How much does Uber cost?

How much does Uber cost? 

Kind of the one-million dollar question, right? The answer is usually: less. However, it is a little more complicated than that.

How much Uber rides cost depends on the city, the current local demand, traffic, the duration and distance of your Uber trip and the Uber car category (UberPOOL, UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, UberBlack, UberSUV, LUX SUV, LUX).

Here’s our best attempt to give you a full overview of Uber rates and pricing for different
cities and services:

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Uber Fare Factors

Uber fares are calculated according to the following factors:

  • Base fare
    • Minimum charge for an Uber ride, depending on the area and the Uber category
  • Cost per minute
    • Charged per minute of your Uber ride
  • Cost per mile
    • Charged per mile of your Uber ride
  • Safe Rides Fee
    • Charged for each Uber ride. Uber introduced the Safe Rides Fee in April 2014 as a way to recoup the costs of running its background checks, insurance costs and providing around the clock support for its riders.
      • Example list of Safe Rides Fees from October 2015 by city:
        • $0: New York
        • $1: Las Vegas
        • $1.05: Honolulu
        • $1.15: Boston
        • $1.20: Seattle
        • $1.25: Philadelphia
        • $1.35: San Francisco
        • $1.45: New Orleans
        • $1.50: Toronto, Canada
        • $1.60: Des Moines
        • $1.65: Los Angeles
        • $1.95: Denver
        • $2.00: Baltimore
        • $2.05: Jacksonville
        • $2.10: Indianapolis
        • $2.25: Fort Meyers, Florida
        • $2.30: Detroit

What Is UberT (UberTAXI)?

In addition to the Uber categories mentioned above, Uber offers a service called UberT or UberTAXI in certain cities. UberT let’s you hail regular taxis through your Uber App. Your payment is not processed through the app, but you handle it just like in a regular taxi.

As always, the Uber App uses your location to hail a cab, so you won’t have to stand on the street during a rainstorm, waving at the passing cabs that just won’t see you. Uber charges a booking fee for UberT services.

Uber Fares: Supply And Demand And Surge Pricing

Uber is operating on supply and demand principles. Uber fares can be subject to “surge pricing”, an automated algorithm that multiplies ride fares by a certain factor X (see our post on Uber surge pricing). Uber states that it uses surge pricing to encourage more Uber drivers to go out and drive during times of high demand.

Surge pricing has been criticized for example by passengers who paid 8-times the usual fare during a snowstorm. Uber announced that it would institute a cap on surge pricing during “abnormal disruptions of the market”, such as emergencies and natural disasters. The cap will be active in any market where a State of Emergency was declared. Uber said the following:

“Dynamic pricing will be capped and all Uber proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts.” Source: TechCrunch

Uber Pricing: Are There Any Flat Rates for Uber Rides?

What are Uber Flat Rates? Uber introduced fixed cost rates for specific areas and specific trips. That means your Uber trip has no running meter and the costs don’t depend on time or distance of your Uber ride.

For example, if you want to ride with Uber from San Francisco International Airport to the San Francisco city area, a flat rate of $65 will be charged if you’re riding with UberBlack, and $81 for UberSUV.

If you’re taking UberBlack from San Francisco International Airport to Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton or East Palo Alto, your flat fee for the ride will be $81, and $105 with UberSUV.

An UberBlack ride from Oakland International Airport to the San Francisco city area costs $86 with UberBlack and $110 with UberSUV.

If you need an Uber ride from the San Francisco city area to Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton or East Palo Alto, your Uber rate would be $123 for UberBlack and $150 for UberSUV.

Uber also has a flat rate in place in Los Angeles to and from LAX airport for UberBLACK and UberSUV (depending on the destination). Source: Uber

How much does Uber cost in my city?

Here’s an exact breakdown of Uber pricing for LA and NYC. More cities to come…

Uber fare costs for Los Angeles (December 2015):

Uber fare costs Los Angeles 2015

Uber fare costs for New York City (December 2015):

Uber Fare Costs New York City 2015

Examples of how Uber fares are calculated

Here are some Uber fare calculation examples for Los Angeles and New York:

Los Angeles:

From: 8033 W Sunset Blvd (Hollywood)
To: 408 S Spring Street (Downtown Los Angeles)

Distance: 10 miles
Time of day: 10pm
Ride duration: 24 mins

Base fare: $0.00
Cost per minute: $0.18
Cost per mile: $1
Safe Rides Fee: $1.65
Uber fare: (24 X $0.18) + (10 X $1) +$1.65 = $15.97

New York:

From: Upper East Side, NY
To: One World Trade Center

Distance: 8 miles
Time of day: 10pm
Ride duration: 24 mins

Base fare: $3.00
Cost per minute: $0.40
Cost per mile: $2.15
Safe Rides Fee: $0.00
Uber fare: (24 X $0.40) + (8 X $2.15) +$0.00 = $26.80

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