How to use the Uber app and take your first Uber ride

How to use the Uber app: step by step (with pictures)

How to sign up for Uber

Never used Uber before? Want to know how Uber works?

You can sign up to drive here

Signing up for Uber is simple and easy. You can do it from your computer, tablet or phone. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can ride with Uber.

Step 1 – Download the Uber rider app or visit

How to use the Uber app part 1 - signing up for Uber

Download the Uber rider app for:

Or, you can visit and click “sign up” under “Ride with Uber”.

How to sign up to ride with Uber

Step 2. Enter your email address

Enter email address into the Uber app

Enter an email address that isn’t already associated with an Uber account. If you’ve already signed up for the Uber rider app, then you’ll need to sign in instead. (Use Forgot Password if you can’t remember your password.)

Step 3 – Enter a password

Enter a password into the Uber app

Next, you’ll need to create a password. It should be unique and at least 5 characters long. Don’t share your password.

Step 4 – Enter your first and last name

Enter your first and last name into the Uber app

Enter your first name in the first box, and your last name in the second box.

Step 5 – Enter your phone number

Enter your phone number for Uber

Step 6 – Select a language

Select your language

You can select your language from the drop-down menu.

Step 7 – Add a promotion code

Enter Uber Promotion Code into the app

Use our Uber promo code > nickf1038 < or get one from a friend. You’ll receive $5 or more off your first Uber ride (exact amounts vary by city).

Step 8 – Click Create Account

Click Create account and agree to Uber's terms

Create your new Uber account by clicking the “Create Account” button. (By doing so, you’re agreeing to Uber’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.)

How to use the app to request an Uber service

Step 1 – Open the Uber app

Open the Uber App on mobile phone

There are multiple Uber apps in the app store. Make sure you open the app called Uber, and not the one called Uber Driver.

Step 2 – Make sure location services is turned on

You should see a blue dot on your Uber app where your location is – that’s you. The little cars on the map are the locations of real Uber drivers near you.

Blue Dot Uber Location Services

You don’t see the blue dot on your Uber map? Here are the reasons why and how you can solve it:

  1. Location services on your device is turned off. To fix this you have to turn location services on. Check out this great guide by CNET for how to do this and what it means for your privacy.
  2. Your location isn’t visible on the map because your map is too far away from your location. To fix this you must click on the circle on the bottom right of the screen.

Center the Uber map on your location

This will re-center the map on your location (the blue dot). If you move the map around you can always just click on the circle and it will re-position the map on you again.

Step 3 – Find your destination in the box, Where To?

Where to select your location

You can type in an exact address or search for stores, restaurants, or any points of interests.

The Uber app also allows you to set a friend as your destination, as long as you’ve given the app permission to sync with your contacts, and your friend accepts the request.

You can also:

Step 4 – Select the correct search result

Select search results in Uber app

Once you start typing in your destination, the Uber app will search for the correct result. Select your destination from the list.

Step 5 – Select the Uber service you would like to use

Choose between Uber Services

Tap on the service you would like to use. Swipe left or right to see more.

Upfront pricing can be seen below the service type.


  • UberPOOL – Share a ride (and the cost) with another passenger headed in the same direction.
  • UberX – The default and most popular “Uber”.
  • UberMOTO


  • UberSELECT – A step above UberX. Offers an affordable version of a luxury car service.
  • UberBLACK – Get picked up by a professional chauffeur in a luxury sedan with the same convenience as all of Uber’s car offerings.
  • UberLUX – High-end service that lets you arrive in style with only the top-rated drivers in premium vehicles.

Extra Space

  • UberXL – Extra-large version of UberX. It can carry 6 passengers and usually has extra space for luggage.
  • UberSUV – Take a ride with a professional chauffeur in a luxury SUV with space for 6 passengers.


*Not all services are available in every city. Check your city’s page here to see which services are available in your area.

Step 6 – Request your Uber

Request an Uber - UberESPANOL

Tap on the black box that says “Request (whichever Uber service you selected)”

Step 7 – Confirm your Uber pick up point

Confirm your pickup location

You can adjust your pickup location by moving the map.

Step 8 – Wait for your Uber driver to arrive

Wait for your Uber ride

It’s best to wait outside at your pickup location. Your driver’s ETA is displayed on the screen. You can also see the driver’s name, picture, car, license plate, and star rating on the screen. Note: your driver only knows the pickup location you entered when you called your Uber service. If you change your location during the wait, your driver won’t able to find you.

Step 9 – Need to contact your driver, change your destination, or cancel the Uber ride?

How to contact or cancel an Uber ride

Click on the name of the driver and a screen will pop up that displays all the information related to your Uber ride. From there you can see and share your ETA, change your destination or contact your driver via phone or text.

You can also cancel your Uber ride altogether. You have 5 minutes from the time you requested it to cancel the ride, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Step 10 – Enjoy your ride

Your driver will arrive and pick you up at the pickup point you specified. The Uber car should have the Uber logo on the windshield. She’ll say your name to confirm that it’s you and then you’ll get in the car and off you go.

Step 11 – Pay and rate your driver

Once you arrive at your destination your driver will let you know. You don’t pay your driver directly (tips are always appreciated though).

Your Uber fare is automatically charged through the Uber app and a receipt is emailed to you. You will be prompted to rate your driver (your driver will rate you as well). That’s how Uber works.

How to use the Uber App – Frequently Asked Questions (Uber FAQ)

Still need help using the Uber cab app? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about using the Uber app.

What’s the difference between the Uber App and the Uber Driver App (formerly Uber Partner App)?

The Uber App is for users (riders) who want to request a ride. The Uber Driver App is the app designed for drivers. Both apps connect riders to drivers, one from the rider’s side (Uber App), and the other from the driver’s side (Uber Driver App).

What devices is the Uber App available on?

The Uber App is available on any smartphone or tablet, such as: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, etc.

Can I request an Uber ride if I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes, you can.  You can order a ride from just like on the app.

Where can I download the Uber App?

Navigate to the app store on your phone and search for Uber.

Or you can follow these links:

If you’re still having trouble downloading the app, you can follow our guides here:

Can I use Uber on my computer or tablet?

You can download the Uber App on your tablet and hail a ride. If you would like to request an Uber ride from your laptop (or phone other than smartphone with internet access), follow these steps:

  1. go to
  2. sign in and allow location services in your laptop browser.
  3. In case your location doesn’t show up correctly, enter it into the search box, then drag the map so the dot is sitting on your exact location.
  4. Request your ride.

Do I need location services to be turned on in order to use Uber?

Technically, location services don’t have to be turned on. Upon opening the Uber App, you’ll be asked to “please enable location services”. It’ll make it much easier to use the app, but you can move the map to your location with location services turned off.

Can I pick my Uber driver?

Upon requesting a ride, you’ll automatically be connected to an Uber driver closest to your location. You can’t pick a specific driver.

What is an Uber promo code?

An Uber promo code is a code issued by Uber to promote their services. There are first time rider promo codes, signup codes for new drivers, etc.

Can I split my Uber fare?

While you’re on your ride, swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your app, and the option to ‘split your fare’ will appear. Tab ‘split fare’. You’ll be asked to enter the names and phone numbers of people you want to split the fare with.

Can I send my ETA to a friend?

Swipe up from the bottom of your screen while you’re riding, and tab ‘send status’. Enter your friend’s phone numbers and they’ll receive a text message on their phone with a link to your trip info that includes your driver’s name, vehicle info and live location information.

Is there an Uber phone number?

There is no phone number, you can’t call Uber. See here for ways to contact Uber.

What is Uber Taxi?

Uber Taxi or UberT used to be a service that allowed users in New York City to instantly request Yellow Cabs. However, the cooperation between Yellow Cabs and Uber has come to an end as of fall 2016.


Do you have more questions or answers on how to use the Uber app? Please leave a comment!

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