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Call Hyrecar Customer Phone Support:

(213) 805-8677

If you’d like to email Hyrecar support, use this email address: sales@hyrecar.com

What is HyreCar?

HyreCar is a service for rideshare drivers who are looking to rent a vehicle — usually to use to drive for Lyft or Uber.

How does Hyrecar work?

With Hyrecar, individual vehicle owners (who own their own cars — many of which have been pre-certified for use as Uber or Lyft ridesharing vehicles) list their vehicles for rent, on an online marketplace, which features pictures & specs of available vehicles.

Hyrecar makes it simple for potential renters to sift through available cars, and get in touch with private vehicle owners.

A great feature of Hyrecar is that insurance is automatically included in the service –  – Hyrecar deals with all insurance policies & associated elements.

Check out the official Hyrecar site here.

Can I list a vehicle on Hyrecar.com?


Hyrecar states that vehicle owners can make up to $1200 per month renting out their vehicle on the Hyrecar.com website. On the plus side, there are no sign up fees, and no contracts!

  • If you’d like to list your vehicle, you can do so HERE.
  • If you’d like to rent a vehicle via Hyrecar, you can register & start browsing available vehicles HERE.

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