1. Thanks for your post, I uploaded all of my documents and now I’m waiting for approval. Do you know if I can still use your “referral” even though I signed up already? Also, one document that the site is asking me for I don’t have, it’s the “receipt for inspection.” I went to a licensed mechanic and he filled out the Uber inspection form with all of his credentials, but because he didn’t charge me for the inspection, he didn’t give me a receipt. I wrote a letter explaining and and uploaded it in lieu of a receipt, I hope it works. What I learned from your post is that it could take up to a week for approval, I didn’t know that so I was logging in every few hours to check. I will check out Lyft, and use your referral. Thanks again.

  2. Okay, I’m all set with Lyft, I scheduled my mentor app. for Monday. Thank you. (I used your referral code).

    1. Bev, as far as I know, there is no way of bringing Uber or Lyft to your city. However, both companies are aggressively expanding so they may be coming to your city soon anyway.

  3. Hi,my name’s Robert, I have already have doctor appointment for next monday but I have not received the form to give to the doctor for the medical examination.How can I get this form quick.

  4. Hi Aaron,I’m living in London,I don’t know if wil be diferent requeriments in other cities,but I know I need doctor examination and bring to him tph/203 /204 form singed stamped and fill up by the doctor to became a uber driver

  5. Hi I hear Uber and Lyft in New York City make expceptuons for older cars I want to drive a 2004 cayenne in great condition would that pass requirements and tlc code? Also when applying does your drivers license address have to be your current address? Last question do you hold title of your car? My father holds title but I am registration and have all insurance in my name. Lastly do your referral fees apply to NYC? Tx so much

    1. As far as we know, the address on your driver license is not an issue when applying to drive with Uber. Generally, your name has to be on the insurance of the vehicle you use as an Uber driver. Local requirements may vary. The referral bonus should apply for NYC.

  6. Hi, your information is awesome! Thinking about driving for Uber. Moved to Chicago from Florida 1.5 years ago and we are just getting around to changing our plates, licenses etc. Since we know for sure we are staying. I’m wondering if the insurance on the car needs to be in my name as well as my partners. He currently is the only one on the policy but I would be the one driving for Uber.
    Everything else seems pretty easy.

    1. Generally, the name of the driver driving for Uber needs to be on the insurance of the car. Insurance requirements may vary, depending on the city and area.

  7. Hi Aaron,

    I’m Jonas, from Brazil!

    I’m about to move to California, next month (december), and I would love to work as an Lyft and Uber driver.

    As soon as I get there, I’ll take my state drivers license with my social security.

    Well, I already check the car requirements, and a 2014 Corolla should be fine, but, I don’t own a 3y american driver license. So I was wondering if I can use my brazilian license just as way to prove that I drive since 2004.

    Is this possible?
    Also, I can take an international Drivers License (just to prove when I started to drive).

    Thanks a lot

    Jonas Rodrigues

  8. My boyfriend and my share a car. He was interested in starting to do this but the car and all its info is in my name. Curious if that is okay or not?

    1. To our knowledge, the driver’s name needs to be on the insurance of the car that you’re using to drive for uber. Local requirements may vary.

  9. hi im emmanuel,i want to know first if i qualify to driver for uber,i dont have the car yet,cause i drive a 199 accord coupe,so meanwhile i want to run a check for me and my license with uber to see if i qualify,if i qualify then i go and get a car cause i already went to a used dealer car,and they run a credit chck and i was aproved to finance a 2011 4dr accord,so please let me know how i do that with you guys,waiting for your soon replay,emmanuel,heres my email manuelxenon@hotmail.com,thanks.

  10. Is that possiblr you could list down the city or state which don’t need vehicle inspection? Some cities are requiring more beside vehicle inspection.

  11. Do not have a smart phone. Have I-Pad can you use your I Pad to connect with customers? If you have to have smart phone what brand is best to buy?

    1. unless you have a wifi connector in your car or 4g in your ipad then youll need to get a smart phone. i suggest the iphone because the layout is the same as the ipad so itll be easier for you to use.

  12. Dear aaron,

    I signed up with uber through your webpage here. As you can see, there is a lyft referral code yet no referral code for uber, This is rediculous, I clicked on the uber “$350 link” and when it came time to input a code I hit a brick wall, despite getting the message on uber website “aaron sent you $500” I thought that would’ve been enough. If you could set up an email correspondence with me so I can get my incentive that would be great. Thanks, liferocks@comcast.net.

  13. Hi Aaron, I used mcc25 which is your referral code. In order to use this, I need to provide Uber your last name. Will you please email me at wisucprojectATgmailDOTcom with your last name? Thanks!

  14. Hello Aaron, I am signing up to drive for Uber. Thank you for the step-by-step information. Will you please email me your last name + referral code at joshuaweston79ATgmaildotcom.
    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  15. This is totally lame and incorrect. Please take it down or be subject to legal proceedings.

  16. You need a licence, inspection sticker and insurance. You may looses your personal insurance if you make a false claim because transporting livery or riders for income.in your personal car does not qualify for personal car insurance coverage.

  17. I’m frustrated and I’m wondering if anyone else had the same problems I have had signing up to be a driver for Uber. I have passed the background check now two times. I have submitted all of my paperwork. I had even gone to the extent of driving an hour from my home to have my vehicle inspected by them and receive the welcome kit. I have yet to receive an email or any other communication indicating I am activated. Instead, I have received numerous emails and texts asking me for additional copies of things and another background check all that has passed. Twice!
    It has been nearly two weeks since I started the process.

  18. Yes! I’m having the exact same problem!!!! So frustrating! Can’t get any answers through on line help, no phone number to call. Passed background, completed vehicle inspection. After a week it tells me it’s expired! I want to pull my hair out. No where to go for answers

  19. I had to have passed the background check on May 23rd and noticed that my driver account says wait listed when I log into Uber on my desktop to check status. What does this mean?

  20. I’m retired and uber looks like it could be a good p/t job for me. My question is how little can you drive per week/month? Could I work 3 hours per day for example or not work some weeks at all. The flexibility would be most important to me. Thanks.

  21. If a vehicle is registered in my name, but I add my boyfriend to my insurance policy with the proper commercial insurance, license and plates, can he drive my car for Uber or must he be the vehicle owner?

  22. Hi Aaron, I signed up with uber using your referral code and did my firest 75 rides, but there seem to be some issues and they need a few information in order to look into this referral. They’re asking for email address, phone number, and name of the person who referred me. It would be much appreciated if you could provide me with this information to my email Tuanscao@yahoo.com. Thank you

  23. Can i drive in the state of pennslyvania with a licence plate and licence of another state? My residence place is MD and Pennslyvania is the place of my job.

  24. So I am Interested in working with uber, and I was thinking of getting a new car and pay it by working for uber and paying my insurance with my regular job. I have a few questions.
    how much is tax payment on uber, is it taken automatically of the income we make, or do we have to make the payment?
    also how would you know if we have 3 years of experience driving or less?

  25. I just turned 21 and i was thinking about trying out for uber but i have got a bad driving record got into an accident when i first got my license and got pulled over with suspended license i was wondering if anybody know if i would still be able to drive with uber with these type of things on my driving record just making sure before i get my car checked up and do all other stuff.. thank you

  26. I live in a small resort town near a ski resort and snow parks for winter and many lakes, camping, and numerous other mountain activities. The town fills up on weekends in winter and all summer. How would vacationers know a small town offered this service?

  27. hi everyone, may I know what is the proof of insurance that state in procedures when u register become a Uber ???

  28. Ur an idiot 3 easy steps my ass
    You better have a clean record for over 10 years ! Nothing nada drivimg or non viloltions they deniy you for years and kerp u active in the system yet labled as rejected just for public press numbers. Lame is not the word. Satanic is fitting

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  30. Hi, I’m thinking of becoming an uber driver and I meet all the requirements except one. My car is a 95 Toyota Camry that gets 30mpg. I noticed it says based on location. I live in Prescott Valley, AZ. Is my car too old?

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