedback on the car loan options with uber, or with my local market, driving?
    Thanks $

    1. you should try it the process was amazing just make sure you have the $250 and look into the hybrid car since they said you will do a lot of driving and ask around for deal on riding sharing type insurance and gap insurance .. it is a 1099 type business that can be profitable.. just do the process and you will be fine I was surprise at the way Uber process my request and getting approved for it

        1. Yea but they cover all maintenance and there is no mileage caps. If you are making decent money driving it’s not a bad way to go…especially if you don’t have a carband need one. Now if you’re not making enough to cover then you’re screwed.

  62. 10% for taxes? Are you stupid?

    Your federal income tax rate will be higher than that + you have to pay 100% of social security fees since you are a 1099 contractor. Then there is California taxes. Cars depreciate about 50 cents a mile per the IRS so you are making very little money.

    I guess it is true, you really have to be stupid to drive from Uber.

  63. Uber are crooks and thiefs as well as liars! I have been driving for almost a year and it’s a living hell, too bad I financed a brand new car like an idiot for uber. I drive in Nyc and uber forces us to pick up uberx calls in a Luxury SUV, if we started after February 2015 and claiming that it is a nyc rule when it actually isn’t. Why doesn’t the city sue?? If it was a nyc rule then why can other companies even lyft allow us to pick up calls that are car is designated for? I had a trip on July 5th after July 4th midnight that exceeded over $1000 that uber has flagged and not paid me for, I have gone to the office and they said I won’t get paid for it and when I demanded a managed she stated it is under investigation, what does it have to do with me? I completed the trip they gave me which lasted 4.5 hours from New York City to Alabany and just because it exceeds over $1000 they blame me? I didn’t put a surge charge. I also see that surge charges are set ups. Sometimes there are no cars in a busy area and there is no surge, now that’s bullshit. Surge charge states that there is no cars in the area and the surge is to encourage the drivers, total bullshit. Just for the company to steal customers money. If you cared about the drivers then all surge charge will be ours. Drivers do not get to keep 80%, total bullshit. Get your facts straight. Uber takes 20%-29% percent and on top of that you have sales tax=8.9% nyc and black car fund which is another 4% and is not an option. Lets not forget commercial insurance that uber requires in nyc area $800 a month. No tipping because the company obviously doesn’t want drives to get too wealthy. All drivers work hard for our money and trust me, it’s not enough. The guarantees are bullshit and after all fees, maintenance, gas, tickets, Bills and yearly taxes, we make about $10-13 dollars and hour. I work 60 hours a week to make $1500 on average with all my expenses. After expenses I rather be working in Dunkin donuts where I can a tax refund

  64. I’m thinking about driving for Uber in Miami, does anyone have any idea of how much money I could be earning if I drive 30 hours per week? Also, what type of vehicle do you recommend for this type of job? I plan on buying a car for this purpose, nothing too luxury but something comfortable and nice for customers. Thanks.

  65. If I work 30-40 hours I earn anywhere from 5-600$ in a week in Miami. Spending about 60-80 of that on gas. The market is a bit saturated now, there are nowhere near as many surges as there were before. I’m still trying to figure out the best places to drive though.

  66. I currently work in NYC a office job 9 am-5 pm. The only time will be available to driver is after 5 pm Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. I current do not have a car so I will be signing up with ubers rental program. LOOKING FOR NYC UBER DRIVERS OPINIONS ONLY. Is this worth the hassle?

  67. How does UBER address the Bed Bug Issue? What happens when you get them in your car, and bring them home? Could be a huge expense.

  68. I am a System Analyst. I want to clarify that I understand that this blog is talking about LA and I am from Raleigh, NC. As an Analyst I am a bit skeptical about claims coming from these ride sharing companies. So I decided to drive around my own city for a couple weeks and came to the conclusion that even in a city with a population of 1 Million. You will make $10-$35/hr but that is only Gross Earnings. With that said you’ll have to put in a good 60 hrs of work to make $1,000, Decuct Vehicle Expenses, Ride Share Fees, and you are left with $400.

  69. You said save 10% for taxes and 10% for expenses. WRONG! You need to take out 20-30% for expenses. Gas alone accounts for 10%, add to that depreciation, insurance, repairs, and maintenance. Also with Uber’s 60% in fees, sounds like you’ll be left with only 10% profit. At that rate, you’ll having nothing left to tax

  70. I drive for Lyft in Chicago, lol. It’s pretty decent money. Not bad or good. $755 per 31 hrs (minus $150 sign on bonus so $605 realistically)

    Unlike uber, the driving fee of 0% is achievable, they took 10% out last week because I didn’t meet #s after I had a rider puke alllll over front seat (still smells, have yet to receive any damages compensation for that)

    Traffic here is terrible nearly half the day every day. Plenty of riders however sometimes it takes a long time to get a rider even during surge (peak hours in Lyft terms) and if the rider wants a ride way out of town out of my prime time and population zone…well then I’m screwed cuz I have to spend my own money and time to drive back to the hot zones.

    My car only gets 18-20 mpg city 2014 vw jetta. And I put about 200 or more miles a day driving Lyft 10-17 hrs. I also have 40 miles (80 round trip) to commute to the city from my suburb at 31mpg.

    If I drove a Prius, it would prob be worth to continue driving. But right now, hell no. Not with my current car. And tips kind of suck, better off being a cabbie, get some health benefits or maybe getting some certs at school and doing a professional job.

    I am starting healthcare work in September so I’ll drive till then just to pay bills. After that my car is off limits. Pukers can stay away, lol. Driving your own car is barely worth it honestly.

    I’m also studying app development on my own free time, if you see a ride share app in the future only charging drivers 1-2% of the fare, you can thank me for that.

    Cuz realistically even 1% of fare value of a billion+ annual rides is already enough money to get stupid rich. Anything more will just be greed in my opinion. And if marketed well enough to riders it will be a play on ethics and good conscience to use a service that treats both riders and drivers with a little more respect than current options.

  71. I only have one question. How many trips, on average, do you make a week?
    How many hours do you drive on line? (You’re an actor. Lets say you have a week when you have 3 or 4 auditions, and you cannot retain a silver or gold status, what do you make then?)
    How much we make driving for Uber depends on how many hours we spend on line and how many trips we complete. If you don’t compete 50+ trips a week you’ll have to drive more to make the same as with gold status because the incentives are less. If you don’t make the silver level, 35 trips, you basically are working for nothing.
    When ever I see an Uber ad for drivers and they say things like: “Drive a few hours a week and make up to $300.” I cringe. It is simply a bold faced lie.

  72. A rule of thumb is that you will be able to pocket about 50% for the gross earnings. The rest goes to pay Uber’s 20% + Fees + Vehicle Expenses. If you only work at events and during surges your net income will be much higher.

  73. I am currently a Uber driver and what I have noticed in most of the posts is the incentives and medal program that Uber has in place are missing. In order to make any kind of real money you are going to have to complete a minimum of 45 rides per week to sustain Gold level driver rewards you can earn more by completing 75 rides per week for Platinum and go to a minimum of 25 rides for silver and get paid next to cost. The more you drive the more you make is what you must remember. That said your average gross will be anywhere from 500-800 per week depending on the location and time of day for driver with Gold status. I drive typically in the morning hours ( 430 am – 200 pm) M–Th and Fridays ( 800 am – 700 Pm ) I may or may not drive on the weekends and I will not drive nights, driving on Sat or Sun depends if I am up for it , if there is a special event or holiday or if I decided to take a couple days off during the week. I driver per shift 6 – 10 hours and always take at least two days off and manage 700.00+ per week take home. Being a driver is not for everyone and WE ARE NOT PARTNERS. Uber will always address you as ” Dear Partner” but it is far from the truth. Uber is concerned about Uber and that is the harsh reality. They know that for every driver that quits there is always another one waiting. They do not care about you or your safety and will always first take the side of the passenger in any dispute. I have only had a couple of non violent disputes and am pleased to report managed to get them thrown off the Uber platform after I advised Uber and explained the situation. You have to deal with several different types of personalities and some people no matter how nice you are to them are just true assholes and will what they can to bring you down and fuck with your rating. There are not many I would say less than 1% but they out there and it will affect have some effects on you. If your sensitive to this do not drive for a rideshare service it will not be a pleasant experience. . On the positive note LA / OC has a lot of great people that use the service. I have had some memorable conversations and some good laughs with some of my passengers and even made a new friend or two. Most people know that being a driver is hard and extremely stressful and try make the experience safe and enjoyable for all. The bottom line is like every job you will be rewarded for the efforts you put into it just be flexible and comfortable to having complete strangers coming in and out of your life every time you drive.

  74. I stopped driving. I don’t want to live in my car. When I first started driving they paid 1.20 a mile. The last time I drove, I didn’t realize until after I received my payout amount that the fare had gone down to .90! I complained and their answer was that they too were getting a lesser cut….. Off how many drivers????? Cmon. It isn’t goi g to improve until the drivers unite.

  75. I don’t drive, and probably have averaged about a mile a year of driving over my lifetime, so I’m not about to drive for Uber. I do take Uber occasionally, and, when possible, I use Uber Pool. Depending on whether I’m getting ordinary Pool rates or the special $3 Pool rate at certain hours (this is in South Florida, BTW) I tip anywhere from a couple of bucks on a short ride to, in one case, $8 on a longer ride. (I paid $4, instead of $3, to Uber to make sure there would be room for a second ‘rider’ consisting of a lot of groceries.) Unfortunately, the driver only had one other rider on that trip, and only for a short part of a long trip, so he didn’t make as much as he should have.

    I’ve noticed that, sad to say, most riders I’ve been in pools with don’t tip at all! I don’t, BTW, think tipping is a good way for workers to get paid. (In revolutionary Barcelona in 1936, workers abolished tipping.) But, practically speaking, I’d rather give my money to the driver than to Uber and the IRS.

  76. These figures are incorrect. Grand Rapids Michigan . $1.55 booking fee and 28 % which brings it closer to 30%. It is very difficult if not impossible to make a decent living when uber bends us over like this after you factor in up keep,gas, insurance and vehicle payments.
    It took multiple requests to get this info but the finally coughed it up.
    Lyft is more for the driver and passenger. Uber is for the passenger only. they could careless about the drivers!

  77. I’m calling BS on this article. I’ve been driving for 2 months now, logged 8 hours a day, everyday of the week and I barely make $100 for the week, sometimes less. You do the math. Most people I go to pick up cancel when I’m halfway there or just arriving.

    1. I don’t know if I believe the article, either; but if you’re only making $100 a week, then you’re doing it wrong.

  78. i agree about uberPOOL. Uber needs to take a smaller share of the uberPOOL fare, needs to charge more, and needs to enact a rider rating limit for riders permitted to use uberPOOL (ie only those with a 4.8 rating can use that service). Uber also needs to make the driver cancel wait time even less than it currently is…..and it needs to remind the riders that they are CHOOSING sacrifices in accomodation for the sake of price…and that none of those sacrifices are the driver’s fault. If Uber did all of this uberPOOL would be a reasonable service for both rider and driver. Of course, Uber doesn’t put much thought in to what is reasonable when they make decisions….as can be seen time and time again with the way they role out their various rates and programs. It’s a company unabashedly managed like a hedge fund….and as such their decisions are often surgically stupid and unfair at the human level

  79. If I want to ever take a taxi I will call a local Yellow Cab not some Uber driver who could be a criminal or who will rip me off on the fare. Get a real job.

        1. And your like 60 arguing with someone who is 23 about your and you’re lol, You old, fat, look like a pedophile, and just all around pathetic. Good luck with the rest of your life. Did I use “your” right this time?

        2. Hey moron, not every driver’s an uneducated POS. There are people with health problems that can’t hold a regular job schedule. My own situation is that my wife died and I’ve got kids at home. The amount of time off they have from school makes it impossible to hold a real job (only 4 days school in over a month because of xmas break and 7 snow days). Try that one on your boss and if he gives you a pass, see what happens in the summer when you’re fucked for 11 weeks every year. There are plenty of single parents depending on Uber.

  80. You took time off from your “real” job (which, with a Master’s presumably pays very well) in order to drive 12 hours a day for a job that only pays $1000 a week? Oh, and you bought a fairly expensive car just to do this “side” job??

    Makes sense to me.

    1. Yes makes sense…..=)
      Less stress……
      Had money to buy the car in full… no monthly payment. Only used the car to uber cuz I didn’t want to put my miles on my other car and devalue the car……prius is a tool/car that I used to make side money while I took some time off my real work…..drove for uber cuz I didn’t want to just stay a home and do nothing……uber was quite fun for me lol
      Made $4000- $5000 a month……that’s quite good imho…..have associates that have masters degrees that make less or just a little more than that.
      There are many and I mean many that are making $4000- $5000 monthly and are very pleased with driving for uber.

      Makes sense to me =)

    1. You form a subchapter S corporation and have an attorney submit the paperwork. Once that’s done, you request an EIN (EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) from the IRS. After you get it, you open a business checking account under the name of your corporation (of which you are President) and have Uber make deposits to that bank account

      1. So in doing it that way does that help with tax breaks or does it make it to which you dont pay taxes on the check? Just curious because I plan om doinf this within the week

  81. Yes you can write off the car and etc….tax was no big deal. Paid little over $100 for tax last year.
    People who are complaining about uber are morons. Their just bitter cuz they cant figure out how to make money driving for uber lol.
    Driving for uber is one the easiest ways to make money. Most of them are still driving for uber and still can’t figure it out lol

  82. Alot……work hard and play harder.
    If you like driving and can figure out when and where to drive you can make anywhere from $4000- $5000 which I did. Key is having a hybird car like a prius.

  83. Why would any uber drivers lie about how much they make. I even posted phone screen photo of two months of work and pay. On this post some people are trying to help other uber driving make more money.
    The complainers are morons and just not cutout to drive for uber.
    By the way are you a uber driver? LoL

  84. I have a few questions. In orlando there is no uber power program and rates are .64c a mile and .11c a minute. Is it worth it?

    1. I take advantage of all the incentives. In South Bay/Santa Cruz, CA we get $35 an hour between 7-9am and 5-7pm M-F 5pm-2am Friday-Saturday. The San Francisco incentives are higher.

      I also work shorter rides and tons of pools. So I make the Power Bonus and can get 120 rides and the $500 bonus.

      Our rates here start at: $1.85, .15 a minute, and .90 mile. Orlando is lower so depending on the demand it might not be worth it if you can’t get power bonus or incentive. That’s where the money is at.

      Invite code: EGU7H earn up to $1000 bonus depending on location.

    2. No, not in the long term. If you want to make this your only job in Orlando, you will lose money. Until they decide to raise the mileage from .65 a mile back to 1.13. I know all the great places to pick up people and I keep the car filled for my whole shift and the best I have ever done was $15 an hour. I drove 400 miles in that shift, it cost me almost $40 in fuel and I only took in around $170. So, $130 after fuel, there were some tolls as well, another $7 off, $123 for 12 hours of work is only $10 an hour then mileage/wear and tear on your vehicle, 400 miles! A lot of sites try to tell you the average fare in Orlando is $12 but that is not correct. The average fare is around $5.50. Many riders only want to go 1 or 2 miles and about 10% of the ride requests are canceled by the rider after you’ve already spent 5-10 minutes coming to them or waiting on them to come out. Sometimes you do a get a rider cancellation fee of $3.75 but most times the rider was able to cancel just before you arrived and you just drove 4 miles to come pick them up. I would say about 40% of your fares will only be the minimum fare, which is $3.

      1. 400 miles, does this include total miles, paid and dead miles? I am going to guess yes. If not, you need to add your dead miles, not just paid miles.

        Realistic cents per mile total expenses for a small economical car is 30 cpm.

        Total expenses then is $120. 400 x. 30

        So you made $50, then you have to pay the other have of social security and medicare taxes (7.65%) since you are self employed that your employer would normally pay if you where an employee, and lets not forget the tolls, so you profited about $39 for 12 hours of work, or $3.25/hr.

        Below minimum wage and this is actually pretty common for most uber drivers, but most drivers do not understand how to calculate all expenses. Most drivers don’t account for depreciation and dead miles.

        Most drivers are just spending equity in their car and thinking it is profit.

        After all, if I have cash in hand, it must be profit they think. They don’t understand that you accrue expenses today, like wear and tear on your car, that you aren’t going to actually pay for until at a later time.

  85. During the busy Summer I make about 5-600.00 over a Friday and Saturday combined and make on average over 1k a week of strictly profit because I get tips that go toward gas.. I have already made more than my cars book value for a high milage Corolla so it’s been good to me. I have another full time job so this has helped pay off credit card debt and loans so also saved me those interest rates do I can’t complain

      1. I can send you copies of my week pays.. over the Summer I had a few 1400.00 weeks and this is only a second job.. I turn on after a full shift at a financial company. I just made 200.00 on a random Tuesday night after 5pm til 1am and usually slow during the week.

  86. Here it goes for real: check the image! This is San Diego uber.

    This week, makes no difference than last 3 months!

    37 hours , total fare split income (before expenses) 248$, – GAS = 80$ – INSURANCE , – CAR PAYMENT. I’m still in minus after almost full work week.

    When I asked them about this fiasco of an “partnership” they actually they don’t give a damn! We are only here unil driverless cars.

    I am sure there will be uber media people who will challenge this real facts and real driver with some make up lies.

    Uber boycott!

  87. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Call any insurance agent at any company and just ask them if their standard policy will cover you if they didn’t know you were driving for a rideshare service.

  88. You left out car depreciation. When you file your taxes you will just deduct .54 per mile because that is what the IRS allows.

    .54 x 300 miles = $162

    $171.27 – $162 = $9.27 for 12 hours. Your taxable income is $0.77 per hour.

    You qualified to collect welfare, food stamps, public housing and medicaid.

    Uber is a scam.

  89. “pay that $200 monthly and have your accountant deal with the taxes”

    You must be an accountant. That’s 20% of the above driver’s income.
    Just track all of your Uber miles from first pick up to last dropoff and deduct .54 per mile, phone etc. In most markets you won’t owe a dime in taxes.

    In Norfolk Va the rate is .60 per mile plus .12 per minute. You could get pinged as soon as you back out of your own driveway. Your neighbor gets in with a small package (?cocaine?). You drive 5 hours on the interstate with zero traffic, get gas while the rider drops off his package and then drive home. You just did a 700 mile round trip at 75 mph with no traffic and it took only 10 hours. The best ride of the Uber career netted the driver a taxable loss of $9…….

    The Uber rate for the neighbor is………

    700 miles x .60 equals……. $420
    600 minutes x .12 equals…..$72

    He pays Uber $492 and of course tipping is not required. The driver gets 75% or $369.

    The driver takes the standard .54 per mile IRS deduction for the 700 miles.
    700 x .54 equals $378.

    As far as the government is concerned, the Uber driver lost $9 on the trip.

    Uber says the driver earned $36.90 per hour that day.

    Zero tax is owed but the driver qualifies for every available social service program.

  90. Well, knowing that, you should reject fares that take you out of your metro area. BTW, the rate for Detroit is now like 30 cents a mile. No way you can operate a car on that anywhere in the US. They should literally have no drivers in Detroit. But people are either unable to do the calculations, or stuck.

  91. The “high end has guzzling car” is what’s required to sign up for Uber Select. Don’t you know a thing about Uber?

  92. I can’t speak as a driver but as a rider I love ride sharing. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the pay isn’t great. We live in at free market. The only things you need are are drivers license and are car. The supply far outweighs the demand. If you aren’t happy with it, do something else that requires a more in demand skillset. I made 10 cents above minimum wage a few years back. If you don’t like the way the table is set, turn over the table.

  93. Fuel cost is not the only cost on a car that should be taken into consideration!

    They forgot that:
    1- If you do Uber or Lyft on your days off (additional to your full time job), that you will need to hire services to do your chores:
    – Car wash
    – Cleaning the home
    – Do the lawn
    – …

    2- They forgot to include job expenses:
    – Someone steals a cable, usb charger, or other item from your car
    – Someone vomits in your car, and the fees are higher than what you get paid back from Uber/Lyft (you won’t have an income during this time).
    – Initial purchases, like cellphone mount, vomit bags, USB accessories, seat covers,…

    3- Increased insurance rates for higher miles, or going full coverage because you’re on the road more often

    4- Increased car repairs and oil changes

    5- Drastically increased new car purchase bills,
    When normally do 10k miles a year, your car will last you 10 years. Your $20k car will require you to set aside $180 a month for a new one after 10 years or $2k a year, until it reaches 100k miles.
    When you do an additional 20k miles by ride sharing part time, you’ll have to put this into your calculations. Your car will last you 150k miles, or 5 years. You will have to set $4k a year to the side, or $360 a month to save up for the new car.
    When you do it full time, or at least 50k miles on top of your already 10k miles, your car will break at around 175k miles (it’s higher, because the car is used more than when it’s used little in a long amount of time). It’ll last you 2 years, or cost you $10k a year, or $833 a month extra.
    If you are running overtime (70k miles a year, 50hrs a week), you earn a bit more, because you’ll basically have no time to use your car for 10k miles privately.
    The car will still last you a good 2 years.

    Taking all that into consideration, if your net income is less than a full time job pay, plus the purchase price of 1/2 a car ($10k-$15k), it’s not worth leaving your full time job.
    Also, using your car for Uber/Lyft can be combined with some personal use (eg: going to the grocery, or visiting family), lowering your personal miles, at the cost of Uber/Lyft (when you drop off someone near a grocery store, you might as well buy there your weekly necessities).

    It makes most sense to ride Uber professionally over 50 hours a week, or, to just keep your job and do it part time as extra pocket change.

  94. Yes he is and he is a moron. I made almost 43.000$ last year with Uber. And I have another part time job. I am grateful for Uber. My car is paid, I get great gas from them and giant grocery store. I drive 4/5 x week no more that 6 hrs in DC. I paid my cc debt and now can travel anytime I want. People don’t complain about Uber.

  95. The amount of revenue you can pull in with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft is completely determined on where you drive. I drive for Uber/Lyft in San Francisco and I will make over 100k this year after expenses. Yes, I said after expenses. If you don’t believe check out my website. My numbers will do all the talking for me.

  96. Okay, you can buy a brand new Prius for 30k after taxes. If you work 40hours a week (40hours riding people) you should make this money back in a year plus all the repairs, gas and about 15k left over to do whatever (pay rent, credit card, etc) just one year and you can have a car with roughly 25k miles on it, but it’s yours without the. We’d of any payments and never look back at uber. You guys are over thinking stuff. A lot of insurance companies now a days offer ridesharing options which is about $30 more than what you pay monthly, so technically you’re paying $30 extra for uber and it is exempt at the end of the year, without uber you’d be paying insurance anyways. I only make $14.85 an hour at my job before taxes, health insurance, 401k, daily commute, food, car repairs, gas, you name it. Every job is the same fucking shit.

  97. The last 2460 trips I did I put in 1069 hours. This averaged to be 26 minutes of online time per trip and net was $6.39 per trip before gas expenses which I estimate for my car about 12% per week which leaves sub net about $5.70 average per trip Overall About $14.70 per hour before gas (12%) so lets say about $12.95 per hour before other car stuff. This is basic Uber X $1.10 per mile and .17 minute

    Best week I had was $1600 before gas but I put in 105 hours.

  98. Uber is a fraud perpetuated on some of America’s most vulnerable. Immigrants, minorities and the working poor.

    The Uber Pirate will expose this fact.

  99. It is very easy to get a driving job at uber, provided, I guess, if your not on the national sex abuser or “do not fly” lists. Here’s how it works for me. I drive in NJ from 5pm to 1am. 8 hours. Those are the busiest hours and you’re more likely to earn surge time if you’re in a busy town. I earn roughly $150 to $160 a night from Uber. Gas is $30. So figure $120 in 8 hours amounts to $15/hr. A typical pick up will be anywhere between 10 and 3 minutes from your current location. You don’t get paid for that time. Any pick up over 10 minutes away isn’t worth it because you may end up only getting paid for a 5 minute ride. That’s a looser. I dismiss those requests outright. Next – long trips. These can be a good money maker. A 45 minute ride to Newark airport earns me $50. The problem is once you get to the airport, then what? There are tons of uber drivers waiting at the airport. Too much competition and I don’t want to wait. I WILL NOT drive around Newark it is the armpit of the universe. High crime. Be careful of rides that take you from nicer places to slums. I will not accept those. Unfortunately uber doesn’t tell you the destination until you pick up the rider. So make sure you don’t start the meter until you know the destination. Be careful about letting drunks get in your car. You can tell this by the stench on their breath. I’m glad to take drinkers but I don’t want people throwing up in my car. The richer towns are better. Teens going to friends house or the movies or out to dinner. Some rides are short, 3 or 5 minutes, you earn $3.71 for that. Twenty minute rides are better. MAKE SURE THE PERSON GETTING IN YOUR CAR IS THE SAME PERSON WHO HAILED YOU. A lot of riders use other people’s accounts. Then when the account owner sees this they complain to uber and you loose the fare. Uber says you picked up the wrong person. They don’t know. That is bullshit. That fact is I drove someone with an uber account. The account owner should be responsible. Next – really long trips. I’ve been asked to make trips over 100 miles one way. Not going to happen. There is no guarantee (none mind you) that you’ll have a pickup from a distant place on your trip back. That would be a huge money looser. F that. I have a honda accord with 105,000 miles on it so I don’t care about miles, but if the car was newer I wouldn’t use it for uber. This is a company valued at 67 billion dollars and there is no reason why they should skimp on your earnings (they really nickel and dime you) or abuse your car (except that it makes them a company valued at $67 billion). At best I’ll make $400 to $500 driving 4 evenings/nights a week. I will probably get bored of this pretty soon and go get a real job.

  100. I’ll also say this. If someone here says they make $700 or $1000 a week, they must be working really hard and putting a lot of time in. From my experience I think you can make that much but you’d spend a large part of your life sitting in a car. If that is what you want to do, then go for it.

  101. I Love Uber. I make my own schedule, with 3 kid’s I have the time to spend with them without asking for time off and hoping I get the time off. The pay is great what people don’t understand it’s a hustle and you don’t even have to hustle that hard. I live in Las Vegas the trips are not far but I make good money when I put in an 8 hour day 5 days a week 800-900. Some days can be slower than others but for the most part there’s always something going on Las Vegas. LA is my goal to move to and make more money.

  102. Don, I am totally with you. The owners of Uber are walking away with all the cash. The drivers are getting the short end of the stick and they don’t know it yet. Also, the federal government, is subsidizing the 54 cent cost when the drivers file their taxes, cutting a pile out of our struggling tax revenues. I think Uber will go down as another crooked scheme that everyone fell hook line and sinker for. The taxi business was expensive and could have been leaned out, but I bet 75% of the taxi cost was real, Uber is a pipe dream and unfortunately the drivers will wake up too late.

  103. I currently drive for uber part time in Nashville and I average about $24 per hour. Nashville is a pretty busy and for the most part I get about 2-3 rides per hour. I know people say that they only make about $10 per hour in the same area and I just get really confused. Although I have a mini van and get plus rides (which really boost your earnings) I only get 3-4 of those a week. And even on the days that I do not get plus rides I still average over $20/ hour. I think that some of the people who say they are only making $10 per hour are people who do not take the job seriously and have poor business skills. I found ways to cut back on expenses such as utilizing the set a destination tool, not driving when there is tons of traffic and it take you a while to get to and from your destinations, and by not driving and wasting gas while waiting on a ride request, and also by driving for a couple of hours at a time rather than and hour here and an hour there. All of those factors can really make a huge impact on your bottom line. And as far as the wear and tear on your vehicle I mean I put a lot of miles on my car and have to get oil changes more frequently but to me it is worth it because all of that money is tax deductions at the end of the year. I find it funny that people do not complain about the miles they put on their car going back and forth to work each day, and car related expenses. Atleast working for ride share you will get a deduction for things that are bound to happen anyways unless you live right down the street form your job.

  104. your wife/sister is an IRS agent, yet you guys use and recommend Quicken? LOL. Yeah, why don’t you respond to Quicken users about knowledge on taxes? Cuz they know everything, that’s why they use Quicken.. smh

  105. Everyone is sharing their story so here’s mine (warning not typical). I made 300,193.00 dollars driving for uber last year. I know a lot of you will doubt me and so Ill explain how I did it. I, like many of you, was driving basically trying to get by. I made 193 dollars driving for uber the first week I drove. I drove part time that week. I gave up on it because i figured I was paying more than I was bringing in. Then it hit me. I stole a dead man’s identity, got a driver’s license in his name, registration, leased a car. Registered for uber using this info. I got a very wealthy rider. When we arrived at his home I pulled my gun. Made him let me in his home. Made him open the safe. I made 300k on this ride. Tied him up. Left, burned the car, the registration, everything. Now I own my own taxi service and I can’t thank uber enough. I know that this isn’t typical for everyone. But if your smart enough with how you manage yourself while driving for uber you can basically make a killing. It’s as easy as stealing the money.

  106. After reading / researching Uber, there seems to be one expense that could be effecting a percentage of Uber drivers, which is not even taken into account. A person that wants to drive for Uber and they need the vehicle to do so. Sounds crazy to some, but they are out there, and Uber has a program for that exact problem. I have not been able to locate a study that includes the average earnings and expenses for an Uber driver that also includes the expense of Uber’s ‘vehicle program’. The ‘vehicle program’ helps a person, that does not own a qualifing vehicle, the option to lease one in most areas, and in some areas also have a option to rent a vehicle. Leasing a vehicle in my area (Sacramento, Ca) and in piticular to my case, will include an expense of a one time deposit $400 and a weekly payment of $150 (approximately) depending on the car chosen, for which is taken out of gross earnings before the driver gets paid. Insurance is still the drivers responsibility which is required to be full coverage due to the lease agreement. A rental program is not available in my area. I have a feeling that I am not the only person in this situation. It should be an expense taken into account for a percentage of the Uber driver population. If there is such a study(s) please reply with a link to that study(s) from a reliable source, and not from wiki.

  107. In Pensacola, Fl., the rate is about $7 an hour. There are few to no surges. I’ve been online for over 4 hours and not received one request. Uber should consider the market and price and pay accordingly. Luckily for me and my riders, I don’t do this for the money. As long as I’m not losing money, I’ll continue. But don’t be fooled by the big marker drivers.

  108. Hi, I believe in all those cities you mentioned (LA, NY, etc) where uber drivers make 19 to 23 USD an hour is because of the SURGE. Here in Montreal, CA we still dont have much surge, so the maximum I am getting here is CAD 17,50 an hour. A detail is that our gas here in Canada is more expensive than in US, so at the end of the day (taking out taxes, gas and oil) we are making maximum of CAD 13,50 / hour. It’s still more than minimum wage here (CAD 11.25), but many drivers are rethinking Uber here in Montreal or waiting for LYFT.

  109. Tax deductions (53.5 cents per mile for uber/lyft use) are helpful to offset expenses, but here are some numbers: In VA (where I live), if you make 30,000 a year (40 hour week, $15 an hour), you’ll pay $6,000 in income tax. For every dollar made with uber/lyft, I’ll drive between 1 and 1.5 miles. Let’s go with 1 mile to go with the best option. I drive 30,000 miles in a year for business and make $30,000. With 53.5 cent deduction, my taxable income changes to $13,950, Great! I now only pay $1,406 in taxes. I’ve saved $4,600 in taxes. What were the costs to my vehicle? $.30/mile = $.30/mile (based on AAA data)*30,000 miles = $9,000. With the savings in taxes, that is reduced to $4,400 in taxes. That makes yearly profit 25,600 pre-taxes and $24,200 post taxes (or post tax/expenses profit of $12/hour). It’s still not bad, but the federal tax deductions don’t wipe out vehicle expenses. Do the math people!

    1. Don’t forget the 7500 dollar standard deduction right off the bat. So, you will pay like taxes o 6 or 7 K in income. Not too bad. I think the Trumpster is going to raise that standard deduction to 10,500 dollars which will make it even better.

    1. Uber takes 50% in Denver, they take between 35-75%, you can expect to make $300-$400 a week. You can also expect to make uber $400-$500 during the same week. I had a fare downtown during rush hour they charged the customer $20 I received $9. Thats UBER for you, everyone lies, thats the reality, they take over 50% of the fare.

  110. There is no way that Uber divers make this money per hour!!!!! I know this because I drive with them for over a year. You should do everyone justice by removing this false advertised information. Shame on you Uber! Expect to earn 10 to 12 dollars per hour on average in the state of Florida!

  111. To drivers, those are the most insulting lines of BS I’ve every read. I have been driving for Uber full time since April 2016 which means they can take 25% of my fare. Last week 4/24 – 5/1 I drove 27 hrs 44 mins. I completed 64 trips and earned an $80 bonus. My total pay out was $649.93. Not including my bonus that’s a total of $569.11. That comes out to $20.50 and hour. Looks really good, but… lets take off the 89.62 for fuel that week. $8.70 x 7 = $60.90 for ride share insurance and $117.13 a week cost for my new car. That means that my actual costs to drive for Uber were $267.73. That means I netted only $301.38. $301.38 @ 27 hrs 44 mins comes out to a miserable $10.86 an hour! AND, that doesn’t even factor in the additional 7 to 10 hours of dead time driving I have to make to get to the incentive boost areas under Uber’s Carrot n Stick policies.

    Stop lying to us, stop trying to con us into thinking, 1, you care about us and 2., your numbers, regardless of the topic, are in anyway true or factual.
    We all say the video when Travis Kalanick showed who he really is and how he thinks about labor when he tell one of his drivers to “take responsibility for where he is.”
    It’s hard to take responsibility if your company is being led by a character (pig) in George Orwell’s masterful and true book “Animal Farm.”

  112. This is bogus. 10% for taxes par? Self employment tax, SS +Medicare, is 15.3% alone. Then add local and state income tax. Then if you are part time remember Uber pay is the last income you earn. So lets say you earn $30k a year and are single with no real deductions the last dollar you earn is taxed at 15% rate. So my friends do the math 15.3% (self employment tax) + 15% (Federal Income tax) + 1% (local income tax you figure what your locality is) + 3% (State Income tax you figure what your State Tax is) come to 34.3% Tax on your take after Uber fees on the ride. Now you cost for your car is not just gas. It’s depreciation, insurance, gas, oil, tires, inspection, tags and repairs. The IRS, and they are not lenient, figures you cost at about $.54 per mile. So let’s take that 8 mile ride. They say you get $11.41 out of that after Ubers cut. You actually drive more than 8 miles because Uber does not pay you to get there or between rides etc. So actually lets say you drive min 10 miles to get paid for 8.

    So you have by IRS estimates $5.40 in actual car expenses. Now let’s assume you are not a dumb ass and you itemize expense on self employment schedule C. You now have $6.01 Profit on that 10 mile trip. You pay 34.3% tax on that $6.01. That leaves you $3.95 rounded for that trip. My guess is you can do 2 of those trips an hour. You now have about $7.90 an hour in your pocket in a perfect world. That is tops. Business like that can run 80% efficient max so you will put between 50% and 80% of that $7.90 an hour in your pocket if everything goes right. That’s between $6.32 and $3.95 an hour on a well run rout of a conscientious expense tax savvy driver.

    You pocket a bit less than a burger flipper pockets after taxes and expenses. In fact illegal migrant workers in fields, hanging dry wall, painting or working in chicken plants make more.

    I call BS

  113. In los angeles now a days u er driver makes 10-12 $ an hour after gas expenses only easy calculation is the no. Of miles driven =$ woth surge and boost everything this is a review of full time uber driver about to quit for a full time other job …

  114. Your car is history, than you have to buy another one, they must have a turn over of drivers that is unreal & why do they care it’s not their car that’s taking a beating.

  115. That is a retarded comment because if you’re sitting around all day waiting for fares you’re on the clock regardless of whether you’re driving or not.

  116. This is what’s going to happen there is going to be a super surplus of drivers the more drivers the less money for all drivers uber loves this the more the merrier, if you’re sitting around & doing nothing & can pickup a decent fare I’m talking at least $50.00 but these short drives kill you car much faster.

  117. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ummm…hey brain surgeon: Uber drivers have expenses that come out of that $1,200/week. It’s called gas. And maintenance. And insurance. And excess wear and tear on your vehicle, etc. Where do you live? Out in the sticks? $60,000 a year is barely enough to survive on in West L.A. you freaking hick. Which is why a LOT of people try to supplement their income driving for Uber or Lyft (or both) but you obviously wouldn’t know anything about that…

    1. Ahhh….. the name calling and incorrect assumptions…… someone is pretty defensive. Everyone who has a car has to pay for their gas, maintenance, insurance & wear & tear (maintenance). And many of them make less than $60,000 to $72,000 a year at jobs that are much tougher than driving a car around town. I think making more driving your car than a most teachers make is a pretty good deal.
      Nope, I don’t live in the “sticks”. I’m not in L.A., but just because you live in L.A. doesn’t mean you understand money anymore than anyone else does. I now live in the 16th most populated city in the country. If you are crying about $60,000 – $72,000 not being enough money for driving a car, then maybe you shouldn’t be driving an MB S550. Maybe your lifestyle is the problem.
      Oh, and I am surely NOT a hick either, I’m a black male raised in NY/NJ. But maybe you enjoy name calling & assumptions more than facts. Good luck with your finances.

      1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Thanks for all the patently irrelevant info. Anyway…whatever. You’re obviously no financial wiz yourself if you can’t figure out that the returns on Uber Select driving simply aren’t worth it — which was my original point, basically. So, tell ya what: I’ll continue to drive whatever car I want and live on the beach. You enjoy your 16th largest city life and we can leave it at that.

        1. You call it irrelevant info, I call it correcting YOUR incorrect assumptions YOU put out there about me. Driving Uber Select may not be worth it to you, but MY original point was, don’t expect sympathy when you make up to $72,000 annually driving a car.

          1. Is English not your first language? Or are you just illiterate? Where was I “looking for sympathy? I was sharing my experience with others jack ass. It’s not my fault YOU’RE broke.

  118. Uber is screwing us drivers in Southern Maine. Back in March we were paid $1.00 Base Fare, $1.00 a mile, and .15 cents a minute with Uber taking 25% cut. Now we are getting .75 cents Base Fare, .75 cents a mile and .1125 cents a minute and Uber is now taking 33% of the gross. What a friggin joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is their new GREAT pay. I guess they figure with tips now, that you can make more money so they take more!!!!

  119. I just saw how much an uber driver really makes, and uber is taking way more than 20% from its drivers, more like 20-50%. This ride was 60 miles or more, at $95.00 The driver earned only $56.74. The service fee was over $36.00, Booking fee $1.8, Rider Fee $1. Now, factor in the fact that you now have to drive back empty, because you can’t bring passengers back from another state. That’s like a 120 mile round trip, for less than . 50 cents a mile. So unfair to the driver who is the one providing the service. Ok 20% is fair, but taking more than that is unfair. I had the coolest driver, who, obviously had no idea he is getting so ripped off, but I just had to ask him about the longest trip he had, and this was it. Uber is treating its drivers like crap. So, I tipped my driver, because he really didn’t have to drive that far for pennies.

  120. First Off this Article is 100% Bullshit. Uber isn’t incentivizing drivers in Los Angeles anymore. Driving for Uber is a 100% Losing Proposition.

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  122. The guy that says that he spends 10% of his income on gas has got to be riding a bicycle. he also claims that his total expenses for gas and vehicle maintenance etc is 20%. That is completely unrealistic depreciation alone is probably 20% of his income. I take it as a dishonest representation of actual earnings. I figure if I’m booking $25 an hour I’m probably netting 15. And I drive XL.

  123. I 100% agree. Most are just lying to themselves. Uber counts on people thinking they’ll make lots of money. Then those people driver for a short time, realize they aren’t making enough money to make it worth it and quit. The cycle repeats. Drivers and riders alike lose.

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