How much is UberEATS?

How Much does UberEATS cost (2019)?

How much is UberEATS?

Every UberEATS order price is different.

In total, UberEATS customers are paying for:

  • The costs of an individual meal
  • The UberEATS ‘booking fee’
  • …and any taxes that are applicable to your order.

You may also need to pay an extra fee when you are ordering from a busy restaurant, or if you ask for a specialized order.

Each restaurant decides independently what their prices are for their individual food items. The prices on UberEATs may be different from what you would pay in person (but this too is ultimately decided by the restaurant).

Tips are also not included in the prices, unless the restaurant has added the tip amount into the price of the food. The cost of the delivery will also depend on your location and the restaurant’s location, and how many people are using the service at a particular time.

You can see how much your order is going to be before checking out (because the cart will have estimates for how much the order is going to cost). Most times, the extra fees are added as the order is placed, so you are notified of any extra fees at that time. However, certain fees can also be added after an order is placed (and a follow-up notification will be sent to your device).

The UberEATS cart will update automatically to reflect prices and fees that are applied to your order. This will help you know the total price of your order before you officially confirm your order. Removing and adding items from your cart will also adjust the UberEATs fees.

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