InstaRyde Car Requirements

InstaRyde Car Requirements 2019 – Become an InstaRyde Driver

Interested in driving for InstaRyde? Want to know about InstaRyde’s vehicle requirements & driver requirements, including required application documents  & car specifications?

Check out our post below for full information on InstaRyde’s vehicle & driver requirements.

InstaRyde is a rideshare company which has operated in two markets:

  • Austin, Texas (*operations on hold)
  • Toronto, Canada (*currently awaiting city approval)

InstaRyde plans to re-start operations in Toronto, pending city approval, in 2017.

To apply for InstaRyde in Austin, download the App for iOS or Android Here.

InstaRyde Car Requirements

According to InstaRyde vehicles must:

  • Be a 2006 model year (or newer)
  • Be a 4-door car, sedan or SUV in excellent condition

InstaRyde Driver Requirements

InstaRyde Drivers must pass the following requirement checklist:

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years of age (or older)
  • Drivers must have been fully licensed for at least one entire calendar year
  • Drivers must have a clean driving record (i..e, no DUIs or other serious driving-related offenses)
  • Drivers must pass a background check
  • Drivers must pass a vehicle inspection test performed by InstaRyde
  • Drivers must possess Vehicle Insurance
When applying to become an InstaRyde Driver, prospective applicants must physically possess the following 5 documents:

Proof of Work Eligibility (in the form of a Birth Certificate, PR Card, SIN Card, or Passport)

instaryde proof of work driver requirement 2017

Vehicle Insurance

instaryde vehicle insurance 2017 instaryde vehicle requirements

Driver’s License (In Canada, driver’s licenses must be G Licensed)

instaryde drivers license requirement 2017

Direct Deposit Form / Or a Void Cheque 

instaryde direct deposit void check driver requirement

Valid Vehicle Registration (with an expiry sticker on the back that is not out-of-date)

instaryde vehicle registration 2017

InstaRyde Service Types

InstaRyde has four vehicle/service types:

Ryde – Ryde is InstaRyde’s most basic vehicle type — consisting of a 4-door car capable of carrying up to four passengers.

RydeXL – RydeXL is a 4-door vehicle (or more), capable of accommodating six passengers.

Black – Black is InstaRyde’s premium black-car service. Black vehicles have 4 doors, and are capable of carrying up to four passengers. Vehicle & Driver must possess a Livery License.

BlackXL -BlackXL is InstaRyde’s premium black-car service, except with additional seating capacity.BlackXL vehicles have 4 doors, or more, and are capable of carrying up to six passengers. Black XL vehicles & drivers must possess a Livery License.

How to become an InstaRyde Driver

There are five basic steps you’ll need to follow to become an InstaRyde driver. Here they are:

Step One.

Download the InstaRyde App for iOS or Android Here.

Step Two.

Once you have successfully downloaded the InstaRyde App, navigate to the top left-hand corner of the App. Click on the menu, and a drop down menu will appear. At the bottom of the menu will feature an option called ‘be a driver‘.

Step Three.

Fill out the required ‘Driver Information’ fields (the app will ask for your name, address and other relevant information).

Step Four.

Fill out the required ‘Vehicle Information’ fields. You will be asked which vehicle type you would like to drive for (*see vehicle options below: including Ryde, RydeXL, Black and BlackXL).

Step Five.

An InstaRyde Representative will look over your application, and your Driver Account will be ‘pending approval’. InstaRyde will send you an email to your specified email address with any further required information. *Note: You will have to take your vehicle for inspection at one of InstaRyde’s inspection sites, before you hit the road.

Need to contact InstaRyde support? Get in touch at

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